Chapter 1227: Super Spirit Seed!

Chapter 1227: Super Spirit Seed!

"Young Mistress, apologies, we let the enemy escape.”  

Bagi returned, knelt down on one knee, and said regretfully.

Sienna and the other Spirit Race clansmen all knelt down, their heads low. They all appeared very ashamed.

“Doesn’t matter."

The Spirit Race girl in the crowd answered with a light ethereal voice. When she spoke, the other Spirit Race clansmen all felt serene and calm.

After receiving her forgiveness, the Spirit Race clansmen finally dared to stand up.

They looked with reverence and awe at the young Spirit Race girl.

This Spirit Race girl that Qin Lie felt was blurry had a strange appearance.

She had naturally curly blue hair, sapphire like eyes and a beautiful face.

She gave people the feeling she was like a beautiful piece of porcelain that people would not bear to break.

What was even more astounding was her face, her hands and her neck which were all semi-transparent.

If one focused, they could see the blood vessels and bones under her skin, and the blue blood flowing in her veins...

This young girl who looked thirteen was as adorable as a doll. But when her clear eyes looked at others, they seemed to be able to magically read their thoughts.

Bagi, Sienna, and the other Spirit Race clansmen did not dare to look at her eyes when they faced her.

They seemed to fear that she would see their secrets with a glance.

"Young Mistress, do you know which race it was?"

Sienna stood up, her demeanor respectful and not daring to overstep at all.

"Not a race we know." The young girl shook her head gently.

"Not a race we know?"

Bagi, Sienna, and the others were stunned to hear her say this.

All this time, the Spirit Race's knowledge of the races of the universe was always ahead of others.

The Soul Race, the God Race, and the Abyss Devil Race were all inferior to the Spirit Race in this aspect.

The Spirit Race clansmen believed that there were almost no races among the countless stars that they did not know.

Hearing the observer was not from a race the Spirit Race knew of, Bagi, Sienna, and the others were shocked.

They did not dare to doubt the judgement of their Young Mistress. They were pondering the identity of the recent incomer.

"A strange being, I seem... to have heard of it somewhere, but I cannot remember."

The doll-like little girl was slightly puzzled. She thought for a while but still had no ideas.

She seemed to feel some memories were in chaos and could not be placed together.

The Spirit Race clansmen looked with anticipation at her, hoping she would give a more precise answer.

These Spirit Race clansmen looked at her with eyes full of sincere awe and love.

They even had a kind of fanaticism towards this Young Mistress who only had a rank six bloodline.

Sienna unconsciously thought back to the abilities of this young girl.

She knew that this girl that was called Indigo had been named by the leader of the Spirit Race, and many honored elders as the next leader.

That day, the leader of the Spirit Race had summoned everyone with power in the Spirit Race, and all rank ten bloodlines.

They all finished the ceremony for Indigo.

Before that, Sienna, and many Spirit Race clansmen, had never heard of her.

Indigo seemed to have suddenly appeared as though she was raised secretly by the Spirit Race.

Her appearance broke too many rules of the Spirit Race. Many of the Spirit Race clansmen who had been fighting for the position of leader suddenly closed their mouths.

She was a special existence in the history of the Spirit Race. She was the only one who had awakened spatial, time, life, and fate bloodline attributes.

Space, time, life, and fate. The majority of Spirit Race clansmen would usually only possess one in their lifetimes.

The attributes of the bloodline were fated at birth. Regardless of how hard one worked later in life, they could not awaken another attribute.

Only a rare few Spirit Race geniuses were born with two of the four bloodline attributes.

Those who possessed two bloodlines would mostly all become the strongest of the Spirit Race, and had hopes of reaching a rank ten bloodline.

In the long history of the Spirit Race, every hundred thousand years or so, a “Spirit Seed” who possessed three bloodline attributes would appear. Whenever a “Spirit Seed” was born, they would be treated as the next leader of the Spirit Race,

Regardless of their gender.

Due to this, every leader of the Spirit Race was a “Spirit Seed” with three bloodline attributes. Each of them could quickly reach rank ten bloodline and become the strongest of the Spirit Race.

The present times were the most prosperous time for the Spirit Race. Because at that time, they had two Spirit Seeds!

A female and a male.

The Spirit Race had fought for a long time over who among the two would become the next leader.

They would have continued to fight endlessly

But then Indigo appeared...

In the millions of years of the Spirit Race, there had never been a Spirit Seed who had the space, time, life, and fate attributes!


Until Indigo, who had awakened all the attributes, appeared!!

The present leader of the Spirit Race and the race elders who had rank ten bloodlines as well as others in power all thought of Indigo's birth as the greatest grace from the heavens to the Spirit Race.

All of the experts who had fought for who would become the next leader, after learning of Indigo's existence, confirmed that Indigo was the future of the Spirit Race almost without argument.

The other two so-called Spirit Seeds, favored by the heavens, were outshone by Indigo's appearance.

When the elders of the Spirit Race learned that an Origin World appeared suddenly in the Darkness Abyss, they immediately sent Indigo in to comprehend the power of the four different attributes, regardless of the cost.

Sienna, Bagi, and the others were commanded to, by any means, protect Indigo, even at the cost of their lives.

In this Origin World, Bagi, Sienna, and the other Spirit Race clansmen quickly realized that Indigo, with her rank six bloodline, did not have any practical experience, but her powerful bloodline abilities could be of great help to them.

Also, the extremely friendly and innocent Indigo was beloved by almost all of them.

They were willing to give everything they had for Indigo.

Their lives included.

"I... cannot remember." Indigo shook her head and said apologetically, "I cannot remember where I heard of them."

"No matter, no matter, when we encounter him again, you may remember." Sienna hurriedly comforted with a smile.

"Sorry," Indigo said timidly.

"No matter, really."

The other Spirit Race clansmen all comforted her, afraid she would blame herself.


On the other side.

Qin Lie, when a piece of his soul returned from the body of the wood spirit, suddenly felt the part of his bloodline which belonged to the fire spirit starting to boil.

He investigated with his soul consciousness and saw many strange symbols jumping out of his blood.

He immediately gathered his attention, concentrating on comprehending those symbols.

Then, he saw the part of his blood which came from the fire spirit was undergoing a magical transformation.

The blood essence he had assimilated from the fire spirit to obtain the flame consumption latent ability appeared in his veins.

At the same time, the drops of blood containing the flame consumption latent ability seemed to be constantly dividing and rearranging themselves.

Qin Lie's mind could see those newly made structures were automatically organizing themselves to form a completely new bloodline latent ability—True Vision.

When the True Vision latent ability formed in his blood, he suddenly discovered he could feel the signs of life nearby.

Then, he closed his eyes naturally.

It was still absolutely dark without any light, there were no Darklight Stones, but he could clearly see everything.


Rays of lightning flashed through his eyes and then disappeared soon after.

He could clearly feel the strange power of the True Vision bloodline ability had permeated his eyes and consciousness.

His eyes, his soul perception had become the same as that of the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

Henceforth, the absolute darkness of this Origin World did not affect him.

In his eyes, and his soul perception, this secret realm of absolute darkness was as clear as the day of Boluo Realm and Spirit Realm.

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