Chapter 1230: Madness

Chapter 1230: Madness

When the Bone and Winged Races left with the Spirit Race, Qin Lie, Gan Xing, and the others were silent for a long time.

Xuan Luo and Hong Kai, a few dozen meters away from them, also remained silent.

All of them had dark expressions.

Right in front of them, the Spirit Race pressured and tempted the Winged and Bone Races who they had allied with into siding with them.

They could only stand by and watch.

Also, at the end, Stanca and Salleh's pleas had been the reason the Spirit Race had not attacked them.

This group of people who were extremely proud had grave expressions as though someone had slapped them.

"I swear! I will make those Spirit Race clansmen pay! And make the Bone and Winged Races will regret what they did today!"

A long time later, Levy ground his teeth as he shouted with hate.

Nan Qi, who usually sided with him, had an icy expression. He said, "The Spirit Race thinks nothing of us!"

Gan Xing and the others remained silent.

Xuan Luo of the Profound Ice Family hesitated and suddenly said, "That Spirit Race girl... is terrifying."

Levy, Nan Qi, and the others who heard this frowned slightly.

Hong Kai, who was also from the Profound Ice Family, took a deep breath and said fearfully, "Just now, I thought that I was going to die…"

When he said this, everyone's gazes scattered as they thought back to what they had experienced.

Wu Sha's neck beaded with sweat, her eyes filled with fear.

"Yes, extremely terrifying..." she murmured.

Among them, only Qin Lie maintained his calm. At this time, he suddenly asked, "How many special attributes does the Spirit Race bloodline have?"

When he said this, his face unnaturally convulsed as though he was trying to suppress something.

"Time, space, life, and fate, four," Wu Sha said softly.

"I heard that while the clansmen of the Spirit Race can possess bloodlines with multiple attributes, but they are very rare?" Qin Lie asked.

Liu Yang nodded. "Those with two attributes are geniuses of the Spirit Race. If they do not die, they have a chance of achieving a rank ten bloodline. Those with three bloodline attributes are the Spirit Seeds... they are fated to become the leaders of the Spirit Race ..."

The God Race knew much about the Spirit Race. She explained the bloodline of the Spirit Race to Qin Lie in great detail.

Qin Lie nodded with a strange expression. As he merged in the memories from the Soul Beast avatar, his understanding of the Spirit Race bloodline grew clearer.

The Spirit Race bloodline that Liu Yang spoke of was not very different than his Soul Beast avatar’s memories.

But just now...

He suddenly looked up and said, "In the history of the Spirit Race, has there ever been a Spirit Seed with space, time, life, and fate bloodline attributes together?"


"Never before."

"There were only Spirit Seeds with three attributes once every hundred thousand years. They would later become the Spirit Race’s leader!"

"Each Spirit Race leader is the strongest of the Spirit Race!"

"There has never been a Spirit Seed with all four attributes!"

Gan Xing and the others all spoke up, declaring that there was no such clansman in the Spirit Race’s history.

Then they looked at Qin Lie with shock and curiosity. They did not understand why he asked this.

"Maybe not in the past, but right now... it exists." Qin Lie exhaled deeply and said, "The unusual vibrations just now was not released by multiple Spirit Race clansmen, but that Young Mistress that the Spirit Race clansmen were protecting."

"How is that possible?!" Nan Qi changed expression.

Gan Xing was astounded as well.

Even Xuan Luo who had felt the same stilled when he heard Qin Lie state this guess.

"No matter if you believe or not, this is the truth. I am definitely sure of this." Qin Lie had a calm expression. "Through my Spirits of Void and Chaos, I could feel the vibrations. They all came from that young girl named Indigo."

Gan Xing and the other looked incredulous.

They were completely speechless.

"I am going to cultivate, and see if... I can find the other three families." After saying this, Qin Lie left them, and his figure was swallowed up by the darkness in seconds.

"Heavens!" Liu Yang sat down on the ground, astounded.

Everyone else was shocked.

The Spirit Race, one of the four transcendent bloodline races, had a clansman who possessed a bloodline with all four attributes. This was a scary piece of new to the God Race, Soul Race, and the Abyss Devil Race.

The appearance of the girl could change the state of the universe, and the Spirit Race might dominate in the future.

In the darkness, Qin Lie left Gan Xing and the others and immediately sprinted away with the Blitz Thunder Escape.

He moved through the darkness like a ghost, further and further away.

In the absolute darkness of the Origin World, his eyes released bloody red light like an erupting volcano.

"Come out."

He suddenly stopped. His pair of crimson eyes landed on his spatial ring.


The Flesh Filling Tombstone that had originally belonged to the Blaze Family appeared and spun in front of him.

Seven godly lights came out of the surface of the Flesh Filling Tombstone, twisting wildly like snakes or demonic tentacles.

On the other side of the tombstone, rays of bloody light crossed and formed many God Race characters.

At the same time, waves of dizzying roars came out of the Flesh Filling Tombstone, and caused him to almost spit blood.

He looked with shock at the Flesh Filling Tombstone

Just now, when Stanca and Salleh chose to side with the Spirit Race...

When Sienna and the other Spirit Race clansmen tried to attack him...

And when Salleh and Stanca pleaded for mercy for them...

The Flesh Filling Tombstone he had hidden in the spatial ring suddenly became mad like a monster which had woken after a million year slumber.

If he had not suppressed it, the Flesh Filling Tombstone may have broken through the spatial ring and appeared in front of everyone!

When he, Gan Xing, Nan Qi, and the other Blaze Family clansman felt humiliated, that Flesh Filling Tombstone who the Blaze Family had always possessed, seemed to feel the same.

It seemed that a soul in the Flesh Filling Tombstone had been forcibly awakened due to the humiliation he and the other Blaze Family members felt.

This forced him to find an excuse to leave after saying a few words to Gan Xing and moving far away.

He feared he would expose the fact he possessed the Flesh Filling Tombstone to the other Blaze Family members.

He wanted to conceal this as much as possible.


A destructive howl, like a tsunami, rampaged through his mind.

Countless mysteries rays and specks of bloody light flooded his mind and body.

At the same time, a terrifying thought roared and urged him.

That Flesh Filling Tombstone the Blaze Family controlled slowly went into his body like water entering a sponge.

In a flash, he seemed to receive endless amount of refined flesh and blood energy.


He turned into a blinding bloody bolt of lightning which could not be concealed in the darkness.

He sprinted in the darkness.

The wild bloodline power erupted in his body like volcanos, causing his power to rise and his long red hair to dance like snakes.

At this time, his body and appearance completely changed.

He did not look like Qin Lie at all.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh! Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

The sound of his movement through the air was piercing, and people within several kilometers could hear it.

Suddenly, the Spirit Race group which had left Gan Xing and the others suddenly stopped.

Sienna and Bagi approached Indigo with expressions of shock. They did not know why she had given the order to stop.

"A terrifying person is chasing us."

The young girl who had awakened all four attributes of the Spirit Race bloodline… showed visible terror in her sapphire eyes..

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