Chapter 1209: Origin World!

Chapter 1209: Origin World!

“What do you mean, Qin Lie?”

Gan Xing asked in puzzlement. A Darklight Stone floating above his head illuminated his confused expression.

“You’re saying… you figured out the secrets of this secret realm?” Nan Qi exclaimed.

“I haven’t fully understood it yet, but I think I know what makes this place special,” Qin Lie said.

Everyone looked shocked by this.

“Tell us!” Gan Xing turned serious.

Nan Qi and his companions, Yan Feng, Wu Sha, and Liu Yang suddenly fell silent.

They were all staring at Qin Lie.

If this was in the past, they would neither care nor treat Qin Lie’s words seriously.

However, after Qin Lie had forced back Vicente, won them two Darklight Stone and demonstrated an incredible amount of knowledge regarding the Despair Devil King of the Chaos Abyss, they realized that he really was different from others.

That was why they treated Qin Lie a lot more seriously.

They were starting to think of him as a critical person.

“I wasn’t recovering my bloodline power or spirit energy earlier.” Qin Lie paused for a moment. “I was done recovering myself even before you all came here.”

“Then what were you doing…?” Liu Yang couldn’t help but ask.

“I was studying the spirit art I cultivate, and I discovered that this place, this secret realm of absolute darkness… is incredibly beneficial to the study of a power’s true essence!”

He inhaled deeply before saying loudly, “I know that your bloodline powers, secret arts, abilities and so on are all manifestation of your strength. Now, calm down and perceive the power inside your bloodline. Try and look at both familiar and unfamiliar bloodline abilities and see if it’s different from before.”

“It can aid us in our cultivation? It can help us study the truths of our strength?” Yan Feng looked shocked.

“You’re saying that anyone who cultivates here will improve faster?” Wu Sha also came to realization.

“Is it really that effective?” Nan Qi’s eyes lit up.

“You can try it now.” Qin Lie smiled.

The rank seven Blaze Family warriors once again sat down on the floor when they heard this.

They slowed down their breaths and concentrated.

Qin Lie himself had sat down quietly after he was finished.

He was trying to draw over some pure soul energy from the Soul Beast.

Unfortunately, he discovered that the Soul Beast’s soul power couldn’t enter the secret realm even though they could still exchange soul thoughts with each other.

There seemed to exist a barrier that separated his main and avatar bodies in this strange space of absolute darkness.

As a result, he couldn’t draw on the Soul Beast’s reserves and replenish his soul energy.

“So it doesn’t work…”

After failing multiple attempts in a row, Qin Lie ultimately chose to give up.

“I guess I just have to rely on some pills.”

Qin Lie took out a bunch of pills that could replenish soul energy and stuffed them all into his mouth.

First, he refined the pills with his own strength.

After his soul energy had slowly become stronger, he created a wisp of pure consciousness and started perceiving the secrets of his bloodline.

His blood boiled!

He could sense Gan Xing and Yan Feng’s unique bloodline presences beside him. As members of the Blaze Family, their bloodline power was eternally hot, violent, and destructive.

He looked at his blood with his mind, and he could see many jumping blaze divine characters.

“No, this isn’t right…”

His consciousness jumped past the blaze divine characters and went deeper into the blood itself.


Countless dazzling red threads filled the interior of his veins. These unknown, irregular red threads changed constantly as if they had no permanent form because his blood was boiling.

Suddenly, he felt a little lost inside his own bloodline.

For a moment, he felt like he had returned to the fourth space of the Soul Suppressing Orb.

These intersecting threads seemed to represent the most mysterious power of his Blaze Family bloodline, a latent ability.

It felt as if he could obtain a new bloodline ability if he managed to see through the secrets of these red threads.

“I get it now!”

Suddenly, he realized that the secrets of the Blaze Family bloodline were imprinted in the blood of every Blaze Family member.

If they could figure out the secrets of their own bloodline, they could theoretically awaken new bloodline latent abilities again and again.

It was likely that every bloodline latent ability that was available to a kin of the Blaze Family had always been in their blood.

However, they would have to discover the secrets of their bloodline and study it thoroughly if they wished to obtain more bloodline abilities and understand the strengths of the Blaze Family bloodline.

Only then, they would be able to activate the strength of their bloodline in full.

“It looks like I’ve still a ways to go…”

His soul consciousness roamed inside his own blood for a long time before he finally saw a clump of red threads that he recognized.

As he stared at that constantly changing blood threads, he felt as if he could see the Flame World coming to form right before his eyes. The changing red thread seemed to represent all of the secrets of Flame World.

He continued to roam inside his lava hot blood.

A while later, he saw the scarlet threads that represented recovery and ignition.

“I see. I can perceive all the awakened bloodline latent abilities in my blood with my soul consciousness in this strange secret realm. However, those that I’ve not awakened remain inconceivable to me. These red threads represent other bloodline latent abilities.”

“If, if I can analyze the rest of these red threads in full… does that mean I can awaken other bloodline latent abilities?”

“Can I awaken stronger bloodline latent abilities closer to the core at rank seven?”

“Just how many known bloodline latent abilities are there in the Blaze Family bloodline? And just how many of them remain unknown to this day?”

Qin Lie’s shock grew the longer he investigated his own blood.

He wasn’t the only one. Gan Xing, Nan Qi, Wu Sha, Yan Feng, Liu Yang, and the others saw the same thing when they peeked at their boiling blood using the method he spoke of.

They had all come to the same conclusion as him.

A while later, the nine Blaze Family youngsters including Qin Lie awakened from their “slumber” while panting a little.

They exchanged glances with each other. They could see the shock in each other’s eyes.

“I never realized that our blood is hiding so many secrets!” Nan Qi said.

“I’ve never been able to see the talents and secrets of my own blood this clearly either,” Gan Xing exclaimed.

“Everyone’s blood contains countless bloodline latent abilities. The reason we couldn’t awaken them… is because we aren’t good enough to perceive or understand them.” Yan Feng muttered while looking lost.

“Our bloodline is our biggest treasure. We just didn’t have the key to unlock it in the past.” Wu Sha inhaled deeply as she stared at the infinite darkness surrounding her. She said in a quiet tone, “But this place? This is a place that can unlock the mysterious treasury that is our bloodline.”

“Qin Lie is right. Now I understand why those Great Lords of the Abyss wanted to send their descendants into this place so badly.”

“So it seems.”

“So it seems!”

Everyone’s red eyes except Qin Lie’s burned with deep passion.

They had a lot of complains when they were first sent to this place. However, everyone felt like crying a little right now.

Despite having to suffer the cold, stony ground beneath their feet and this impenetrable darkness, they were all grateful for the opportunity to come here.

“This place is probably an Origin World. I didn’t think that we’d have the fortune to visit such a mysterious and magical place.” Gan Xing suddenly said.

“Origin World?” Nan Qi sounded confused.

Qin Lie was caught off guard by the term. Suddenly, a memory belonging to the Soul Beast exploded in his mind.

“The Origin World!” His eyes suddenly sparkled with lightning.

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