Chapter 1211: Extravagant Hope

Chapter 1211: Extravagant Hope

Qin Lie didn’t hide anything he knew about the Origin World. He told everything to his comrades in detail.

Gan Xing, Nan Qi, and the others fell silent for a very long time after he was done.

“How do you know so much?” Liu Yang asked in surprise.

Wu Sha was looking at him in surprise too. “I thought the Spirit Realm you’re in… isn’t connected to the Abyss. Is it?”

Even Yan Feng and Levy were looking at him strangely.

Qin Lie smiled faintly under their doubtful gazes. “I have my ways. As for how I came to learn about the secrets of the Abyss… well, I don’t want to lie to you all, so I would like it if your questions stopped here. Is that fine?”

“Then I won’t ask.” Liu Yang shrugged before smiling beautifully at him. “Anyway, if I manage to merge my soul’s bloodline secrets into this Origin World, I’ll become a devil monarch of an Abyss Purgatory after it evolves into an Abyss level, right?”

“Theoretically speaking, yes.” Qin Lie smiled.

“Then I wish to merge with this Origin World,” Liu Yang said expectantly.

“Stop dreaming.” Gan Xing laughed. “We should focus on studying our bloodline secrets and hopefully awaken a bloodline ability or two while we’re still in this Origin World. That is what we can realistically hope for.”

“That’s true. We may not be so lucky as to come by the opportunity to merge with this Origin World, not to mention that we don’t even have a clue how to start.” Nan Qi also expressed his opinion.

Qin Lie said suddenly, “That’s not necessarily true…”

“Oh?” Surprised yet again, the group looked at him curiously. They wanted to know what other opinions they had to offer regarding the Origin World and deepen their understanding of this strange secret realm.

“You’ve heard of the Origin World. Have you heard of the Origin Sea and Origin Crystal?” Qin Lie looked at Gan Xing.

Gan Xing frowned for a moment in thought before shaking his head, “I’ve never heard of them.”

Qin Lie organized his thoughts before starting, “It is said… that there exists an Origin Sea and a strange Origin Crystal in every Origin World during its conception.”

“Tell us more.” Nan Qi said excitedly.

“Do any of you sense the presence of a world’s energy in this place?” Qin Lie asked.

“No.” Wu Sha was the first to shake her head. “Our blood has the ability to absorb all the energy that exists in the air to recover our strength. Of course, it isn’t as fast of a recovery process as consuming food that contains a big amount of refined flesh and blood energy, but it is still something. However, I couldn’t sense any such energy in this place when I was recovering my bloodline power earlier.”

“I couldn’t sense any rich amount of abyss devil energy in this place either,” Gan Xing said.

“It does seem like… that there isn’t any energy around us,” Nan Qi said.

“It’s not that energy doesn’t exist in this place, it’s that the energy of this Origin World is all concentrated in the Origin Sea in liquid form,” Qin Lie explained seriously. “The Origin Sea will only evaporate when the Origin World begins its evolution process. When that happens, the liquid energy that exists in the Origin Sea will evaporate and spread to every corner of this world.”

“You’re saying that all of the energy in this place is concentrated in the Origin Sea right now?” Liu Yang exclaimed.

Qin Lie nodded affirmatively.

“Heavens, just how much energy is there in that sea?” Liu Yang looked shocked.

“It’ll probably amount to an entire Abyss level’s worth of abyss devil energy,” Qin Lie said.

“Seriously?” Nan Qi looked stunned.

“There are a hundred and eight levels in the Abyss, and every Abyss level is filled with a near infinite amount of abyss devil energy. Does this Origin World… seriously contain so much energy?” Wu Sha exclaimed in disbelief.

“It is definitely a possibility.” Qin Lie smiled.

“What about the Origin Crystal?” Gan Xing asked curiously.

“It is a large, strange crystal that we can imprint the secrets and truths of our powers on. It is the object that gives you control over the Origin World,” Qin Lie explained.

“Origin World, Origin Sea, Origin Crystal… Is it just me, or does it sound a little similar to the soul arts of Spirit Realm?” Nan Qi looked confused. 

