Chapter 1219: A Fierce Fight!

Chapter 1219: A Fierce Fight!

Life Lock only worked against Qin Lie’s bloodline power and lifeforce, but Qin Lie… had other powers to use.

He had multiple types of spirit energy in his dantian. Life Lock had no effect on these powers whatsoever!

In fact, after he had torn down the Life Lock with the power of thunder and lightning, even his bloodline power returned to normal.

The two Spirit Race clansmen, Bagi and Sienna knew that things had gone awry the moment the blue clouds were crushed into pieces.

However, they had just gathered their bloodline power and tried to extract Qin Lie’s refined lifeforce by executing the Life Extraction Art just now. They couldn’t redirect their strength and force Qin Lie back to where he was immediately.


A thick lightning bolt rose from behind Qin Lie’s neck. He immediately looked like a real threat to his opponents.

“Watch out!” Sienna yelled.

“He’s a mixed-blood!” Bagi also came to realization.


A flash later, Qin Lie slipped through the gap between Bagi and Sienna like a ghost.

The intense feeling of discomfort that had been plaguing him after he was surrounded by the six Spirit Race clansmen vanished instantly.

“Heavenly Thunder Eradication—Nine Thunder Blast!”

At the same time, many dazzling thunder balls appeared in the middle of the six Spirit Race clansmen and exploded instantly.

“Boom boom boom!”

The huge thunder balls exploded into a sea of thunder right in the middle of the group.

The Spirit Race clansmen had no choice to back off as they endured the violent push of the attack. They all wore ugly looks on their faces.

Qin Lie had already pulled away during the meantime and seized the opportunity to attack yet again.

“Profound Thunder Heart!”

A giant thunder ball swelled rapidly between Qin Lie’s palm.

“Thump thump! Thump thump!”

Strange, deafening beatings kept ringing from inside the thunder ball. The battlefield suddenly transformed into a deadly thunder magnetic field.

“Crack crack!”

Lightning suddenly appeared above the Spirit Race clansmen’s heads. It moved the giant Darklight Stone all of the sudden.

“Not good!”

Bagi’s expression changed. He realized that the bloodline power he applied onto the giant Darklight Stone had been corroded by thunder and lightning before he realized it.

The Darklight Stone flew out of control as a result.

A bright yellow light screen flew across the air and enveloped the Darklight Stone they fought so hard for entirely.

The disc-sized stone’s light was immediately cut off the second it was enveloped within.

Bagi, Sienna, and the others discovered that they had returned to the world of absolute darkness. They could no longer track Qin Lie.

“Crack! Crack! Thump thump!”

All that was left in darkness was the sound of lightning sparks and the strange beating of the Profound Thunder Heart.

Unfortunately for them, they couldn’t see the flashes of lightning themselves.

The Origin World’s absolute darkness had devoured even the lightning that was being discharged by Qin Lie.

“Form up everyone!”

Bagi immediately called out to his clansmen and moved towards Sienna the moment he noticed that the situation was bad.

Sienna became the center of their group.

“Bloodline Ability—Life Scan!”

Sienna activated her bloodline ability in the darkness and caused strange waves to spread out from her.

Qin Lie was also shrouded in darkness. Guided by the Spirits of Void and Chaos, he was about to attack the six Spirit Race clansmen with Profound Thunder Heart.

The Profound Thunder Heart could only be executed if he had a soul lock on the enemy, or a clear direction.

No matter how powerful the Profound Thunder Heart was, he couldn’t land a successful attack on the enemy’s chest if he couldn’t ascertain its target.

After the Darklight Stone’s light was shrouded by his power over the earth, both he and the Spirit Race clansmen had turned blind once more.

However, he had the Spirits of Void and Chaos to guide him.

Naturally, he thought that he had the upper hand in this fight.

But just as he was about to unleash his greatest attack, many void walls suddenly appeared around him.


The void walls blocked all of his attacks. He failed to penetrate even a single one of them.

In fact, his thunderous powers had rebounded on himself and caused him to spit blood.

“Over there!”

Despite being shrouded in absolute darkness, the beautiful Spirit Race girl Sienna was able to accurately pointed at the Darklight Stone floating somewhere above their heads.

