Chapter 1233: Bloodline Summoning!

Chapter 1233: Bloodline Summoning!

Indigo looked at the beautiful ball of light slowly disappearing, her bright eyes turning dim.

Her half-transparent body became more blurred like a ghost about to disappear.

Her lifeforce seemed to be slipping away quickly.

All of the Spirit Race clansmen were extremely nervous when they saw her like this.

"Young Mistress used too much lifeforce!"

Bagi had a grave expression as his eyes flashed with pain. He suddenly seemed to make a decision.

Sienna also understood.

The group of Spirit Race clansmen surrounded Indigo in a mysterious formation.

They held hands together and poured their lifeforce into Sienna's body.

Sienna stood behind Indigo and put her hands to Indigo's back.

Thick lifeforce first went into Sienna from the Spirit Race clansmen and then into Indigo's blurry body.

After receiving this wave of pure lifeforce, Indigo's blurry body gradually became clear.

She seemed extremely tired. Not waiting to talk to Sienna and Bagi, she fell into a deep sleep.

The surrounding Bone and Winged Races’ clansmen looked at them in amazement and remained silent.

When the enormous Ring of the Burning Sun was defeated by the deep blue beautiful ball of light that Indigo summoned, the distant area sank back into darkness.

"Sister Cang Ye, is that ball of light the legendary item of the Spirit Race?"

In the darkness, a member of the Darkness Family said hoarsely in shock.

Cang Ye nodded slowly, her tone grave. "It should be."

"How can that item... be in the hands of a young girl?" he asked again.

"If there are no surprises, she should have already been accepted by all the Spirit Race elders and rank ten bloodline experts. She can possess that if she has been chosen as the next leader of the Spirit Race," Cang Ye said.

"But she is still a child," that person said.

"This child may be the most terrifying enemy of our race," Cang Ye murmured.

The Darkness Family members were shocked when they heard her say this.

"Scatter, and find that Blaze Family member. I want to know who he is!" Cang Ye ordered.

The Darkness Family members reacted and nodded.

The sight of the beautiful blue sphere had almost made them forget about the blazing figure and the Blaze Family member.

On the other side, the Soul Race clansman hidden in the darkness drifted away like a ghost.

Cang Ye looked at him, gave a few orders and then chased after him.

She knew that this Soul Race clansman’s soul perception was not affected by the darkness.

In other words, that Soul Race clansman knew where the Blaze Family expert had left after wounding that Spirit Race girl.

She believed if she followed this person, she could find her fellow clansman, and learn his identity.

"Bloodline power several times greater than Gan Xing and Nan Qi added together... who is this person?" Cang Ye chased as she thought, her expression grave.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

Somewhere else in the darkness, something moved rapidly.

The flames on Qin Lie's body had been extinguished after a wild bout of venting.

The wave of fury and anger had receded like the tide.


The Flesh Filling Tombstone which had merged with his heart suddenly flew out.

Immediately after, he recovered clarity of mind.

At the same time, a feeling of tiredness and weakness surfaced.

He suddenly stopped.

Just as he prepared to absorb the refined flesh and blood energy of the Flesh Filling Tombstone to recover his bloodline power, the tombstone flew back into the spatial ring of its own accord.

Then, no matter what he tried, the Flesh Filling Tombstone didn’t respond.

It did not channel any fleshly energy into his body.

"Useless crap! Always failing at the important moment!" he cursed.

At this time, when he thought back to what just happened, he was still slightly dazed.

When the Blaze Family’s Flesh Filling Tombstone merged with his body, his bloodline power had immediately exploded and seemed to have become endless.

Then a wild and savage consciousness flooded out of the Flesh Filling Tombstone in his tombstone, and lured his soul to brutally murder those Spirit Race clansmen.

In that moment, he felt as though he was possessed and not the master of his body.

He speculated that the Flesh Filling Tombstone, like the Soul Suppressing Orb, may also... have an artifact soul.

He could imagine the Flesh Filling Tombstone's artifact soul being accidentally awakened, and using his body and bloodline to kill the group of Spirit Race clansmen who had humiliated the Blaze Family.

But Indigo, the Spirit Seed with the time, space, life and fate attributes in her bloodline, sent out an artifact of the Spirit Race of a similar rank as the Flesh Filling Tombstone. She managed to destroy the Ring of the Burning Sun at the cost of wounding herself with the backlash.

Indigo almost died, but the Flesh Filling Tombstone and its artifact soul also did not have any more power to fight.

He himself seemed to have used up all his bloodline power. And because of the hibernation of the Flesh Filling Tombstone, he could not quickly replenish himself.

When the Flesh Filling Tombstone flew out of his body, his transformed body and appearance recovered.

He put on new clothing and communicated with the Spirits of Void and Chaos. They told him that a Soul Race clansman was heading his way.

"Looking for me..."

He snorted coldly and used the lightning pool drops in his acupoints to flash away using the Blitz Thunder Escape.

Not long later, he shook off the Soul Race clansman and prepared to recover his bloodline power.

Yet when he took out a meat piece full of physical energy and ate it, he shook.

The bloodline in his body seemed to pull his soul inside.

"This is... a sign of being pulled into the Chaos Blood Realm!"

After his shock, he used the Blitz Thunder Escape again to move towards where Gan Xing and the others were gathered.

He knew when his soul was in the Chaos Blood Realm, he would need someone to guard him to avoid his physical body being wounded during that time.

This place was the Origin World and near the Origin Sea. Foreign races could appear at any time.

There was nowhere he was safe.

He could only put his hopes on the Blaze Family members.

After using the Blitz Thunder Escape successively, he quickly reached Gan Xing and the others. Before that attractive force pulling him into the Chaos Blood Realm reached its peak, he had already reached Gan Xing.

"Protect me for a while. I am being pulled into the Chaos Blood Realm!"

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