Chapter 1236: Former Chief

Chapter 1236: Former Chief

While Cang Ye and the others were deep in discussion, the four Spirits of Void and Chaos slowly turned illusory once more.

The powerful energy coming from them vanished quickly as though it had turned into air.

The strange transformation of the Spirits of Void and Chaos immediately caught their attention. They watched them slowly fading away into nothingness.

“Qin Lie… is probably waking up soon.” Realization suddenly struck Gan Xing.

Everyone else thought the same after they heard Gan Xing’s exclamation.

As expected, Qin Lie eventually let out a long sigh and opened his eyes.

“So? Did you get anything from the Chaos Blood Realm?” Liu Yang asked excitedly.

“Cang Ye!” Qin Lie exclaimed.

It was only now he noticed that Cang Ye and many Darkness Family members had arrived.

Clad in heavy armor, Cang Ye nodded at him before asking coolly, “I heard that the strange beasts you control have a huge perception range. Can you seek out the Bloodthirst Family and Light Family as soon as possible?”

“I will try,” Qin Lie answered. “But I need some time to study the secret art I picked up from the Chaos Blood Realm thoroughly first.”

Gan Xing asked curiously, “What on earth did you get?”

Every Blaze Family member were staring at him curiously.

After a moment of hesitation, Qin Lie frowned slightly. “It’s a secret art that can be used while the Flame World is active…”

Gan Xing’s eyes lit up as his curiosity grew. “What kind of secret art is that?”

He had awakened Flame World himself, so he knew that Flame World could increase the strength of every martial practitioner who possessed the Blaze Family bloodline.

However, even he had never heard of a special secret art that was used together with Flame World.

At the very least… he hadn’t seen anything like this while he was studying in the family’s collection room.

“It’s a secret art called ‘Group Ignition Blood Art’.” Qin Lie said.

He began searching for everything regarding “Group Ignition Blood Art” inside his head. He discovered that it was something only a Blaze Family members who had awakened Flame World could execute.

To execute the “Group Ignition Blood Art”, the caster had to have an endless supply of bloodline power that was necessary to transform the Flame World.

All Blaze Family martial practitioners who were inside this new Flame World could absorb the rich bloodline energy and spur their own bloodline. This meant that they could achieve a similar effect to his ability ignition—massive increase of one’s bloodline power for a short time.

“Group Ignition Blood Art! What does that mean? Can you explain it in detail?” Wu Sha exclaimed.

After choosing his words carefully, Qin Lie explained, “What I’m trying to say is that the moment I execute this secret art, everyone can ignite their own blood and obtain more bloodline power from my Flame World as long as they’re inside it.”

Every Blaze Family members—even Nan Qi and Levy—looked thunderstruck when they heard this.

Cang Ye and Xuan Luo were shocked as well.

The ability to increase every Blaze Family martial practitioner’s strength for a short time at the cost of one’s blood… Why does this secret art sound so similar to the Bloodthirst Family’s Bloodthirst Art?

The Bloodthirst Art was the Bloodthirst Family’s scariest and most mysterious mass type secret art.

Right now, Hao Jie was the only rank seven bloodline warrior in his group who could execute it.

The Bloodthirst Art was a major reason why Hao Jie and the squad he led was so powerful.

The fact that Qin Lie—a mixed-blood no less—had suddenly acquired something similar from the Chaos Blood Realm probably meant that the Blaze Family squad’s power was going to skyrocket from now on.

“Everything else can wait!” Gan Xing sucked in a deep breath. “Qin Lie! Your first priority right now is to master the ‘Group Ignition Blood Art’ as soon as possible!”

Yan Feng, Wu Sha, and Liu Yang all nodded in unison.

Even Nan Qi and his squad were nodding despite their dislike towards him.

“You’re right, that should be his first priority, what your squad needs the most right now.” Cang Ye nodded in agreement.

Gan Xing and Liu Yang started shooing Qin Lie to a quiet place so he could study his “Group Ignition Blood Art” without being disturbed.

Qin Lie wore a stupid look on his face when he was chased off to a quiet place to perform his studies. Liu Yang acted as his protector as he started mastering his newly acquired bloodline secret art.

“I have the Flame World myself, but I never had the chance to acquire such a powerful secret art that benefits an entire group.” Gan Xing shook his head wryly after Qin Lie had left the area. He couldn’t help but feel that he was being discriminated somehow. “How is that guy so lucky?”

“Maybe it’s not all luck,” Cang Ye said meaningfully.

Her words surprised Gan Xing.

Nan Qi and Wu Sha were staring down Qin Lie’s direction thoughtfully as well.

“Bloodline ability is a gift from the heaven. It’s not something that mere mortals can normally reverse or change.” Cang Ye fell silent for a moment before continuing, “However, a bloodline secret art is something a powerful bloodline warrior invented and mastered before it was imprinted the Chaos Blood Realm. If I remember correctly, this particular bloodline secret art of Qin Lie’s was… created by the former chief of the Blaze Family.”

