Chapter 1234: New Secret Art

Chapter 1234: New Secret Art

Qin Lie took out several pieces of dried meat and stuffed them all into his mouth at once after he was finished. He started chewing.

Qin Lie sat on the ground and closed his eyes immediately amidst everyone’s surprised gazes. They could clearly see Qin Lie entering a strange state even as their bloodline echoed in response.

“Chaos Blood Realm!” Wu Sha exclaimed.

“His soul really has entered the Chaos Blood Realm!” Liu Yang also screamed.

Not far away, Xuan Luo and Hong Kai quietly moved closer after they heard the commotion.

They were both staring at Qin Lie in shock too.

Gan Xing, Nan Qi, and the rest of the Blaze Family members started staring at Qin Lie with gazes a bit more serious than before.

They all had pure bloodlines, but they knew full well that it was still a coin toss whether an opportunity to enter the Chaos Blood Realm would come by. More often than not, such an opportunity only came when they were about to achieve a breakthrough.

Qin Lie was a mixed-blood, so there was no way his bloodline was as pure as theirs.

Moreover, judging from the degree of density of his bloodline, it didn’t seem like he had reached the point where he could evolve to rank eight just yet.

The fact that he was still able to enter the Chaos Blood Realm despite his state literally went against all logic and common sense.

“Is he really half-human?”

Xuan Luo of the Profound Ice Family asked with a strange look on his face. Suddenly, he felt immense curiosity towards the human race of Spirit Realm.

Gan Xing nodded while smiling wryly.

Xuan Luo’s surprise grew even bigger.

Thirty thousand years ago, the Blaze Family and the Darkness Family were the only two God Race families that had invaded Spirit Realm. The rest of the families hadn’t accompanied them.

After that, Spirit Realm was treated as the Blaze Family and Darkness Family’s territory. It had always been under their control before the War of the Hundred Races.

At the beginning, the three families who hadn’t participated in the first invasion of Spirit Realm had no idea what Spirit Realm was at all. They weren’t familiar with its native races either.

When the hundred races rose in rebellion and fought against the God Race, when the human race slowly rose in power and ultimately managed to force the Blaze Family and the Darkness Family out of Spirit Realm, the three families still weren’t able to lend them a helping hand. They were simply too busy dealing with their own troubles.

In the end, the Blaze Family and the Darkness Family had to evacuate from Spirit Realm.

The three families knew even less about Spirit Realm as a result.

Now, the four families—Profound Ice, Darkness, Blood thirst, and Light—were about to invade Spirit Realm again. The clansmen of the Profound Ice Family, the Darkness Family and the Bloodthirst Family had already started investigating the habits and combat methods of the powerful races of Spirit Realm.

They were familiarizing themselves with them so they could prepare accordingly for the upcoming war.

Currently, the human race was the true ruler of Spirit Realm. They were fated to become their greatest enemy in the future.

However… most of them had never come into contact with a human before, even though they spent a lot of time studying their enemies.

Qin Lie, a mixed-blood between the Blaze Family and the human race, could be considered a half-human they’d made contact with.

This half-human had left a deep impression on Xuan Luo. It also made him worry about the upcoming invasion a little more.

“What are you trying to say?” Gan Xing asked.

Xuan Luo shot a deep glance at Qin Lie before frowning, “If every human in Spirit Realm is like him, there’s no way our invasion will go down smoothly.”

Every Blaze Family member including Gan Xing looked heavy when they heard this.

They were young, so they had never had any contact with a human before. They only knew a little about them from the angry swears of their seniors.

Naturally, they were aware that their shouting seniors were hardly the most objective source of information.

To truly recognize the human race, it was imperative that they relied on their own eyes and ears and meet an actual human being. Qin Lie… was the point of reference they needed to infer the strength of the human race from.

As their understanding of Qin Lie deepened, their mood grew heavier.

“If Qin Lie represents what the human race is capable of, then… they truly are a scary opponent.”

Everyone thought the same.

While everyone was staring at him in doubt and surprise, Qin Lie was fully absorbed in the mysterious world that was the Chaos Blood Realm.

Just like before, a wisp of his soul swam amidst an infinite space of translucent bubbles like a fish.

These bubbles looked as dazzling as diamonds, and as brilliant as stars. Some of the bubbles were the size of an entire world, and some were as small as a single rice. They all floated in this seemingly disorderly world.

