Chapter 1214: The First High Grade Ancient Diagram

Chapter 1214: The First High Grade Ancient Diagram

"In the future, things like this will not occur."

Seeing Qin Lie arguing to leave, Nan Qi suddenly said gravely after a moment of silence.

Levy and the other people looked at him with puzzlement.

Qin Lie also stilled.

He was determined to leave right now, but he had no appropriate excuse after Nan Qi's declaration.

"I will restrain them. I promise nothing similar to this will occur, how about it?" Nan Qi said.

"Qin Lie, please do not leave?" Liu Yang begged.

Gan Xing also looked at him expectantly.

Qin Lie could not find a suitable excuse and hesitated. He nodded helplessly.

"Brother Nan Qi!" Levy shouted.

Nan Qi shook his head with a grave expression to stop him talking. Then he moved the Darklight Stone and led his members to the side.

The four of them went somewhere else.

"Why do you tolerate him?"

Once they were far from Qin Lie and Gan Xing, Levy could not stop himself from complaining in dissatisfaction.

"We need him." Nan Qi sighed.

"Is he really so important to us?" Levy snorted.

Nan Qi nodded and said, "The Spirits of Void and Chaos he trained can feel soul fluctuations here. This alone is a great advantage. If he leaves us, he only has to be careful and rely on the Spirits of Void and Chaos. He can avoid the majority of threats. And us, even if we have the Darklight Stones, we cannot do that."

When he said this, Levy and the other two people became silent. They knew Nan Qi spoke the truth.

The range of the Darklight Stone was limited. It most likely could not even illuminate beyond ten meters.

The Spirits of Void and Chaos were different.

Just now, the wood spirit led them to find Winged Race clansmen, and it had taken them an hour to reach this place.

That was far beyond the limits of the Darklight Stone.

Also, the Spirits of Void and Chaos could guide Qin Lie to discover nearby signs of life. The Darklight Stone could not do this.

"No matter why, our reliance on Qin Lie temporarily is greater than his on us." Nan Qi paused for a moment and then said, "Also, Qin Lie's combat power is extraordinary. His existence will make our squad stronger.  Also, his understanding of the Origin World is greater than ours..."

When he said this, Nan Qi frowned. He sighed and said helplessly, "Regardless of whether you admit it or not, we rely greatly on him. And he... does not rely on us nearly as much."

Levy and the others heard his explanation and fell silent.

They seriously considered Qin Lie's importance.

After a while, Levy said with a cold expression, "Then we have to listen to him now? This guy thinks too highly of himself, and he is a mixed-blood. He might be troublesome in the future."

"Let's observe him more. This place... is full of danger. High rank Abyss Devils like Vicente are difficult opponents. Also, if we encounter those from the bottom eight Abyss levels, we will have an even bigger headache. For the entire group, we need to temporarily endure. Otherwise, it will only become more difficult in the future," Nan Qi comforted the group.

The trio trusted him for many years and calmed after hearing his explanation.

"We will listen to you."


On the other side.

Gan Xing had a sincere expression as he said, "Qin Lie, what is up with you? Whatever it is, tell us. We will think of a way to resolve the situation."

He could see something wrong with Qin Lie and knew that something must have happened to Qin Lie. Otherwise, Qin Lie would not appear so determined to leave.

Yan Feng was silent. He looked at Qin Lie with complicated gaze and did not speak.

Wu Sha and Liu Yang all asked about the reason.

They all suddenly felt Qin Lie was different.

Under the four's puzzled gaze, Qin Lie hesitated and then said, "Some of my friends have entered here."

"Friends? What kind of friends? Very close ones?" Gan Xing asked.

"They were previously a race of Nether Realm," Qin Lie said.

"The races of Nether Realm..." Gan Xing"s expression shifted. He thought for a moment and said, "You understand the Abyss so you should know... the connection between the blood of the Nether Realm races and the Abyss Devils."

Qin Lie nodded and said, "Their bloodline comes from the Abyss Devils."

"Tell me the details." Gan Xing sighed.

Qin Lie did not hide anything. He explained how the Devil Monarch of the Eight Purgatories suddenly appeared in Frost Desolation Abyss, and guided Ling Yushi and her group into the secret realm.

After saying this, he added, "They are people closest to me."


Gan Xing understood and nodded slowly. He said, "You want to find an excuse to leave, and then find them?"

"Yes." Qin Lie did not deny it.

"Do you know how to search?" Gan Xing asked.

Qin Lie grimaced and shook his head.