“The former chief!” Nan Qi exclaimed.

Gan Xing shuddered once before asking, “Where did you learn about this, sis?”

“I’ve purposely studied the history of our two families after we returned from the chaotic streams of space just outside Spirit Realm. It is from these incomplete scriptures that I learned that your chief—the one who went missing—was the most amazing genius to ever grace the Blaze Family.” Cang Ye sucked in a deep breath. “He’s the one who led the Blaze Family to the top after he became the Blaze Family clan chief.”

“He’s the one who led us to finding Spirit Realm and eventually taking over it.”

“There was even a rumor that says that he had kicked off a mad project at Spirit Realm.”

“That project never succeeded, or he would’ve changed the course of our history already.”

“From these scriptures, I learned that he fell into fiendish rebound in order to carry out his mad project.”

“As a result, he wasn’t able to lead our fight against the Hundred Races when they started a war against us. It was only after we retreated from Spirit Realm had he slowly awaken.”

“After that, he was a pale shadow of what he used to be. In the end, he vanished with the Flesh Filling Tombstone while we were making our retreat.”

“If he hadn’t fallen into a fiendish rebound during a critical moment, we may still be Spirit Realm’s master to this day.”

“You might say that the Blaze Family had risen to glory and fallen into ruin because of him.”

Cang Ye said slowly.

The three families’ squads were absolutely shocked to hear this.

Gan Xing added with an inscrutable expression, “To this day, our current chief and the rank ten bloodline warriors refuse to talk about him. That is why we know nothing about him at all.”

Nan Qi and Yan Feng nodded slightly.

Just as Gan Xing said, they heard nothing about that former chief from their family elders.

The older generation seemed to be purposely covering up his news and blurring out his existence from the minds of people.

“It’s because he failed to extricate himself from his mad projects during the Blaze Family’s greatest time of need. In the end he fell into a fiendish rebound, and he even took the family’s divine artifact with him before he vanished.” Cang Ye sighed. “His past is a mix of both glory and shame. He’s both the pride and the sinner of your family. It’s likely that your elders hasn’t come to a conclusion on how to describe him, which is why they intentionally kept his information concealed for now.”

“Maybe that’s why you’re unaware of that deadly bloodline secret art he invented—he Group Ignition Blood Art.”

“It’s because your elders don’t want you to know too much about him.”

Gan Xing looked thoughtful for a moment. “Just now, you said that it wasn’t luck that Qin Lie had obtained the Group Ignition Blood Art. What do you mean?”

“I suspect that Qin Lie’s bloodline had originated from him.” Cang Ye then explained to avoid any misunderstandings, “I know that your former chief had a genius daughter. In fact, she had been in charge of that mad project. She had also gone missing with her father back then.”

This revelation shocked the crowd yet again. Their faces were deadly serious when they stared at Qin Lie once more.

“Does uncle know about this?” Gan Xing asked quietly.

Cang Ye nodded. “That was why he decided to recruit Qin Lie into this expedition despite all the objections.”

“Is Qin Lie the person you mentioned earlier?” Gan Xing asked. 

“I don’t think so.” Cang Ye thought for a moment before answering, “I haven’t sensed any human presence from that person at all. He was probably a pure God Race clansman… maybe he’s Qin Lie’s brother?”

“There are other Blaze Family members who slipped in?” Nan Qi exclaimed.

Cang Ye said seriously, “If they are both your former chief’s grandsons, then anything is possible!”

“Does that mean this guy has been hiding the truth from us all this time?” Levy snorted.

“Perhaps…” Cang Ye’s eyes sparkled as she said uncertainly, “Or perhaps he’s just a failed experiment who knows nothing about his own past. Maybe that scary fellow who nearly succeeded in killing the Spirit Race’s leader is the real thing?”

“Failed experiment? Real thing? What on earth was this project?” Gan Xing looked completely confused. “How can it possibly change the entire history of God Race? Don’t you think you’re being a little too dramatic, sis?”

“It’s impossible for a child between two different God Race families to have two different bloodlines, am I right?” Cang Ye asked.

Gan Xing, Xuan Luo and Nan Qi nodded strongly at that.

“What if I tell you that you can have all five Light, Darkness, Blaze, Profound Ice, and Bloodthirst Families’ bloodlines at once from the moment you’re born?” Cang Ye asked.

“That, that’s not possible?!” everyone shouted in unison.

“That is what the Perfect Blood project strived to achieve. Also, I heard that that project had almost succeeded twenty thousand years ago.” Cang Ye sighed.

Everyone looked thunderstruck when they heard this.

Cang Ye’s explanation had turned their common sense upside down completely.

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