Deep blue light were fired at the Darklight Stone so that the power of earth enveloping it could be peeled away bit by bit.

A moment later, the Darklight Stone didn’t just regain its glow, it had fallen under the enemies’ control once more. It flew towards Qin Lie, stopped right above his head and exposed him completely.

Sienna and the other Spirit Race clansmen remained shrouded in darkness because they were out of range.

Not only was Qin Lie illuminated by the Darklight Stone, he was surrounded by multiple void walls as well. His situation had become precarious once more.

“You can perceive me in darkness?”

Qin Lie was able to direct his gaze at the six Spirit Race clansmen’s hiding spot solemnly thanks to the guidance of a Spirit of Void and Chaos.

“Even from this distance... ” Sienna’s expression changed slightly as she exclaimed, “You know where we are too?”

It was practically an admission to Qin Lie’s question.

The Origin World’s absolute darkness had prevented Qin Lie and all Blaze Family members from perceiving the world around them with their soul.

Similarly, the Winged Race and Bone Race couldn’t perceive the world with their souls either.

That was why he thought that all other races had to be in the same predicament as them as well. He thought that the Spirit Race was just as blind as they were.

He understood now that there was always an exception.

Just as he could perceive the souls and living beings around through Spirits of Void and Chaos, Sienna of the Spirit Race clearly had her own way to perceive her surroundings as well.

“What a surprise.”

Still surrounded by the void walls, Qin Lie thought to himself with strange eyes.

He had been attacking fiercely the void walls again and again with the power of lightning and ice, but he ultimately failed to bring down even one of them.

“You’re very powerful. You’re not inferior to Bloodthirst Family youths at all.”

After discovering that Qin Lie had a way to lock onto her, Sienna stopped hiding and walked out of the darkness with her clansmen.

She stopped when she was about ten meters away from him.

“If you weren’t alone, if you were accompanied by the Blaze Family, I admit the six of us would likely be no match for you all. After all, you’re powerful even without the Darklight Stone to guide your way.”

“That is a powerful advantage to have in this absolute darkness.”

“The reason we’re able to escape safely from the Abyss Devils’ pursuit was all thanks to my special bloodline ability—Life Scan.”

“We need to thank our lucky stars that you, an enemy who has the power to see through this darkness, hasn’t met up with Hao Jie and his people yet. Otherwise, there would be no way we could beat you before our Young Mistress returns to us.”

“You shouldn’t have tried to challenge us alone.”

“Now, death is the only place left for you!”

Sienna’s gazed had turned as sharp as an icicle at this point. “He’s too powerful! We cannot let him meet up with those madmen in the Bloodthirst Family, or he will become a threat in the future!”

“I’ve restricted him with my bloodline’s spatial secret art! Kill him now! Don’t even think about extracting his lifeforce!” Bagi ordered.

The other four Spirit Race clansmen answered his orders before they surrounded Qin Lie from four corners. 

They began forming some sort of mysterious formation with their bloodline powers.

“Ring of the Burning Sun! Seven Ring Rotation!”

Qin Lie suddenly manifested a bunch of blazing discs suddenly appeared and rammed them against the walls blocking his way.

“Boom boom boom!”

The void walls Bagi had created with his bloodline power finally crumbled under the terrifying power of seven Rings of the Burning Sun.

Bagi let out a dull groan as if he was struck in the chest by a powerful blow. He abruptly sat down on the ground.

Qin Lie immediately executed Blitz Thunder Escape and vanished right before their eyes after the void walls had exploded.

The giant Darklight Stone wasn’t able to illuminate Qin Lie despite flying around in the air for a while.

“Dammit! I can’t believe we let him escape!” Sienna said reluctantly, “This guy is extremely powerful. He may be just a tad weaker than Hao Jie. We have to be more careful in the future… I don’t think this place is safe for us anymore.”

The rest of the Spirit Race clansmen bowed their heads dejectedly.

They had attacked Qin Lie as a group of six, but not only did they fail to kill him, he had escaped through their clutches with relative ease. This failure was a massive blow to their morale.

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