"So basically, you want to leave us, but you don’t know how to find them. And even if you do, if you are attacked by high rank Abyss Devils in the process, do you have confidence in being able to deal with them by yourself?" Gan Xing said.

"No," Qin Lie said.

Gan Xing thought for a moment and said, "Stay with us. I will take time and communicate with Nan Qi and the others about your worries. I promise you if we encounter your friends, we will not attack!"

Qin Lie's expression shook. He said, "Thank you."

"This is not as terrible as you think. Even if they are high rank Abyss Devil, if they do not threaten or attack us, we can be at peace with them," Gan Xing said.

Qin Lie's worries slowly eased.

In the next period, he, Gan Xing, Nan Qi, and the others continued to advance through the Origin World.

However, there was a gap between him and Nan Qi's group.

Whenever they rested, Nan Qi's group would distance themselves from him to avoid any arguments.

Qin Lie would frequently summon the Spirits of Void and Chaos. When they woke up, they acted as his eyes in the secret realm. They roamed around and brought news back to him.

But the Spirits of Void and Chaos did not discover anything as of late.

That day, they were in an endless wilderness, taking advantage of the wonders of the Origin World to comprehend the secrets of their bloodline.

Suddenly, Wu Sha shouted in excitement.

Qin Lie quickly rushed towards her.

Gan Xing, Nan Qi, Yan Feng, and the others hurriedly flew out of the darkness.

"I, I comprehended the secret of Flame World! My bloodline has awakened the Flame World latent ability," Liu Yang was overjoyed.

A crimson Flame World slowly formed as her bloodline power surged.

It was the same as Qin Lie, and Gan Xing's Flame World.

Usually, the members of Blaze Family would only awaken a new bloodline latent ability when their bloodline had a breakthrough.

Liu Yang was rank seven, and had not reached rank eight but she awakened the rare Flame World latent ability.

This could be said to be a miracle.

"Only inside the Origin World can we awaken new bloodline latent abilities before our bloodline makes a breakthrough!" Gan Xing looked at the group. He had a smile on his face as he said, "Recently, I have comprehended some truths. If there are no accidents, I may also awaken a new bloodline latent ability soon!"

Nan Qi and the others were secretly joyous when they heard him say this.

Everyone's eyes shone as their spirits rose.

"Qin Lie, what about you? Have you comprehended anything?" Liu Yang said curiously.

Qin Lie shook his head. "No."

"Everyone, work hard," Gan Xing encouraged the group.

Then, everyone separated and fell silent, concentrating on figuring out the secrets of their bloodline.

Qin Lie separated from them but did not put his attention on his bloodline.

His soul consciousness turned into a ray of soul intent and flew into the fourth level of the Soul Suppressing Orb to comprehend the mysteries of the high grade ancient diagram.

This high grade ancient diagram he had studied for a long time was called "Sky Piercing".

Based on his current understanding, if he could successfully inscribe Sky Piercing, he could make an artifact and the user form a connection with the world.

The Sky Piercing ancient diagram could instantly manipulate all the power in the world for one's use, strengthening the user and the power of the artifact.

However, he still had not truly comprehended Sky Piercing after such a long time, and did not know how to inscribe it.

He once tried to inscribe Sky Piercing on a spirit tablet. But each time he drew just a few spirit lines, the spirit tablets exploded, seemingly unable to tolerate it.

He could only give up.

"Maybe I can try using the bloodline power in my body to inscribe Sky Piercing," he thought.

After this, he notified Gan Xing, and went away further away from the group.

In the darkness, his lifeblood essence floated into the air and surrounded his body.

Threads of his soul consciousness went into the drops of his lifeblood essence. He tried to form this high grade ancient diagram in the Origin World of absolute darkness.

Strangely, when he used his bloodline as ink and the sky of the secret realm as a spirit tablet, he had an unusually smooth time.

When he drew more than eight thousand lines, everything collapsed because he did not have enough soul energy.

"It’s possible with lifeblood essence, but I need more soul energy!" he concluded.

After that, he would frequently separate from Gan Xing and the others, focusing his attention and soul power on comprehending the Sky Piercing ancient diagram.

He had to spend great amount of soul energy and lifeblood essence, but his understanding of Sky Piercing grew deeper.

He had a feeling that once he formed Sky Piercing in this Origin World of absolute darkness, it would give him a pleasant surprise.

With these thoughts in mind, he spared no attention and soul energy on Sky Piercing.


One day, when he was still immersed in comprehending Sky Piercing, he received a message from one of the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

"Everyone, careful! Someone is nearing us!" he warned.

Gan Xing, Nan Qi and the others heard his warning. Hidden in the darkness, they prepared to fight.

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