Chapter 1218: Life Lock!

Chapter 1218: Life Lock!

The six Spirit Race clansmen saw Qin Lie arrive and prepared to kill him without even giving him time to speak.

They clearly had suffered at the hands of Hao Jie and the others. They had no good feelings towards the God Race, and the red-haired Qin Lie was also clearly a member of the Blaze Family.

Therefore, Qin Lie became their target.

Qin Lie cursed inwardly as he hurriedly fled. He had to avoid being surrounded which would make it hard to break free.

The Spirit Race was like the God Race, both were transcendent races, and were extremely strong.

These six Spirit Race clansmen did not split up facing the pursuit of the high rank Abyss Devils, and dared to have the enormous Darklight Stone float over them. This showed that their strength was extraordinary.

Qin Lie realized their power when they showed great discipline and strength as they released their bloodline presences.

The six Spirit Race clansmen all had blue hair and eyes. They were also all handsome.

When they attacked, blue bloodline curtains flew and shone like blue clouds.

Qin Lie, who had fought briefly against the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit, immediately recognized the threat and moved away seeing the blue clouds come.

Qin Lie raised his head and saw many scattered lights in the blue clouds.

Those lights formed strange runes.

"Bloodline latent ability—Life Lock!"

A profound and mysterious power suddenly surged out of the blue clouds and the blue runes.

Qin Lie who had been about to activate his Blitz Thunder Escape and use bloodline power to teleport away seemed nailed to the ground. He could not move.

The blue lights fell down like stars and drowned him.

In the next moment, he felt extremely tired. The enormous physical energy inside him was chained up, and even his abundant lifeforce seemed to be greatly burdened.

He could not activate his bloodline power!

"The Blaze Family is truly not as strong as the Bloodthirst Family. He doesn't even try to dodge or fight with his bloodline against our Life Lock,” said a Spirit Race male as the rest shook their heads. His tone was full of disdain. "No wonder in the last twenty thousand years, the status of the Blaze Family has been declining among the God Race."

"Yes, the Blaze Family which dominated for a time clearly has declined after the last patriarch disappeared,” a beautiful Spirit Race female judged disappointedly.

At this moment, the six Spirit Race clansmen circled around Qin Lie.

Blue clouds floated above Qin Lie's head and seemed to have been a fearful restraint. Qin Lie's bloodline power and lifeforce couldn’t be activated..

Qin Lie's crimson eyes were filled with shock.

This was his first time truly fighting against the Spirit Race. The Eight-eyed Demon Spirit he had encountered near the eastern barbarians last time was supposedly... only a formidable pet of the Spirit Race.

He, who was not familiar with the Spirit Race's fighting methods and bloodline, faced six Spirit Race clansmen from the get-go. Before he could use his power, he was stuck in such an awkward state—his lifeforce and bloodline power had both been restrained.

He was at a disadvantage.

"Not long ago, we encountered Bloodthirst Family's Hao Jie in another area. We were greatly pressed by the Bloodthirst Family. Many of our Darklight Stones were stolen by Hao Jie, and we were seriously injured."

The handsome Spirit Race clansman who appeared to be the leader, seemed idle after Qin Lie was trapped by the Life Lock and slowly stated why they had attacked Qin Lie.

Then he said, "Just now, we were also forced to flee by the Abyss Devils and used up a great amount of bloodline power. Haha, your arrival... can coincidentally make up for a bit of our losses."

"Bagi, we urgently need to recover bloodline power. Should we use Life Extraction Art to drain his lifeforce?" a beautiful Spirit Race woman said.

"Yes, there is no need to waste time with him." Baji nodded gently and said, "Sienna, you are most seriously wounded. Take more of his lifeforce. Your bloodline latent ability is very important to us."

He then commanded the other four Spirit Race clansmen. "Do not steal from Sienna."

The other four nodded slowly.

The beautiful Spirit Race female they called Sienna did not refuse. "Yes, in the present situation, I should recover first."

The six Spirit Race clansmen quickly reached an agreement on how to distribute Qin Lie's lifeforce.

They raised their heads and looked towards the blue clouds on top of Qin Lie's head as though they were about to start.

Qin Lie's expression was cold. He frowned and said, "I found you in the hopes of allying with the Spirit Race against those high rank Abyss Devils and getting closer to the Origin Sea."

"Ally?" Bagi had a disdainful expression. "With just your Blaze Family?"

"Also the Bone and Winged Races," Qin Lie said.

"Too weak." Bagi shook his head. "There’s almost a hundred Abyss Devils, and also a terrifying guy from the Eight Purgatories commanding them. This force is enough to sweep through this Origin World. No one else except them can get close to that Origin Sea."

"This is a secret realm of the Abyss, the home of the devils. Now that the Abyss Devils have united, it is not realistic for us to go close to the Origin Sea and steal what is inside." Sienna shook her head. "We do not want to lose more members, and have no interest in working with the Blaze Family."

The two of them clearly lacked confidence in the combined strength of the Blaze Family and the Bone and Winged Races.

They only wanted to absorb enough lifeforce through Qin Lie, get far away from the Origin Sea and then comprehend their bloodline in other parts of the secret realm.

"Boy, do not try to think of any schemes. You will lose the ability to think soon," a Spirit Race clansman shouted impatiently. "Hao Jie killed one of my brothers. Let's finish him and find the Young Mistress while she has astounding bloodline latent ability, she is too young. I worry she will encounter trouble here."

When he mentioned "Young Mistress", the other Spirit Race clansmen frowned, their expressions turning serious.

Bagi who had wanted to play with Qin Lie nodded after a moment of silence and said, "Attack!"

The other five immediately activated their bloodline power.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Bright blue lights floated out of their bodies, forming rainbows that shot towards Qin Lie.

"You really think you can restrain me?"

Facing the rays of blue light, Qin Lie laughed. He had no fear on his face and easily shot towards the space between Sienna and Bagi.

"Snap snap snap!"

MIllions of bolts of lightning draped over him like armor.

Those bolts of lightning, accompanied by roars of thunder, crushed the blue clouds above his head.

The"Life Lock on his body immediately dissipated as the blue clouds were destroyed.

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