Qin Lie fell silent for a moment before answering, “Not at all. In fact, I thought the same as you.”

Nan Qi was caught off guard.

“It is very possible that Spirit Realm’s power system, soul cultivation arts, and manifestation of Soul Altars are in fact imitating an Origin World’s evolution process. In some ways, the way our Genesis Realm cultivators came to are quite similar to the formation of an Origin World.” Qin Lie said.

While saying this, he entered his mind once more.

His mind was also a blank space. In that place, there was a Soul Lake made up of pure soul energy, and a True Soul that rested deep within it.

The structure of his mind was definitely very similar to the Origin World, the Origin Sea, and the Origin Crystal.

His knowledge of the Origin World had come from the Soul Beast avatar, or more accurately speaking, it was the memories of the Soul Progenitor.

The human race of Spirit Realm had gradually learned the secrets of the soul under the guidance of the Soul Progenitor. That was how they came to develop the arts to cultivate one’s soul and refine their Soul Altars.

Now that he had connected the dots that was the formation of an Origin World and the cultivation of the human soul together, he figured that the human race’s cultivation system had to be an imitation of the formation and evolution of the Origin World.

Even better, the final cultivation level of the human’s cultivation system was called the  Genesis Realm.

Their names alone—Genesis, Origin—clearly indicated that they were connected to each other in some ways.

This made him grow more and more thoughtful.

“Qin Lie, you’re saying that we can will this Origin World into evolving as we wish as long as we can find this Origin Sea and imprint our knowledge of power onto the Origin Crystal, right?” Gan Xing exclaimed.

“More or less, yes.” Qin Lie answered.

“Then how can we find this Origin Sea?” Nan Qi asked urgently.

“About that… I have no idea myself.” Qin Lie smiled wryly.

In this Origin World, everything remained dark even if he were to extend his soul consciousness.

Without the ability to perceive his surroundings with his soul, he wouldn’t be able to detect any nearby energy. He might as well be blind.

This meant that he couldn’t rely on his soul consciousness to search for the Origin Sea.

That was why he didn’t know how to begin.

“We should focus on what we can do, such as studying the secrets of our bloodline, I believe,” Wu Sha said quietly.

“You’re right…” Gan Xing let out a sigh.

After that, Qin Lie, Gan Xing, and the others began roaming around aimlessly while perceiving the secrets of their bloodline with the use of two Darklight Stones.

Time passed quickly.

One day, when Qin Lie entered the fourth level of the Soul Suppressing Orb again, the five Spirits of Void and Chaos suddenly awakened feeling his presence.

The fire spirit aside, all five Spirits of Void and Chaos that were wrapped inside a strange, crystalline bubble each transmitted their thoughts to him at the same time.

He immediately knew that the five Spirits of Void and Chaos were hungry. They had reached rank six.

“Okay, I’ll let you all out in a minute,” Qin Lie replied.

His soul consciousness returned back to his mind.

After informing Gan Xing that he’d be taking a stroll for a bit, he left the group and walked until he was several hundred meters away from them.

He released the five Spirits of Void and Chaos and dropped a pile of spirit materials on the stony ground.

The five Spirits of Void and Chaos immediately plowed into their food.

“Do you know about the Origin World?”

While the spirits were consuming spirit materials that matched their attributes, he summoned the artifact soul You Ye and threw him a careless question.

“Never heard of it,” You Ye answered. “The Serene Moon Race is just a minor race, and Dark Moon World exists in a remote location. There’s only so much I know as the clan chief. Sorry.”

“It’s fine.” He put away Moon Tear after that.

A while later.

The five Spirits of Void and Chaos began roaming around happily after they were done consuming the spirit materials.

This Origin World was shrouded in absolute darkness. The Spirits of Void and Chaos quickly vanished out of sight in no time.

“Yiya! Yiya yiya!”

Suddenly, the wood spirit sent him a joyful soul message.

Qin Lie shook. “Did you find something strange?”

The wood spirit returned another message.

Qin Lie was stunned for a moment before he asked to wood spirit to stay patient. Then, he stood up and yelled, “Everyone, come to me now!”

Everyone stopped their cultivation and swiftly gathered around him the moment they heard his voice.

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