Chapter 1223: Changing His Mind

Chapter 1223: Changing His Mind

The metal spirit had its eyes set on the two bone dragons Salleh had summoned.

One of the bone dragons had its neck shattered by the metal spirit’s attack. In fact, the metal spirit was about to eat it alive.

The other bone dragon was also suppressed temporarily by Qin Lie using power of gravity.

This meant that Qin Lie was now free to fly out of Flame World and attack Salleh with five Rings of the Burning Sun.

“Just five Rings of the Burning Sun can’t hurt me.”

A new, eerie mark appeared in Salleh’s dark green pupils.

Another green light ball swelled before Salleh’s chest before exploding.

He grabbed the bony staff that appeared from the light ball before swinging it casually.

The chilly white screens he summoned transformed into spinning whirlpools before him.

Suddenly, the whirlpools transformed into a giant, chilling mouth.

The five Rings of the Burning Sun were devoured by the giant mouth before they could form a formation.

The giant mouth swelled like a balloon before returning to normal before Qin Lie’s eyes.

The giant mouth had completely digested the violent explosions that should’ve happened.

That wasn’t all. Breathing like an actual organ, the giant mouth continued to fly towards Qin Lie and his Flame World.

Behind the giant mouth, Salleh stared at Qin Lie indifferently while chanting in his own race’s language softly.

Sharp, bony thorns abruptly flew out of the whirlpools and scattered towards every direction.

They pierced through the Flame World Qin Lie had created with his bloodline power.

After that, the Flame World slowly lost its shape as if it could no longer maintain its strange, burning world. Qin Lie also lost control over the Flame World gradually.

“You may have awakened the ignition ability, but your mastery of the Blaze Family’s bloodline secret arts seems to be lacking. It would appear that the Blaze Family hasn’t placed their full trust in you, else you would’ve known how to execute them.”

Salleh stopped chanting and spoke coolly, “You have no power over those Blaze Family clansmen. They will not obey your orders.”

Thousands of bony arrows rained towards Qin Lie when he was done speaking.

Suddenly, golden light surrounded Qin Lie.

A golden armor that was one with his flesh instantly covered his entire body.

The bone thorns slammed into his armor rapidly, but not a single one managed to penetrate his defenses.

A few seconds later, sharp, golden shards exploded towards every direction.

Qin Lie himself had vanished like a bolt of blue lightning.


Salleh’s eyes changed as his green pupils glowed as if he was looking for Qin Lie.


This time, the golden shards exploded from behind Salleh like a peacock that was spreading its feathers.

Salleh had focused all of his bloodline power, attention and soul perception onto his bone staff, the whirlpool that looked like a giant mouth and the bone thorns. He was obviously a bit caught off guard.

The golden shards swallowed his figure completely.

“Pak pak pak pak!”

A series of rapid explosions rang from his bones. His jade green skeletal frame abruptly glowed green and endured all of the attacks.

However, the green light in his eyes dimmed considerably afterwards.

It was obvious that the attack had exhausted much of his bloodline power.

“Instant teleportation! Sharp metallic power!”

Salleh turned around and looked at Qin Lie with strange eyes. For the first time in this battle, Qin Lie had surprised him.

Qin Lie withdrew the golden armor and golden light that had enveloped his body. The only thing that remained was the blue lightning.

He was doing his utmost to cover up the presences of his Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s and the Abyss Devils’ bloodlines.

Earlier, he was able to wound Salleh because he had infused Blitz Thunderz Escape with the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline power, teleporting himself a short distance.

Then, he used Golden Light to attack Salleh, an ability he had gotten from the Lord of the Abyss he had slain. It caught Salleh off-guard.

Although both kinds of bloodlines had merged with his body, he couldn’t stop their primal auras from leaking whenever he used them.

A sensitive fighter would recognize the truth even in battle.

Luckily for him… they were in the Origin World right now.

Here, neither eyes nor soul perception were nearly as effective as they were outside.

Even if Salleh’s eyes could emulate the characteristics of a Darklight Stone, his soul was still affected by the darkness surrounding them, unlike the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

That was why Qin Lie was fairly confident that Salleh couldn’t detect the usage of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s and Abyss Devils’ bloodline powers. The latter would probably mistake them as spirit energies.

It was as Qin Lie expected...

“You cultivate a lot of powers, don’t you? And… they’re all pretty powerful. I can’t believe they’re as strong as your Blaze Family bloodline.” Salleh clearly looked confused. “What is your second identity?”

“I’m a human from Spirit Realm,” Qin Lie said.

“The human race?” Salleh was clearly surprised by this. After searching his memories for a bit, he suddenly asked, “Humans? Have you heard of a human called Hua Zang then?”

“Hua Zang… Hua Zang!” Qin Lie shook.

It so happened that the Corpse Progenitor’s true name was also Hua Zang!

“Do you know him?” Salleh asked curiously.

Qin Lie nodded firmly before answering, “We call him the Corpse Progenitor.”

“This Hua Zang once visited our forefather’s land with his soul and obtained many secret arts. My father had told me that he was a human, and that he had promised to maintain a friendly relationship with our race. However, he never returned after we taught him many of our secret arts.” Salleh spoke as he recalled his memories. “Hua Zang could even summon bone dragons from our forefather’s land to do his bidding if he used our secret arts.”

He fell silent for a moment. “Hua Zang is the only human who has ever interacted with our race. If I wasn’t the chief’s son, I wouldn’t have known about this.”

Qin Lie’s face looked odd. “I had no idea he had interacted with the Bone Race before.”

“He failed to keep his promise with our race!” Salleh’s voice suddenly turned cold.

“That’s because he had passed away,” Qin Lie said indifferently.

“He’s… dead?” Salleh was shocked.

“Mn. He died long ago,” Qin Lie answered.

Salleh didn’t answer immediately. After staring deeply at Qin Lie and pondering for a moment, he said, “You may be slightly more powerful than Nan Qi and Gan Xing, but you are still inferior to Hao Jie and that Abyss Devil who hails from the Abyss Purgatory.”

Qin Lie snorted and got ready to fight.

But to his surprise, Salleh shook his head and said, “That’s enough. I’ve changed my mind. I’m willing to cooperate with you and give your idea a try.”

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