Chapter 1225: The Other Mixed-blood

Chapter 1225: The Other Mixed-blood

Salleh's change of mind caused the Winged Race clansmen who had been about to leave to reconsider the matter.    

The group began to silently discuss in their language.

Looking at the group, one could see that the siblings that Qin Lie had some status among their clansmen.

When the beautiful Winged Race female exclaimed excitedly, the other clansmen fell silent. 

Not long later, they all nodded, and seemed to agree with the young girl's suggestion.

A Winged Race clansman walked out of the group and came over to the God Race. He said, "We are willing to wait for you to gather more members, just like the Bone Race, and then work together against the Abyss Devils which have taken over the Origin Sea."

He only looked at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie stilled and then nodded, saying, "Thank you."

"You rescued Linda, we are grateful to you so we will work with you." This Winged Race clansman looked darkly at Nan Qi, Levy, and the others. "If not for you, we wouldn’t have agreed to work with the Blaze Family. We would make them our mortal enemy!"

After saying this, he snorted and left, not waiting for Nan Qi and Levy's response.

Nan Qi, Levy, and the others around him were silent and had ugly expressions.

It was alright if Salleh of the Bone Race looked down at them as the Bone Race was powerful and Salleh had once defeated them.

But how dare the Winged Race look down at them?

Nan Qi and the others were secretly upset.

In their eyes, the Winged Race were limited in their combat power. Even if they participated, they might not even pose a threat to the Abyss Devils.

From the bottom of their minds, they did not put any importance on the Winged Race.

Yet at this time, a Winged Race clansman came and scorned them as though they were nothing special.

"Shit! So unlucky..." Levy muttered.

Nan Qi's expression was dark as he looked at the Winged Race clansman leaving. He said, "Who does he think he is? Winged Race dares to show off in front of us?”

His voice was not loud, but it was not quiet either. That departing Winged Race clansman clearly heard him.

The other suddenly stilled.

Over by the Blaze Family, Qin Lie had been paying attention to the departing Winged Race clansman. He heard Nan Qi and Levy's discussion.

His brow gradually furrowed.

Gan Xing had been smiling and about to praise Qin Lie. He stilled.

"Would you die if you did not talk so much?" Wu Sha glared at Nan Qi and Levy.

Nan Qi's expression darkened and he said, "Regardless of how in decline the Blaze Family is, it will never be up to the Winged Race to scorn us!"

Levy and his fellows all had similar angry expressions.

Gan Xing originally wanted to make peace. Seeing Nan Qi take out the reputation of the family, his expression changed and he became silent.

At this time, that Winged Race clansman turned and walked back. He said, "So you are also aware that the Blaze Family is not as strong as before?"

"What?" Nan Qi laughed weirdly. "Even if the Blaze Family has lost the Flesh Filling Tombstone, lost our last patriarch, we are still one of the five families of the God Race! The Bone Race is not a transcendent bloodline race, but their combat power is great. Also, I once lost to Salleh. I can accept his words."

Pausing, Nan Qi had a disdainful expression. "But who are you? How dare you insult me?"

"I am Stanca," that Winged Race clansman said.

"I've never heard the name before!" Nan Qi smirked.

Gan Xing suddenly changed expression and hurriedly said, "Alright, stop fighting!"

Salleh, over by the Bone Race, heard the name and seemed to react. He said curiously, "So you are Stanca?"

"Yes," the proud Winged Race clansman replied.

Qin Lie stilled and then examined this Winged Race clansman seriously. He found that this person did not look any different than the other Winged Race clansmen other than his handsome appearance.

But when Gan Xing and Salleh heard his name, their expressions changed.

This puzzled Qin Lie.

"Is this Stanca... famous?" he thought silently.

"So it is you. No wonder you are so arrogant." Strangely, Salleh of the Bone Race nodded gently as though he recognized Stanca's strength.

"Nan Qi! Let it go!" Gan Xing shouted.

The unusualness of the duo caused Nan Qi to realize this Winged Race clansman was not ordinary.

Nan Qi looked back with puzzlement.

Gan Xing shook his head softly.

Nan Qi did not continue to argue with Stanca and sat down, full of resentment.

Stanca ignored Nan Qi, nodded at Gan Xing, and then returned to the group of Winged Race clansmen.

"Who is he?" Wu Sha could not help but ask.

Nan Qi also looked angrily at Gan Xing. 

"Stanca is not an ordinary Winged Race clansman. He is a mixed-blood of the Winged Race and Abyss Devil Race. His father is a Great Lord of the Extermination Abyss. Supposedly, he possesses a pair of black wings that stretch so far that they can cover the sky itself. He’s also said to be extremely powerful."

"That Great Lord of the Extermination Abyss slaughtered a group of Winged Race clansmen hunting in his lands, and somehow saw Stanca's mother. Then... there was Stanca."

Gan Xing carefully explained Stanca's bloodline and origins to everyone in a low voice.

"But when Stanca was born, he looked like a handsome Winged Race with no traits of an Abyss Devil. He did not awaken the Abyss Devil bloodline, and even his wings were as white as snow."

"Due to this, Stanca, who was born in the Extermination Abyss, was not recognized by his father, and looked down on by his siblings."

"Supposedly, one day, when his devil siblings once again cursed and bullied him, he went mad and killed all his other siblings."

"Then he fled the Extermination Abyss."

"After a while, he once again appeared with the Winged Race, this time as their clansman."

"He has become the brightest star of the Winged Race recently. In the battles of the Winged Race against the Spirit Race, whenever he was in a hopeless situation, his white wings would turn black, his strength soaring."

"I know that he killed many rank seven clansmen of the Spirit Race in that form, including Ozdemir!"

Gan Xing shouted.

"What? He killed Ozdemir?" Nan Qi finally frowned.

The realms of the God Race and Winged Race were far, so the Winged Race and God Race did not have much interaction. God Race only knew that the Winged Race was frequently invaded by the Spirit Race.

Spirit Race they were familiar with, they frequently fought them in other realms. 

For example, the Abyss.

Nan Qi and the Spirit Race's Ozdemir had once fought in an Abyss level and were evenly matched.

This Winged Race mixed-blood was able to kill Ozdemir of the Spirit Race. This was enough to prove he was different from the majority of the Winged Race.

"Stanca's true strength may match Salleh, it is not strange for his pride to follow," Gan Xing said.

After hearing Gan Xing's explanation, Nan Qi was silent, eyes gloomy.

Qin Lie had a serious expression. He looked towards Stanca with the Winged Race clansmen and Salleh with the Bone Race. He realized that it was not that the Bone Race and the Winged race were reckless entering this Origin World.

They both possessed clansmen of extraordinary strength.

"Everyone concentrate. Otherwise… we will fall behind them too,” said Wu Sha with a grimace.

The group nodded, their minds conflicted.

After that, everyone temporarily set up base, recovering their bloodline power as they waited for Qin Lie to find more escapees or the members of the other God Race families.

The Origin Sea was nearby. They believed the people in the secret realm with power would slowly find their way here.

The true experts of the Spirit Race, Soul Race and the God Race would work their way there.

The only thing they needed, and could do, was to wait patiently.

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