Chapter 1228: The Abilities of True Vision

Chapter 1228: The Abilities of True Vision

Qin Lie sat silently.

A long time later, the bloodline in his body which came from the Spirits of Void and Chaos finally stopped boiling.

The completely new latent ability True Vision affected his eyes and soul perception.

He could clearly see the so-called darkness of the Origin World. He could use his soul to feel the signs of life in the surroundings.

His perception became the same as that of the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

He sank into great joy.

He had not expected that after using soul attachment to put a part of his soul in the wood spirit and use its body to move around, he would cause his bloodline to boil and awaken a completely new latent ability belonging to the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

Everything had occurred so unexpectedly and suddenly that he had no time to react.

It seemed that after he experienced the wood spirit’s vision, the bloodline of the Spirits of Void and Chaos in his blood automatically adjusted itself to fit the environment he was in, the absolute darkness of the Origin World.

"Unbelievable, so unbelievable..."

He murmured lowly as he sat up and tried to release his soul consciousness and stretch it further.

His soul did not encounter any more obstruction. There was no more feeling of roaming in an endless darkness. The threads of his soul spread like strange tentacles that sent all kinds of special vibrations back to his soul consciousness.

His soul consciousness quickly spread to where the Blaze Family, the Bone Race, and the Winged Race were gathered.

Gan Xing, Nan Qi, Wu Sha, and Liu Yang's life auras appeared in his soul consciousness. He was sure of their location.

Even though he was almost ten thousand meters away from them.


His soul consciousness gradually floated away from where the Blaze Family were, and moved towards the Bone Race led by Salleh.

In his soul consciousness, weak and strong biomagnetic field gradually appeared.

The biomagnetic field belonging to Salleh was many times larger than the other Bone Race clansmen’s.

This meant that Salleh's combat power, and bloodline power far surpassed all his companions’.

"As expected of the son of the Bone Race leader."

He retracted his soul thought from the Bone Race and moved towards the gathering of the Winged Race.

Suddenly, his soul consciousness saw an enormous pair of wings.

That pair of wings were pure black. From his soul consciousness, he felt that they seemed to be made from extremely powerful bloodline power.

He carefully studied and then confirmed that it was the blood in the shape of wings which floated in his soul consciousness.

That pair of wings belonged to Stanca...

As he was shocked at this, a burst of purple flames flashed in his soul consciousness.

"Who’s there?!"

A powerful soul thought suddenly exploded next to that pitch black pair of wings.

He suddenly shook and immediately pulled back the soul consciousness he had sent out.


Ten thousand meters away, Qin Lie exhaled deeply, his expression grave in the darkness.

He was sure that the person who had spoken mentally was Stanca, who had an Abyss Devil bloodline and was a mixed-blood like him.

Previously, before he awoke the True Vision latent ability, his eyes could not see the landscape and objects in the Origin World.

His soul could not feel anything different.

He thought that other people were like him.

Yet when he fought with Salleh of the Bone Race, Salleh's eyes could become like the Darklight Stones. Salleh's eyes could see the nearby surroundings clearly.

He confirmed that Salleh possessed an ability like this.

When he used a thread of his soul consciousness to secretly observe the Blaze Family, Bone Race, and Winged Race, Salleh had not responded. This meant that Salleh could just see with his eyes, but his soul was still shut off.

The other members of the Blaze Family, Bone Race, and Winged Race did not feel anything at all from his soul's arrival.

Only Stanca could feel with his soul.

He suddenly realized that Stanca was like him. He could feel nearby presences with his soul.

Stanca could see, Stanca could feel with his soul. The Bone and the Winged Race clansmen had great advantages in the Origin World compared to Gan Xing, Nan Qi, and the others.

Especially Stanca would could feel with his soul. If he was careful, he could avoid many dangers in advance.

Once he felt strong presences nearby, he would be fine if he avoided them.

Other people would have a difficult time discovering his existence.

"So I am not the only special one. Salleh, Stanca, and that Spirit Race girl are all special in the Origin World."

He gradually understood that everything was possible in the universe. He could not be arrogant and underestimate the elite of other races.

A burst of dim yellow light flashed in the distance. That was a moving Darklight Stone.

Qin Lie, who had just pulled back his soul consciousness looked and then his expression changed slightly.

The one holding the stone was Stanca of the Winged Race.

He, who had the True Vision latent ability, was not affected by the darkness. He could see Stanca from a distance.

But Stanca could only rely on that small Darklight Stone and then release his soul consciousness to investigate the abnormality he had felt previously.

He did not notice Qin Lie.

He saw Stanca holding the Darklight Stone as he felt with his soul consciousness and walked around aimlessly, his expression puzzled.

Qin Lie observed for a while, and gradually concluded—Stanca's soul perception was limited.

Stanca could only feel soul vibrations and life within a limited range. He was not like Qin Lie who could stretch his soul consciousness over ten thousand meters.

He saw that Stanca was only several hundred meters away from him, still holding the Darklight Stone as he moved around.

Stanca could not find his precise position.

"Strange, it came from this direction..."

Hundreds of meters way, Stanca's brows were furrowed, his expression puzzled. He appeared to be doubting himself.

Qin Lie watched for a while. He did not walk out of the darkness, and silently went further away from Stanca so that Stanca could not find him.

"I have to be careful of this guy. Compared to Salleh, his soul perception is more dangerous," Qin Lie thought.

Then he thought of the blurry little girl among the Spirit Race and his expression grew even more solemn.

At the time, the wood spirit would have been kilometers away from the gathering place of the Spirit Race, and he had been within the wood spirit.

Even so, that girl from the Spirit Race could accurately pinpoint the wood spirit's position.

That young girl's wondrous ability was not any inferior to his new True Vision ability.

And they, who were allied with the Bone and Winged Races, even if they did not encounter the high rank Abyss Devils who controlled the Origin Sea, they would still be defeated if they encountered the Spirit Race.

"The Abyss Devil Race group is already so powerful, the Spirit Race is so difficult, and the most mysterious Soul Race has yet to appear..."

He had a grimace as he gradually lost confidence in their journey into the secret realm.

"Yiya, yiya yiya!"

As he worried, the wood spirit sent a message telling him that group of the Spirit Race was walking towards them.

He originally wanted to continue hiding and cultivating. He had to make a detour to avoid Stanca and quickly returned to the gathering place of the three races.

"The Spirit Race is coming towards us!"

When he returned, he did not wait for Gan Xing and the others to ask, and immediately stated.

Salleh of the Bone Race heard his voice and quickly came to him.

The Winged Race hurriedly shouted for Stanca to return.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Stanca, flapping his white wings, was as fast as lightning. In a blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Qin Lie.

"Just now, I felt a soul spying on us. Maybe, it was a member of the Spirit Race," Stanca said with a grave expression.

"You can feel soul presences?" Gan Xing changed expression slightly.

Nan Qi was also stunned. He inwardly rejoiced that he had not actually fought with Stanca.

He knew in this Origin World, people who did not lose their soul perception abilities would possess a great advantage in battle.

"The Spirit Race is coming, what do you think?" Qin Lie said.

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