Every single bubble contained a number of blinking God Race characters. These characters contained records of the God Race’s bloodline secret arts, a piece of the God Race’s glorious history, or the whole life of a pinnacle God Race expert.

The more ancient and powerful a race was, the vaster their Chaos Blood Realm became. Their wealth of knowledge would increase as well.

A truly powerful race was capable of leaving behind their entire history and bloodline secrets in the Chaos Blood Realm.

As long as the Chaos Blood Realm continued to exist, and as long as the race connected to it hadn’t gone completely extinct, he would always be able to find everything he needed from the Chaos Blood Realm!

He could obtain any secret cultivation art from the Chaos Blood Realm!

It was here that Qin Lie picked up the Ring of Burning Sun secret art and the Molten Blood Art. It was also here he learned some of the secrets of the three great ghoul races and the evil dragons, and information regarding the Perfect Blood.

Today, he was swimming again in the Chaos Blood Realm.

He hoped that his reward would be bigger than the last time.

His soul slowly took on the form of a single flame as he attempted to enter the bubbles that was closest to him.


A flash later, his soul flame easily entered the translucent bubble.

God Race characters as numerous as the sea itself rained on his soul flame like tens of thousands of crashing stars.

“Group Ignition Blood Art!”

It was a secret art that could be executed when Flame World was active. He could ignite the blood of every Blaze Family martial practitioner inside his Flame World and increase their power for a short amount of time.

His soul flame passively accepted all of the memories and knowledge regarding the Group Ignition Blood Art.

The trade off was a huge amount of soul energy.

Some time later, all memories relating to the Group Ignition Blood Art had been imprinted into his soul.

He didn’t waste his time figuring out this new bloodline secret art he obtained from the Chaos Blood Realm.

He left the bubble immediately and swam towards the next closest bubble.

Again, his soul flame easily entered that bubble.

Again, a tremendous amount of God Race characters rained on his soul and imprinted their knowledge in him.

This time, it was a secret art that allowed him to merge with the Flesh Filling Tombstone temporarily!

His soul passively accepted everything as the God Race characters entered his soul like flying fireflies.

His soul energy was being drained away at a tremendous rate.


In the absolute darkness of the Origin World.

The mysterious Soul Race clansman who had lost track of Qin Lie roamed aimlessly around the area.


Suddenly, a large amount of Blaze Family members entered his soul perception’s range.

After chuckling twice to himself, the Soul Race clansman turned towards the darkness behind him and asked, “How much longer are you planning to follow me?”

A figure slowly appeared from the darkness. It was Cang Ye, clad in heavy armor and looking like a ghost amidst this darkness. She landed softly in front of him.

“You truly are deserving of your race. I didn’t think that you’d still be able to follow me after everything I did to shake you off my tail,” the Soul Race clansman said.

“You can detect all life around you, but I can see everything within a certain range thanks to this darkness. You can never shake me off unless your speed exceeds mine,” Cang Ye said indifferently.

“...I’ve lost track of that person already,” the Soul Race clansman said.

“I know,” she replied indifferently. “I knew you lost him from the moment you started roaming around randomly without a target.”

“Why are you still following me then?” the Soul Race clansman asked curiously.

“I have a feeling… that you’ll discover something new eventually. After all, there are very few people who retain their soul perception in this secret realm, and anyone who does will of course have a massive advantage,” Cang Ye answered.

Ghastly flames suddenly appeared in the Soul Race clansman’s eyes. He seemed to be examining her with a secret art.

Dozens of seconds later, the flames suddenly grew brighter.

“What a scary woman…” he muttered to himself.

After that, he pointed towards a certain direction and said, “There is a group of Blaze Family members down that direction. Go search for your answers yourself, I don’t have time to play with you.”

“Why have you suddenly decided to give up?” Cang Ye asked indifferently.

“There’s at least a dozen of people over there, and I’m all on my lonesome. Even if I found clue, I wouldn’t find anything else. In that case, I may as well give up now and do something else,” the mysterious Soul race clansman explained. “The Abyss Devils controlling the Origin Sea are a tough nut to crack. I was hoping that the Spirit Race could break through their defenses, but unfortunately that girl was wounded quite seriously in that battle, so they’d probably of no use to me anymore. Right now, I’m hoping that the God Race families can meet up as soon as possible and give me a pleasant surprise.”

After he said this, he let out a low, odd chuckle before walking to the opposite of the direction he had pointed to earlier.

Cang Ye hesitated for a moment as she stared at his departing figure, but she ultimately decided to follow the direction he had pointed her to.

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