Chapter 1215: Devil Hunting Squad!

Chapter 1215: Devil Hunting Squad!

Soon, Gan Xing, Nan Qi, and the others gathered around him, all of them evidently eager.

"Someone is coming towards us? How many people?" Gan Xing appeared excited.

Recently, they had been cultivating and moving around to search for opponents to fight.

But even the Spirits of Void and Chaos did not find any signs of life for them to target.

Gan Xing and the others were disappointed.

Suddenly hearing Qin Lie's call, instead of being shocked, they were happy.

"Cover the light of the Darklight Stone. As long as Qin Lie is here, we do not need the Darklight Stone, and this will avoid warning them," Gan Xing 


Nan Qi nodded. "Alright."

He and Gan Xing used special methods to conceal the light of the Darklight Stones in their hands and waited for people to arrive.

They knew that Qin Lie was unusually perceptive of his surroundings because of the Spirits of Void and Chaos. If someone came within their range and they suddenly shone the light of Darklight Stones on them, it would have disastrous consequences for their enemies.

They waited eagerly in silence.

"Just one person..."

Qin Lie communicated with the wood spirit and was slightly puzzled. He did not know if that person had discovered their tracks.

"One person? Looking to die?" Nan Qi snickered.

"Regardless of who, one against us nine will die." Gan Xing was full of confidence.

"Yiya! Yiyiyaya!"

Suddenly, the soul thought from the wood spirit became urgent.

At this moment, the wood spirit had moved further away. It seemed to have made a new discovery.

The wood spirit immediately sent a new message.

"What? There are almost a hundred people nearby?! How can that be?" Qin Lie suddenly frowned.

Nan Qi, Gan Xing and the others saw the change in his expression and pressed, "What happened?"

"There’s nearly a hundred people nearby!" Qin Lie shouted.

"Coming together with that one?" Gan Xing shouted in shock.

Shaking his head, Qin Lie said, "No."

As he spoke, a thread of his soul consciousness went into the fourth level of the Soul Suppression Orb and woke up the other four Spirits of Void and Chaos.

"Spread out, and pay close attention to the surroundings. Tell me immediately if something occurs!" he commanded the four Spirits of Void and Chaos.

At this time, through the wood spirit's response, he felt something was wrong.

Almost a hundred strong life vibrations meant there were about a hundred experts nearby. Their situation immediately turned grave.

"That person I felt first is about to come!" he warned everyone.

Everyone activated their bloodline power in the dark and prepared to act.

"Release the Darklight Stone!" Gan Xing shouted.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

He and Nan Qi's two Darklight Stones flew into the sky like lanterns.

Thirty meters away, a figure suddenly appeared under the light of the Darklight Stone completely covered in blood.

"Hong Kai of the Profound Ice Family!"

Nan Qi's expression changed and he shouted, clearly surprised.

Qin Lie was also dazed.

"Heavens! It is you! Great!"

That youth who had stumbled when the two Darklight Stones rose into the sky had been horrified. But he became excited when he saw it was Nan Qi and Gan Xing.

This person seemed about to cry.

"Hong Kai, why is it you? Where is everyone else?" Gan Xing shouted.

Qin Lie looked deeply at this person.

The member of the Profound Ice Family that Nan Qi and Gan Xing called Hong Kai was disheveled, his clothing covered in dried blood, his eyes dispirited.

He seemed to have taken a severe blow to both body and mind.“

"Dead, all died, maybe only Xuan Luo escaped..."

Facing everyone's questions, Hong Kai had an expression of despair and terror. His emotions dropped.

Suddenly, he suddenly reacted and said, "Quick leave here! This place is not safe!"

"What is going on?" Gan Xing said.

"Put out the Darklight Stones! Quick! You will be found!" Hong Kai shouted.

Gan Xing and Nan Qi were hesitating.

Qin Lie felt the soul vibrations through the five Spirits of Void and Chaos and was startled. He said, "Listen to him!"

Gan Xing and Nan Qi hurriedly covered the Darklight Stones.

"Look in the direction Hong Kai came from!" Qin Lie warned.

Everyone looked towards where Hong Kai had suddenly come from. Their minds suddenly shook.

In the distant sky, an enormous Darklight Stone floated high in the sky.

That Darklight Stone was hundreds of times larger than the two pieces they had.

The enormous Darklight Stone’s illumination range far surpassed their pieces..

On top of it, there were many high rank Abyss Devils. They seemed to be searching for something.

There were also figures underneath the Darklight Stone, the high rank Abyss Devils of different Abyss levels.

