Chapter 1217: Gather Power

Chapter 1217: Gather Power

"Lord, they led us to find you."  

The short Bone Race clansman's eyes flashed with hurt as he timidly responded.

"They? They led you here?" The slightly taller Bone Race clansman was shocked.

"Lord, the God Race wants to work with us against those high rank Abyss Devils. What do you think?" the shorter Bone Race clansman asked.

"Work with us..."

The leader’s eyes flashed. His cracked skeleton seemed to be slowly healing.

Layers of glowing light flowed on the surface of his bones and caused him to have an aura of authority.

He thought for a while and his gaze landed on Xuan Luo. "How many God Race members are there?"

Xuan Luo said, "About a dozen."

"Not enough, far from enough!" He shook his head and said, "There are nearly a hundred high rank Abyss Devils. They are too strong. Unless all five families of the God Race are here, you will not be their match."

He had fought the Abyss Devil hunting squad a while ago and knew their strength.

Even if the five families gathered together, it was hard to say if they could prevail.

Much less a dozen people?

"There is no need to work together. We will leave this area, and avoid the damned Abyss Devils!" he stated.

Xuan Luo felt there was nothing to say.

He was the same as this Bone Race ringer. He had fought the high rank Abyss Devils before, and the Profound Ice Family squad he led had been greatly damaged.

He himself had almost died.

He felt that even if the Blaze Family joined with the other families, they wouldn’t be the hunting squad’s match.

Therefore, he didn’t even try to persuade the other.

"Let's go. As long as we are far from the Origin Sea, we should be fine," the tall Bone Race clansman shouted.

"Origin Sea!"

Qin Lie's eyes lit up. He suddenly became excited and stood in front of the tall Bone Race clansman.

He prepared to continue his persuasion.

"Move aside!"

The tall Bone Race clansman snorted and impatiently waved a hand towards him.

A white burst of light flashed out of the arm bones of the Bone Race clansman. Threads of power flowed through his bones.

An enormous force exploded from the palm of the Bone Race clansman and shrouded Qin Lie.


Under that enormous force, Qin Lie stumbled back a dozen steps.

The rays of bone energy splashed like starlight against him. He felt completely cold and unable to gather bloodline power momentarily.

His expression changed when he looked at the Bone Race clansman again.

Suddenly, he realized this Bone Race clansman was extremely powerful, and could match Xuan Luo and Nan Qi.

His opinion of the other rose.

"What do you want?"

Xuan Luo saw the Bone Race clansman attack. His expression turned cold and he activated his bloodline power, preparing to interfere.

"Lord! He, he led us to find you..."

The shorter Bone Race clansman urged when he saw the other attack.

"We will leave! Ignore the God Race. If we go with them, we will die!" The tall Bone Race clansman said impatiently.

"Wait a moment!" Qin Lie shouted, "What if we can gather more experts?"

"What?" The tall Bone Race clansman was shocked.

"You worry that even if you ally with the God Race, you will not be a match for the Abyss Devils, right?" Qin Lie asked.

"We have no hope of victory," the taller Bone Race clansman said.

"If I can gather all the nearby members of other races, and make a force capable of fighting the high rank Abyss Devils, will you be willing to fight them?" Qin Lie said seriously.

"You have that ability?" the Bone Race clansman said curiously.

Qin Lie nodded and said with a smile, "Since you know of the Origin Sea, you should know its secrets. You also know why the high rank Abyss Devils have gathered together and prevent other races from getting close, right?"

"You also know the secret of the Origin Sea?" he said in shock.

"Yes." Qin Lie's eyes were grim. "I also know of the Origin Crystal!"

"What are you talking about?" Xuan Luo said in puzzlement.

The tall Bone Race clansman was silent for a moment before saying, "Are you truly able to gather the nearby races?"

"Can you give me a bit of time?" Qin Lie said gravely.

"Alright." The tall Bone Race clansman nodded.

Qin Lie first communicated with the Spirits of Void and Chaos. After a while, he said to the three Bone Race clansmen and Xuan Luo, "That group of Abyss Devils has left."

Xuan Luo and the Bone Race clansmen understood what he meant.

The group made out of high rank Abyss Devils such as Enos and Vicente stayed near the Origin Sea. If any other squad came close, they would immediately start a slaughter.

Xuan Luo and the Bone Race clansmen knew their plans.

In order to prevent any accidents from occurring, they wouldn’t go far from the Origin Sea.

Due to this, Xuan Luo and the three Bone Race clansmen managed to successfully escape.

After Qin Lie said this, they thought of the habits of that group of Abyss Devils and confirmed that Qin Lie had the ability to track the movements of those Abyss Devils.

Xuan Luo and the Bone Race clansmen felt slightly more convinced of his earlier statement.

"They will not come here. As long as you are nearby, you will be fine." Qin Lie communicated with the Spirits of Void and Chaos as he comforted them. "There are no signs of life nearby. You will not encounter trouble. Please stay here while I go further and gather the escapees."

Xuan Luo and the three Bone Race clansmen nodded at the same time.

Qin Lie immediately used the Blitz Thunder Escape and started to move, guided by the four Spirits of Void and Chaos.

After about two hours, he found four heavily-wounded Winged Race clansmen through the metal spirit.

When he appeared, a Darklight Stone was releasing light.

The Winged Race brother and sister he had let go previously were two of the four.

"It's you!"

The Winged Race young female who had escaped once again shouted in shock when she saw him.

"God Race!"

The other Winged Race male seemed extremely nervous and anxious. He prepared to fight, ignoring the blood on his body.

"Stop!" the Winged Race female dissuaded.

"I found you in the hopes you will survive." Qin Lie did not wait for them to speak and explained, "I think you also want to get close to that Origin Sea. If you cultivate nearby, you can temper your bloodline power faster, right?"

The four Winged Race members nodded solemnly.

"Alas, that place has been taken over by a group of high rank Abyss Devils. You cannot go there. And… neither do we." He narrated what he said to the Bone Race and then said, "If you agree, I will tell you our gathering place, and guide you there."

The four Winged Race members did not immediately agree and first discussed in the Winged Race language.

After a while, the Winged Race young female said, "We agree!"

"Good! I will tell you the general direction. Just go straight and you can find the first group!" Qin Lie said.

"Alright," the Winged Race female agreed.

After concluding the negotiation, Qin Lie once again used the Blitz Thunder Escape to search for survivors under the direction of the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

After a while, he found three other Winged Race members and two Bone Race clansmen. He also persuaded them to move to meet up with Xuan Luo.

Another hour later, after expending a great amount of spirit energy, he found six clansmen of the Spirit Race, guided by the earth spirit.

Four millstone-sized Darklight Stones floated above the six the Spirit Race youths, illuminating them thoroughly.

"God Race!"

The six Spirit Race youths saw him appear, their expression darkening.

The six of them had cold expressions.

"We have encountered a lone God Race clansman. We will use his life to make up for what Hao Jie has done!" A handsome Spirit Race male with blue eyes and hair smiled coldly and waved his hand. "Do not let him escape!"

The other five Spirit Race youths immediately scattered when they received his order.

Qin Lie saw the situation was not good and first fled to avoid being surrounded.

"Shit! What rotten luck!" he cursed inside.

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