Chapter 1222: Summoning Object

Chapter 1222: Summoning Object

“My lord! We can fight him in your place!”

A Bone Race clansman hurried forward.

“Get out of my way!”

Dark green ghastly flames suddenly appeared from his pupils. His white skeleton started transforming before anyone realized as well.

In just a dozen or so seconds, Salleh’s bones had taken on a whole new color. He now looked as emerald as jade.

The white, creepy Salleh had transformed into a green skeleton in no time.

Salleh followed behind Qin Lie and walked past the Winged Race’s group. They both entered the absolute darkness ahead of them.

“I know you can sense the life around you, but… I can see everything within a ten meter radius as well.”

A sense of surprise gripped Qin Lie.

He had intentionally lured Salleh into absolute darkness because he had the advantage there, being able to perceive his surroundings with the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

Gan Xing, Nan Qi, and everyone else hadn’t followed him precisely because they had guessed his intentions.

The Winged Race didn’t move as well.

Salleh had given the Bone Race clansmen an order earlier, and they all believed in Salleh’s strength. That was why they hadn’t come after Salleh.

As a result, there was no one who could bear witness to Salleh and Qin Lie’s battle.

Without the Darklight Stone, the Winged Race, Bone Race, and Blaze Family could only perceive their surroundings with their eyes and souls. Since both Salleh and Qin Lie had moved out of range, it meant that no one could see through the veil of darkness and watch their fight.

They could only wait until the fight was finished to know the results.

“That’s good news. It wouldn’t be a fair fight otherwise,” Qin Lie said calmly.

“You’re no match for me.” Salleh’s green eyes suddenly glowed as brightly as a Darklight Stone.

Qin Lie didn’t even need the spirits now. Salleh’s eyes had betrayed his location completely.

“Your eyes…” Qin Lie looked astonished.

“I have the ability to replicate the characteristics of a Darklight Stone and observe my surroundings.” Salleh said proudly.

“But it exposes your own position, doesn’t it?” Qin Lie asked.

A hint of disdain appeared in Salleh’s eyes. “So what if I expose myself? Do you really think you can hurt me?”

Qin Lie was caught off guard.

He didn’t realize that this Bone Race clansman was this arrogant.

“I’ll be honest with you. Even if Gan Xing and Nan Qi were to work together, they may still not be able to defeat me.” Salleh shot him a sideway glance. “Unless I’m mistaken, your status is even lower than theirs, aren’t you? I know the God Race pretty well. The higher you are on the totem pole, the more powerful you are. But since you’re below Gan Xing and Nan Qi, it means that you’re even weaker than they are. In that case, how can you possibly be a match for me?”

“There are no absolutes in this world.” Qin Lie’s tone slowly turned cold.

“Come at me, and use your full strength. Do not disappoint me,” Salleh said arrogantly.

He was born talented as he was the son of the Bone Race’s clan chief. He was deeply trusted by the clan elders as well.

Many Bone Race clan elders believed that Salleh would eventually become the most powerful cultivator of them all. They even wished that he could lead the Bone Race towards glory and make them one of the transcendent bloodline races.

Salleh bore a lot of expectations on his shoulders.

Moreover, Salleh almost never lost despite fighting against opponents such as the Soul Race, the God Race and the Spirit Race.

He had defeated Gan Xing, Nan Qi and a couple other so-called geniuses from the Spirit Race.

As a result, Salleh felt no fear towards the three transcendent bloodline races at all.

His victories had spurred his confidence to the point where he thought that the experts of the three transcendent races were only so-so. They were all average in his eyes.

As for Qin Lie… he had never even heard his name before. He was obviously just a small fry of the Blaze Family.

Moreover, the Blaze Family currently sat at the bottom of the totem pole among the five families.

As a result, Salleh thought nothing of Qin Lie. He simply had too many reasons to underestimate Qin Lie.

“I understand.” Qin Lie nodded slowly.

Qin Lie could see from Salleh’s tone, action and gaze that the latter thought nothing of him at all.

