Chapter 1231: The Blinding Flame in the Dark!

Chapter 1231: The Blinding Flame in the Dark!

All the Spirit Race clansmen stopped under Indigo's orders.  

The Bone and Winged Races also received Sienna's order and set up base where they were with the Spirit Race at the center.

"Young Mistress, who is chasing us?" Bagi was slightly surprised. He said, "Just one person?"

Indigo nodded gently. "Yes, just one."

Bagi snarled and laughed, "Then they do not know their limits!"

"One person dares to chase us?" Sienna laughed and said in a laid-back manner, "Even if it is that guy from the Eight Purgatories, only death awaits him."

"He may... be more terrifying than that Abyss Devil," Indigo said.

When she said this, the Spirit Race clansmen suddenly shook.

Shock flashed through their eyes.

"Even more terrifying than that person?" Bagi's breathing sped up.

Indigo nodded. "It feels so."

Sienna, Bagi, and the others could not remain calm. The two of them exchanged a look and said, "Line up!"

Some of the Spirit Race clansmen formed a fan shape to protect Indigo at the center while the others formed a triangle pointing in the direction Indigo indicated.

The Bone and Winged Races also prepared to fight.

"What kind of enemy is this?"

Stanca and Salleh quietly gathered together, their eyes full of curiosity as they wondered.

Sienna, Bagi, and the Spirit Race clansmen were inwardly nervous. The incoming enemy caused them to be in heavy moods.

"More terrifying than that person..."

Not long ago, they had fought with that group of Abyss Devils. They knew just how scary that high rank Abyss Devil from the bottom eight levels of the Abyss was.

A person even more terrifying than that guy. Even though they had the advantage of numbers, they had to be cautious.

They were secretly on their guard.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

In the darkness, howls came of movement at high speed. The sound grew closer.

The gathered races all had enormous chunks of Darklight Stone over their heads as they looked towards the same directions.

At the same time,

On the other side, a group of seven walked in the absolute darkness of the Abyss without relying on any Darklight Stone. They seemed to be completely unaffected by the darkness.

The leader of the seven was a woman dressed in heavy armor and a mask.

They were the Darkness Family.

"Sister Cang Ye, did you hear a howl?" a person asked.

"Over there!" Cang Ye reached and pointed in one direction. She said, "Let's go see!"

The group of Darkness Family members moved quickly under Cang Ye's guidance.

Similarly in the darkness.

A mysterious person wearing pitch black robes was strolling through the darkness, when their eyes suddenly flashed.

The figure had originally been moving toward the Origin Sea. But at this moment, he was attracted by the howl and changed direction.

"Going towards the Spirit Race, interesting..."

He let out a sinister laugh. His body shifted, floating like a ghost, as he lightly moved towards the howl.

In the absolute darkness of the Origin World, other powerful squads were attracted by the howl and came to investigate.

Those that felt they were not strong enough only wanted to avoid this mess.

For example...

"Sister, do you hear the howling in the distance?"

Under a small Darklight Stone, Ling Xuanxuan had a pale face as she said in terror.

Beside her was Gao Yu, his arms covered in bandages, and Ling Feng, who looked fragile.

"I hear it. It is very far from us. Anyone who dares to make sound near the Origin Sea is powerful. We will not go attract trouble," Ling Yushi said coldly.

In the dim light of the Darklight Stone, her usually bright eyes seemed dim.

—This was a sign that she had used too much soul energy.

Their secret realm trip was the biggest challenge Ling Yushi had ever faced.

Since entering the secret realm, she had never thought of fighting against other races. In reality, from the first time she felt other soul presences, she knew they were not a match for them.

Along the way, she used her soul perception which wasn't affected by the darkness to find foreign beings.

All of the teams she had found were stronger than her.

She could only lead Ling Xuanxuan, Gao Yu, and the others to constantly hide to avoid any conflicts.

She used up a great amount of soul energy like that

Several times, she found someone heavily wounded. She would then Ling Feng and the others to take advantage of them.

Through this method, she avoid meeting powerful enemies and only attacked the seriously wounded. She gradually learned the mysteries of the Origin World and knew of the Origin Sea.

By expending soul energy, their group managed to barely survive in the Origin World.

And they were gradually getting close to the Origin Sea.

She even knew that a group of Abyss Devils from different levels had taken over the Origin Sea, and accepted only other Abyss Devils.

Therefore, she led the group over there to try their luck.

"We will not go over. I feel many terrifying people who are attracted over there. We are not a match for any of them." Ling Yushi probed for a while and then said fearfully, "Among those people, there are some like me, whose soul perception is not affected by the darkness."

Ling Xuanxuan heard her say this and her expression changed. "Then we will not go!"

Ling Feng also had a bitter expression.

They all knew the reason they managed to survive here was by relying on Ling Yushi's soul perception.

If Ling Yushi's advantage was nullified, they couldn’t compete.

They decided to rest where they were.

At the gathering place of the Spirit Race, the Bone Race and the Winged Race.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Accompanied by sharp howls, a large figure that seemed to burn came from the skies.

That figure gave off flows of flame like a person-shaped volcano that released light and heat.

Even the absolute darkness could not conceal that terrifying flame. He was extremely eye-catching.


Like a meteor falling, the burning figure landed in front of the Spirit Race group.

"God Race! A member of the Blaze Family!"

Stanca, Bagi, Salleh, and Stanca exclaimed when they saw this figure landed.

The Blaze Family, the lowest of the five God Race families, was dismissed by all the other races. Even the Bone and Winged Races felt the Blaze Family was far from its former glory.

Due to this, when Sienna had forced the Bone and Winged Races to leave Gan Xing and the others, they expressed clear disdain towards the Blaze Family.

Yet at this moment, a Blaze Family member blocked their way with a dominant posture.

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