Chapter 1232: Sun in the Secret Realm!

Chapter 1232: Sun in the Secret Realm!

"Blaze Family!"

The three races’ clansmen couldn’t help but exclaim seeing the fiery person domineeringly land. 

In the thick flames, that majestic Blaze Family member had eyes flowing with magma as his body spouted flames like an erupting volcano.

Astounding waves of heat spread outwards ferociously, as if drowning them in a sea of lava.

"Sss sss sss!"

Strange popping could be heard, as if the air itself was exploding, causing others’ blood vessels to swell.

Sienna, Bagi, Salleh, and Stanca all wore serious expressions.

"Sir, who are you?"

Sienna hesitated and had to walk forward to shout warily.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

Suddenly, the clothing of a Spirit Race clansman beside Sienna started to burn.

This person immediately gave off a terrified scream.

A moment later, he was entirely drowned by flames. The spatial barrier he had made using his bloodline power immediately exploded.

The flames spread out with him in the center and assaulted other Spirit Race clansmen.

As he was screaming, two other Spirit Race clansmen found their clothing igniting.

The three who started burning did not even see the sparks touch them, they only felt a wave of heat.

"Careful!" At the center of the Spirit Race clansmen, Indigo warned, "The flame presence he spreads can ignite your clothing. The inextinguishable flames will enter your bodies through your pores!"

Sienna and the Spirit Race clansmen were terrified hearing her say this.

They activated their bloodline power, and formed power shields of various colors to protect their bodies.

Many Winged Race clansmen found their white wings turning hot.

They screamed and used their bloodline power or spirit artifacts to block the spreading waves of heat.

Even the Bone Race with their sturdy bones were no exception, their bodies showing an unnatural red gleam.

"Channel bloodline power!" Salleh shouted.

He also realized that the incoming waves of heat were everywhere. He could feel the bloodline in his bones starting to boil.


A thousand meters away from the three races, a strange person in a black robe had eyes that were flashing eerily.

He looked in shock at the flaming figure that had fallen in front of the Spirit Race.

"The Blaze Family still has such a powerful person..."

On the other side.

Cang Ye led her subordinates and stood in the darkness. They looked in shock at the majestic figure.

Cang Ye's body seemed to shiver in her black armor. "This is ..."

"Sister Cang Ye, who... who is he?" a member of the Darkness family stammered.

"He is completely shrouded by inextinguishable flame, even I ... cannot see his appearance." Cang Ye's tone was serious. "The bloodline aura he gives off is far stronger than Gan Xing and Nan Qi’s! The bloodline power he has is even more terrifying than Hao Jie in his bloodthirsty state!"

"Could it be that mixed-blood?" someone suspected.

"Not very likely." Cang Ye shook her head and felt with her eyes closed. She suddenly said in shock, "His bloodline power is still increasing. This... is not the limit of a rank seven bloodline! Heavens, who is this person?"

Her subordinates shook.

At this time, an enormous Ring of the Burning Sun formed above that fiery figure.

That Ring of the Burning Sun was three times larger than the Darklight Stone floating above the Spirit Race.

The light and heat the Ring of the Burning Sun gave off was not affected by the darkness at all.

It was like a sun in the absolute darkness world that illuminated the nearby few kilometers.

The Spirit Race, Bone Race, Winged Race, Cang Ye and her group, and the mysterious person in the robes further away were all illuminated by the light of the Ring of the Burning Sun.

"Soul Race!"

Cang Ye turned and saw that strange person in the black robes. Her expression changed and she immediately put up her guard.

Her eyes were adjusted to the absolute darkness. She could see the surroundings without a Darklight Stone, but she was still affected.

In the darkness, the limit of her vision was several hundred meters.

The Soul Race clansman was slightly further away, so she didn’t immediately notice him.

When that enormous Ring of the Burning Sun hung in the sky like a sun, and illuminated a range of several kilometers like daytime, she finally noticed the lurking figure.


Under her gaze, the Soul Race clansman laughed awkwardly.

"Be careful of him!" Cang Ye commanded the people around her.

"I think we should be more careful of our own race..." a member of the Darkness Family said with a grimace.

Strange black light flowed around the surface of his body to help him combat the burning aura.

He had just discovered that his hair was going to ignite, forcing him to utilize his bloodline power to defend.

He realized that the Blaze Family member attacked everyone, not only his enemies.

Even their race was not excluded.

"It is coming down! Incoming!" Over by the Spirit Race, someone screamed.

Everyone's gaze locked onto that enormous Ring of the Burning Sun.

Then they found that the Ring of the Burning Sun was slowly descending to the center of the Spirit Race clansmen.

A terrifying aura akin to a volcano landed slowly pressed down.

The descent of the Ring of the Burning Sun was slow but it was accelerating. As it neared, the pressure put on the three races also increased.

In a place that no one could see, there seemed to be power added to the Ring of the Burning Sun.

Many people instinctively looked towards the instigator—the burning person.

Then they found that person who was burning was giving off snaps in his skeleton as he could not bear the burden.

Just as they felt that burning person would explode, they saw many blaze divine characters appear on the skin of that person.

That person roared into the sky.

The Ring of the Burning Sun was right above the heads of the Spirit, Bone, and Winged Races.

"Time Reversal!"

A clear female voice came from the Spirit Race.

Then Sienna, Bagi, and the other dozen Spirit Race clansmen used a Spirit Race secret art to pour their bloodline power into a blurry figure.

In this moment, Cang Ye, of the Darkness Family, the Soul Race clansman, Salleh and Stanca felt something strange—they seemed to have come to the realm of the Spirit Race.

The feeling of time being wrong caused everyone to want to spit blood. The powers in their bodies were in chaos and their heads were about to split.

Then a blue ball of light rose from the Spirit Race into the sky.

That beautiful ball of light had billions of mysterious characters. It seemed to record the prosperity and decline of the Spirit Race, as well as countless secret arts.


The beautiful blue ball of light collided with the enormous Ring of the Burning Sun and caused it to split.

Millions of shattered fragments of flame and light shot outwards.

The Bone and Winged Race members, Cang Ye and the Darkness Family, and the Soul Race clansman looked dazedly at the beautiful blue ball.

They could not even attend to the pain of their bodies when they were touched by the flames.

They did not notice the figure quietly leaving after the Ring of the Burning Sun exploded.

Their gaze were locked onto the slowly spinning blue ball in the sky.


In the center, the girl called Indigo spat out blood.

She reached out a hand and pointed towards that beautiful blue ball of light. She watched as the beautiful ball slowly disappear.

The moment that beautiful ball disappeared, the feeling of wrongness in space and time disappeared.

"I cannot use this skillfully right now, and cannot manifest its true power," Indigo said apologetically.

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