He realized that the only reason Salleh was willing to accept his challenge was because he had helped him find his lost clansmen.

Salleh had agreed to this battle because he thought he owed him a favor, not because his fighting spirit was ignited.

Qin Lie felt a surge of bitterness when he realized this. He was growing angry for his own and the Blaze Family’s sake.


His bloodline power appeared in full force immediately, and his red hair danced like dark red spirit snakes.

A hot stream of bloodline power exploded from both of his hearts, causing the energy inside his body to swell twice as big.

The Flame World surrounding him also spread further towards the surroundings thanks to Ignition.

Qin Lie was about ten meters away from Salleh, so Salleh could see him activating Ignition and doubling his bloodline power in an instant. He couldn’t help but let out an exclamation of surprise.

“Ignition! Not bad, this is one of the Blaze Family’s core bloodline abilities. I guess you aren’t completely hopeless!”

“Seven Ring Rotation!”

Seven Rings of the Burning Sun appeared inside Qin Lie’s Flame World, resembling miniature suns.

“Hmm, now you’re starting to look the part. You seem to be a little more powerful than Nan Qi, so consider my interest piqued.” Salleh’s voice climbed higher.

Two cross-shaped marks suddenly appeared inside his green pupils.

In the next moment, a pitch black, wriggling barrier ball appeared right before his chest.

The strange barrier ball wriggled and swelled like a living thing.

Sharp light suddenly burst out of the barrier ball, and it was so bright that Qin Lie subconsciously closed his eyes.


Suddenly, two gray-colored bone dragons soared out of the strange barrier ball.

The two dragons with large wings were about a dozen or so meters length. They charged into Qin Lie’s Flame World before he could mount a reaction.

“Try taking out my summoned creatures first,” Salleh said calmly.


The two bone dragons charged straight towards the seven Rings of Burning Sun the second they entered the Flame World.

They were trying to tear them all apart with their sharp claws, teeth, and wings.

Qin Lie had no choice but to focus all of his attention on his Rings of the Burning Sun so as not to waste them on two summoned creatures.

“Bloodline Ability—Fever!”

Not far away, Salleh casually activated his bloodline ability.

The green mist floating inside his pupils suddenly flew out and penetrated the Flame World with ease. They landed on the two bone dragons.

“Roar! Roar!”

The two bone dragons had rotted for many years already. Their bones had creaked ominously when they moved.

However, their movements suddenly grew ten times faster when the green mist landed on their body.

“Boom! Boom!”

Two Rings of the Burning Sun were immediately caught by the charging dragons as they exploded under pressure.

“Crack! Crack!”

The bone dragons collapsed into a heap of bones after they were caught by the explosion.

Qin Lie let out a sigh of relief. He was just about to attack Salleh with his remaining Rings of the Burning Sun when Salleh shook his head at him.

“It’s not over yet.”

Wrapped by the green mists, the broken bones suddenly wriggled as if they were reviving ghosts.

The bone dragons quickly reformed themselves and took to the air once more.

The remaining bones that didn’t rejoin its main body flew towards Qin Lie suddenly in an attempt to skewer him.

Salleh continued to speak from outside the Flame World, “If you can’t even take out my summoned creatures, then I doubt you can even get near me.”

“Summoned creatures…”

A moment of hesitation later, realization dawned upon Qin Lie. He quickly summoned the Spirits of Void and Chaos with his mind.

The metal spirit in the form of an unrefined golden beast slowly appeared inside the Flame World.

The metal spirit abruptly pounced onto one of the bone dragons and started chewing its bones.

As it turned out, the metal energy contained inside Salleh’s summoned creatures was exactly the kind of material the metal spirit could consume directly.


As Qin Lie expected, the metal spirit easily bit off one of the bone dragons’ neck.

Once he had blocked the bone shards flying his way with an ice shield, they too were devoured by the metal spirit.

At the same time, he sent the remaining five Rings of the Burning Sun flying towards Salleh.

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