The powerful presences the wood spirit had felt came from them!

At the same time, the other Spirits of Void and Chaos he had released sent messages.

Near that enormous Darklight Stone, there were a dozen life signs.

Those people were fleeing just like Hong Kai.

Of them, three were fleeing in the same direction as Hong Kai, in their direction.

Suddenly, Qin Lie understood the present situation and knew it was not good.

"I think... we need to temporarily avoid them,” he said with a grim expression.

"Oh..." Before Gan Xing reacted in time, his attention was attracted by the enormous Darklight Stone. "Vicente seems to be on there."

"Ah! Why would Vicente be with them?" Wu Sha was uneasy.

"A high rank Abyss Devil from the Eight Purgatories and many other Abyss Devils. They gathered Darklight Stones and are on a hunt for those of other races!" Hong Kai had a terrified expression. he explained to the group, "We... were unfortunate to become their prey. Other than Xuan Luo and myself, everyone may have been killed."

When he said this, Nan Qi and Gan Xing all had solemn expressions.

Qin Lie said urgently, "Stop talking, we have to leave first!"

"He is right, retreat first! We have to gather all five families if we are to fight that collective group of Abyss Devils!" Hong Kai shouted.

"Go! Qin Lie, lead the way!" Gan Xing said decisively.

"Follow me!" Qin Lie did not give up on his responsibilities.

He communicated with the five Spirits of Void and Chaos to detect the surrounding beings and then commanded Gan Xing and the others.

The group did not dare to show the light of the Darklight Stones.They quickly moved away from the danger area.

In the distant sky, on a side of the enormous Darklight Stone opposite Qin Lie was Enos of the Frost Desolation Abyss.

At this moment, icy light flew out of Enos's purple eyes as she used this Darklight Stone to search for nearby targets.

Suddenly, her bloodline gave off strange vibrations.

Light flashed through her eyes.

"Over there! There are members of the Blaze Family over there!"

Enos used the connection of her blood. She pointed in the direction Qin Lie and the others were fleeing in and said with great confidence.

"Chase them!" A dark voice came from inside the Darklight Stone.

Immediately, this extremely large Darklight Stone flew towards Qin Lie and the others.

"Not good! That Darklight Stone is chasing us!" Nan Qi paled.

A moment earlier, he had noticed there were a dozen Abyss Devils as strong as Vicente sitting on that Darklight Stone. However, below were even more Abyss Devils chasing the stragglers.

Almost a hundred powerful Abyss Devils that were commanded by a terrifying existence from the bottom eight levels. This force could reign supreme and sweep through the Origin World.

Unless they could gather with Light, Bloodthirst, and Darkness Families, their forces would not be a match.

After realizing this, he and Gan Xing had no thoughts of staying behind to fight.

He only wanted to leave this area that the devils targeted.

"Gan Xing! We will first split up!" Qin Lie suddenly shouted, "I will find you later!"

"What?" Nan Qi screamed. "You are leaving us now? Without your direction, how can we avoid the enemy?"

"Just go back the original way!" Qin Lie said.

"Qin Lie! You are leaving us now because you want us to die?" Nan Qi shouted angrily.

Levy and the others became angry, feeling that Qin Lie was backstabbing them.

"Gan Xing! I will have a Spirit of Void and Chaos follow you. Once I shake them off, I will find you." Ignoring Nan Qi and Levy, Qin Lie said seriously, "There is a high rank Abyss Devil from the Frost Desolation Abyss on that Darklight Stone. Her father once left an imprint on me, that’s how she has discovered me. They are not chasing us, they are chasing me. I will only harm you by staying with you. This Origin World is different from the Abyss. In this darkness, if I stay far enough, she will not be able to find me."

"You were the one who had been discovered? Really?" Levy said in disbelief.

"See you later. Be careful, I will find you!" Qin Lie said impatiently.

Then he left without waiting for Gan Xing to respond.

Once he separated Gan Xing and the others, he immediately changed directly and sprinted with the full force of his bloodline power.

The power of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline and the Blitz Thunder Escape allowed him to far surpass Gan Xing and the others in speed.

Soon later, that feeling of being observed disappeared from his mind.

"Yiya, yiyayiya..."

A message from the wood spirit came in time to warn him someone was nearby.

"They are also fleeing."

Finding that he had avoided Enos's bloodline perception, he hesitated and then moved towards that life sign according to the wood spirit's directions.

A few minutes later, he came to his destination. Before he stood still, he heard the howl of ice in the air.

"Xuan Luo!"

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