Chapter 1213: Internal Strife

Chapter 1213: Internal Strife

“The God Race!”

The two Winged Race clansmen looked terrified and worried when they saw a burning Nan Qi walking towards them.

They had just gone through a bloodfest by the hands of a troop of Abyss Devils, and they were the only two surviving members of their group. It was all thanks to the environment that they were able to escape at all.

They thought that the worst was behind them already.

But now, a group of God Race clansmen wielding a couple of Darklight Stones had their positions locked down.

They immediately fell into despair.

“Hmm, they’re not high rank Abyss Devils.”

Qin Lie suddenly felt remorse when he discovered that the earth spirit’s targets were two survivors of the Winged Race.

Maybe it was because Ling Yushi and her people had entered his mind earlier, but he didn’t feel like fighting at all despite facing two heavily wounded Winged Race clansmen.

“The Winged Race…”

Nan Qi laughed strangely before dashing towards them.

The Blaze Family squad instantly surrounded the two Winged Race clansmen.

“How dare you enter this secret realm. What makes the likes of you think you can survive this place? What a joke!” Levy snorted coldly.

“We, we…”

The handsome male Winged Race clansman mumbled timidly while looking heartbroken, “We weren’t planning to engage anyone in conflict. We… we had only come here to study the secrets of our bloodline and cultivate.”

The beautiful female Winged clansmen kept her head bowed, afraid to meet anyone’s eyes. While sobbing quietly, she asked, “Can you please let us go? We can give you anything if you let us live…”

She was already taking off her spatial ring when she said this.

Her clean, white wings were drenched in her own blood. The fabric covering her chest was tattered and revealing, and her pitiful appearance only made her look even more appealing.

“You want to live, huh…”

Levy rubbed his chin while staring at her sinisterly. His gaze paused at her milk-colored breasts before he chuckled softly to himself.

The two members behind Nan Qi were growing eager as well.

Even Yan Feng’s eyes was burning with lust.

Wu Sha and Liu Yang frowned and snorted when they saw Levy and Yan Feng’s appearances. They turned their heads away from the scene.

They seemed to be aware what was going to happen next.

Terrible dangers accompanied them every time they went on a hunt, dangers not even the God Race were immune to.

In fact, they would’ve taken a huge loss in Vicente’s hands not long ago if Qin Lie hadn’t shifted the Darklight Stones.

They might’ve died right there and then.

Everyone’s nerves were taut under such terrible pressure. Everyone was wrapped up in invisible, dangerous emotions.

Those with good self-control might be able to fare better in such an environment, but those with poor self-control could easily fly off the handle at any moment.

Yan Feng, Levy, and a few God Race clansmen had average self-control. They normally chose to enjoy themselves and vent their negative emotions whenever they encountered beautiful, female high rank Abyss Devils.

Once they were done, they would grow calm and quiet for a while.

Wu Sha and Liu Yang were aware of their needs. They were also aware that a suitable amount of venting was beneficial to the squad’s unity, and a good way to keep Yan Feng and Levy in check.

They might not agree with what these people were going to do, but they also knew that it would relieve them of some of the pressure they were feeling.

That was why the two women chose to ignore what was about to happen.

“What do you think, Brother Nan Qi? Do you think we can have her?” Levy smiled slightly.

“You should be asking Gan Xing this question,” Nan Qi said calmly.

“What do you think, captain?” Levy said smilingly.

Gan Xing frowned a little before eyeing the Winged Race young man and woman. In the end, he sighed inwardly and said, “Do whatever you want.”

“What, what are you trying to do?” The Winged Race girl screamed. “Brother! Save me!”

The male Winged Race clansman screamed angrily and acted to fight till the end.

Levy shook his head as a murderous glint passed through his eyes. “You shouldn’t have come in here!”

He had already activated his bloodline power.

Gan Xing and Nan Qi’s self-control was stronger. They were about to turn away and leave with cool faces.

“Enough!” Qin Lie yelled suddenly.

Gan Xing and Nan Qi turned around to look at him strangely. Even Wu Sha and Liu Yang, who had already moved some distance away did the same.

Levy was surprised at first, but he quickly smiled at Qin Lie and asked, “What is it? Are you interested to join us? Do you want to go first?”

“Qin Lie had helped us a lot, so why not.” Nan Qi nodded.

Even he thought that Qin Lie wanted to claim that pitiful Winged Race girl for himself. It was why he had expressed his acknowledgment. 

“I can’t believe that Qin Lie is just the same as Levy and Yan Feng. In the end, he’s just as bad as they are.”

Wu Sha shot a glance at Liu Yang and shook her head a little disappointedly.

Liu Yang turned around and stared straight at Qin Lie. She looked like she was struggling and in disbelief.

“Men are all the same. Gan Xing and Nan Qi… aren’t exactly much better than them. Hmph!” Wu Sha added.

It was at this moment Qin Lie said solemnly with a frown, “Give me face and let them leave, please.”

“Oh?” Nan Qi looked surprised.

Gan Xing was caught off guard as well. He asked in puzzlement, “Why?”

“Give us a reason!” Levy said in dissatisfaction.

Yang Feng looked silently at him as well.

Noticing that a dramatic change had just occurred, Wu Sha and Liu Yang hurried back to the group.

They were both confused by Qin Lie’s reaction and afraid for the squad’s unity.

