Chapter 1226: Soul Attachment

Chapter 1226: Soul Attachment

In the absolute darkness of the Origin World.

Qin Lie cultivated far from the gathering place of the three races, with the excuse of searching for survivors.

A wisp of his soul shadow floated in the fourth level of the Soul Suppressing Orb as he examined the "Sky Piercing" ancient diagram inside the glowing bubble.

At the same time, he multitasked, tendrils of soul energy pulling his blood through the air.

Ruby lifeblood essences floated around him, streaking through the air leaving fiery trails behind, in an attempt to draw the Sky Piercing diagram.

Through trial and error, he confirmed the lifeblood essence was the wondrous ink needed to draw advanced ancient diagrams such as Sky Piercing.

Spirit energy... it was too difficult to draw an advanced ancient diagram like Sky Piercing on the spirit tablets using it.

In the darkness, he did not have the illumination of the Darklight Stone so he could not see the phenomenon occurring above his head.

But through his connection with the lifeblood essence, he knew that he had completed a third of the ancient Sky Piercing diagram.


Suddenly, the complicated ancient diagram floating above his head fell down as a rain of blood.

The ancient diagram he had worked so hard to draw and the energies contained within the blood lines immediately dispersed.

His soul shadow suddenly came out of the Soul Suppressing Orb, and his eyes opened.

"Still not possible. Where... is the problem?"

Recently, he’d been maintaining safe distance between himself and the God Race group to secretly learn how to use the Sky Piercing diagram.

He felt that once he successfully created the Sky Piercing ancient diagram in this Origin World, something magical would occur.

He even felt that Sky Piercing would become a bridge between him and the Origin World.

Therefore, he kept on trying to create Sky Piercing.

However, this was his first advanced ancient diagram and it was hard and complicated.

Even in the Origin World, he used up too much power and effort when he tried to understand it.

Every time he thought he mastered the diagram, it would crumble, his efforts for naught.

He did not know where the problem was.

He took out pills to replenish spirit and soul energies, threw them all inside his mouth, as one of his fingers touched his spatial ring.

An invisible bloody red flow of energy flew out of that spatial ring and entered his finger.

That was pure refined flesh and blood energy which came from the Flesh Filling Tombstone in his spatial ring.

Gan Xing, Nan Qi and the others were all in the Origin World. He was worried that if he took out the Flesh Filling Tombstone, something would happen.

Due to this, whenever he used up too much bloodline power, he would find a remote place and secretly absorb some fleshly energy.

This was the reason he was able to recover quickly after fighting against the Spirit Race and Salleh.

As he used pills to recover his soul energy, he used that stream of refined flesh and blood energy to recover his bloodline.

At the same time, he communicated with the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

The metal spirit and the thunder spirit were resting in the fourth level of the Soul Suppressing Orb. The wood spirit, water spirit, and earth spirit were still floating outside.

This was because he had to be careful of the Abyss Devils guarding the Origin Sea.

Also, he hoped to use the perception of the Spirits of Void and Chaos to find more people who had escaped.

The best would be to find other members of the God Race families.

So after he communicated with the Spirits of Void and Chaos, he had them take turns and left several roaming around outside.

"Oh! Movement again..."

The wood spirit sent him a soul message from a great distance away. He probed for a while, focusing his attention.

In his spirit sea, his thoughts spawned threads of energy filled with lightning energy..

Seconds later, a soul thought containing lightning and thunder energy formed in his consciousness.

"Soul attachment!"

The thread of his soul flew out of his consciousness and away.

In a flash, it burrowed itself into the body of the wood spirit.

A profound and magical feeling formed in the souls of his actual body and the wood spirit.

He suddenly felt as though he was the wood spirit.

Also, for him who had been blind and helpless in the face of the absolute darkness of this Origin World, seeing everything was a unique experience.

He used the wood spirit's eyes and soul perception.

At this moment, he and the wood spirit were one.

Soul attachment was a secret art of the Soul Race that his Soul Beast avatar had recently relayed to him.

The members of the Soul Race could use their souls through soul attachment to penetrate the Soul Lakes of their targets. They could directly possess the souls of the other.

This was a very secret art of the Soul Race.

He used soul attachment to put a thread of his soul in the wood spirit.

The wood spirit was made from his soul, his blood, the Pure Soul Spring and then raised in the Soul Suppressing Orb.

The wood spirit did not rebel against the entry of his soul.

When the wood spirit detected the arrival of his soul, it opened its soul defenses and let him enter directly.

He did not encounter any obstacles, or resistance as he easily entered the body of the wood spirit.

At this time, his soul used the abilities of the wood spirit to reexamine the Origin World.

He suddenly found that the Origin World which was absolutely dark in his eyes was very bright and clear through the eyes of the wood spirit.

In the eyes of the wood spirit, the dark Origin World was like the daytime of Spirit Realm. Everything could be seen clearly.

And the soul of the wood spirit could easily feel the signs of life nearby. Just like in Spirit Realm and Boluo Realm, the soul did not have any obstructions.

The wood spirit's eyes and perception was not affected by the darkness at all.

"So wondrous..." he sighed.

Once a part of his soul entered the wood spirit, he felt the Origin World became a normal world he was familiar with. He could see and feel everything.

After marvelling, he flew in a direction under the guidance of the wood spirit.

After a while, even he could feel powerful lifeforces moving around.

He immediately knew that many beings were up ahead.

And he wasn’t wrong.

Several minutes later, after flying around in the body of the wood spirit, he was more than thirty Spirit Race clansmen.

Bagi and Sienna who he had fought were among their ranks.

The group of Spirit Race clansmen were in a circle with an enormous Darklight Stone above their heads. They seemed to be discussing something.

Surrounded by those Spirit Race clansmen was a small figure that resembled a little girl.

Strangely, he could see all the clansmen of the Spirit Race through the wood spirit clearly.

The little girl protected by other Spirit Race clansmen was an exception. She was blurry in his vision.

He could only see that it was a girl.

Nothing else aside from that.

Suddenly, the little girl turned around and looked towards his position.

The wood spirit was still a distance away from those Spirit Race clansmen, and the wood spirit was in the darkness.

Obviously, the Spirit Race clansmen couldn’t find him.

Even Sienna, who could use the "Life Scan" latent ability was still sitting without any reaction.

But that blurry Spirit Race girl was looking at him.

And he was sure that young Spirit Race girl already knew of his existence, because she immediately pointed at him

Immediately, the Spirit Race clansmen, led by Bagi and Sienna, flew towards him.

Qin Lie was startled. He immediately merged with the wood spirit and flew away from this place.

Behind him, Bagi, Sienna, and the other Spirit Race clansmen still chased him for a while before slowly giving up.

When he was sure Bagi and the others returned, Qin Lie released the soul attachment, and his soul piece returned to his true body.

At this moment, the blood inside him suddenly started to boil.

Within the fresh blood, many mysterious symbols rose in large numbers.

"The bloodline of the fire spirit!"

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