The two Winged Race brother and sister who were about to fight them to their deaths hurriedly came to a stop too.

Even they were staring at Qin Lie in puzzlement.

Qin Lie remained calm in spite their gazes. After deliberating his words carefully, he said, “I recalled some things.”

“What is it?” Nan Qi said.

“Let them leave and I’ll talk,” Qin Lie said a little impatiently.

“Do you fancy yourself our captain or something?” Levy snorted coldly. “Remember your place!”

“And what place am I at exactly?” Qin Lie asked in a low tone.

“A mixed-blood, that’s what you are! You should be thankful you were even allowed to join us! How dare you try to tell us what to do!” Levy grew angry. “We’ve always done this for as long as we’ve followed Brother Nan Qi! Do you really think you have the right to change our habits however you like?”

“Damn that guy! This came out of nowhere!”

“These Winged Race clansmen have nothing to do with you, so why are you interfering with us?”

“He totally lacks manners!”

Nan Qi’s team members were berating Qin Lie furiously as well. They were all blaming him for interfering with things he had no right to.

Nan Qi’s face turned dark as well.

He knew how his teammates worked, and he didn’t think that there was a problem even now. Qin Lie’s outburst was both mystifying and annoying.

The reason he allowed his squadmates to commit such acts was because it was a vent to them. It helped stabilize and keep the team together.

He too believed that Qin Lie had interfered with something he shouldn’t.

“Qin Lie…”

Gan Xing let out a dry laugh while looking troubled. He was going to persuade Qin Lie to change his mind.

Even he felt that Qin Lie’s outburst had come out of nowhere.

He didn’t realize that images of Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan kept flashing in place of the Winged Race brother and sister in Qin Lie’s mind. He couldn’t help but imagine him being helpless to stop people like Levy from committing such an atrocious act to the people he loved.

“Let them go.” Qin Lie cut off Gan Xing’s attempts of persuasion and snorted coldly. He said in an impatient tone, “Let them go, or we can go our separate ways. I’ll leave immediately.”

“What the hell is going on with you?” Levy exploded.

“Lord Lieyan Wang had to pull strings everywhere to get you into this place, and now you’re trying to leave us?” Nan Qi snorted coldly with a dark look, “I knew you cannot be trusted when it matters!”

He looked at Gan Xing.

Before they came, he already told Gan Xing to give up Qin Lie’s spot to another rank seven member in his squad.

At the time, the reason he gave was that Qin Lie’s identity was a little too sensitive. He was afraid that they wouldn’t cooperate well when they entered the secret realm.

But Gan Xing hadn’t agreed back then.

The fact that Qin Lie did cause trouble as he expected only made Nan Qi more cautious and dissatisfied.

“We’re all friends here, alright?” Wu Sha came over and persuaded hurriedly, “Just stay calm.”

“Are you all seriously going to tear each other apart for one Winged Race girl?” Liu Yang also yelled angrily.

“Get the hell out of my sight right now!”

Gan Xing turned around and stared coldly at the Winged Race brother and sister.

The two Winged Race clansmen looked at Qin Lie deeply before they ran away wordlessly at top speed.

Levy, Nan Qi, and the others wanted to stop them, but in the end they chose to stay still seeing that Nan Qi hadn’t said anything.

When the Winged Race brother and sister left the Darklight Stone’s range, and the earth spirit had stopped chasing after them, they knew that they wouldn’t be able to catch them anymore.

They had to rely on the Darklight Stone or Qin Lie’s strange creatures to find them inside this absolute darkness.

They themselves… didn’t have the ability to do this.

“Forget it. I hope this won’t happen a second time.” Nan Qi snorted coldly.

“Qin Lie…” Gan Xing shot him a wry smile.

“What’s going on with you? You’ve been looking strange since earlier. What is it really?” Liu Yang asked softy.

Qin Lie didn’t answer him immediately. He finally spoke up after staying quiet for a moment, “We clearly don’t agree eye to eye on everything, and we may very well butt heads against each other again in the future. In that case, I believe that it’ll be better for both of us if we part ways.”

“Qin Lie!” Gan Xing yelled.

“I will still go to Lord Lieyan Wang if I acquire anything from the secret realm that can be traded for merit points,” Qin Lie said. “Nan Qi is right, I may affect your squad’s cohesion if I continue to stay with you. We may as well part ways now so we don’t get into an even bigger argument in the future.”

“Why are you being so unreasonable all of a sudden!?” Gan Xing said anxiously.

“You think we’re dragging you down, don’t you?” Nan Qi said coldly.

“Whatever you say.” Qin Lie shrugged carelessly.

It was true that he was trying his best to leave Gan Xing, Nan Qi, and the rest of the God Race clansmen behind. He didn’t want to run into Ling Yushi’s group while he was still with them and cause an even bigger conflict in the future.

He didn’t believe that they could accept Ling Yushi and the others as allies because they were high rank Abyss Devils.

Moreover, he wanted to find them as soon as possible and protect them from the very real threat of death.

Gan Xing and Nan Qi’s squad would only slow him down. He couldn’t search for his loved ones freely while he was still with them.

He knew he needed to part ways with Gan Xing and the others the moment he recognized that Ling Yushi and her people was in very real danger and hardship right now.

What nearly happened the two Winged Race siblings was a wakeup call to him. It made him feel both panic and worry.

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