Chapter 1208: Understanding

Chapter 1208: Understanding

"They left."

Gan Xing used bloodline power to manipulate a Darklight Stone and flew over with Yan Feng.

Nan Qi and his brothers also came out of the darkness.

Soon after, the entire team quickly gathered around Qin Lie.

At that time, Qin Lie used a bolt of blue lightning to wrap around another Darklight Stone. He released Flame World and landed.

"The bloodline of a Lightning Devil..." he smirked inside.

The attack from the lightning power Vicente had added to the Darklight Stone had not actually harmed him.

From his childhood, he had cultivated Heavenly Thunder Eradication at Herb Mountain. He used the weakened heavenly lightning to cleanse his body and refine his meridians.

As his cultivation increased, ans as his body grew stronger, his body was tempered to become the Heavenly Thunder Sacred Body.

From the start, he cultivated using Heavenly Thunder Eradication as his main spirit art.

His body's tolerance to thunder and lightning power surpassed Vicente's imagination.

Vicente trying to injure him using lightning power of his Lightning Devil bloodline was simply being delusional.

The only possible result was for Vicente to suffer a loss.


The Darklight Stone rumbled, the lightning and thunder power Vicente had put on it destroyed.

Then, it floated into the sky, supported by bolts of blue lightning.

"Is everyone alright?" asked Qin Lie, looking at the group.

The group assembled. They had wounds on their chests, shoulders and abdomen.

However, none of them had died.

"Qin Lie, what about you? Are you alright? I saw that devil stab you in the back, are you injured?" Liu Yang said with concern.

"I am fine." Qin Lie smiled.

Gan Xing had captured and brought over another Darklight Stone.

Vicente's Darklight Stone was in Qin Lie's hands and floated above them.

The two Darklight Stones were like a fireplace that illuminated everyone. 

Qin Lie examined Gan Xing, Nan Qi, and the others. He found that in this period of time, the wounds on their chests and shoulders were slowly scabbing over.

He immediately realized that they were using the recovery latent ability of their bloodline to quickly heal and recover combat prowess.

This rapid bloodline healing power was something only a rare few high level bloodlines had. The human race... was far inferior.

"Five high rank Abyss Devils died, but they were in the darkness. The corpses were taken away."

Nan Qi had a dark expression. As he spoke, he took out smoked meat to share from his spatial ring.

The weight of Qin Lie's portion was clearly heavier.

At this time, Gan Xing, Yan Feng, Liu Yang and the others, as well as Nan Qi's group looked over.

Everyone showed friendliness.

"I have to say, this time... it is all thanks to Qin Lie." Nan Qi had a serious expression. "When those Darklight Stones shined on us, we all tried using bloodline power to move them. I do not know what method they used, but once our bloodline power neared those Darklight Stones, it seemed to dissipate. Fortunately, you moved them and caused the devils attacking us to be exposed. Otherwise ..."

Nan Qi shook his head gravely.

"He’s right," Levy said. "With the enemy in the shadows and us in the open, we were at too much of a disadvantage. Also, in this secret realm of absolute darkness, the Darklight Stone which can shine is a treasure."

Everyone agreed.

Qin Lie smiled and took the pieces of meat. As he ate, he said, "I think we should cover the light of the Darklight Stones when recovering to avoid being discovered."

"Logical," Gan Xing agreed.

"Take care of this Darklight Stone." Qin Lie handed the Darklight Stone he took from Vicente to Nan Qi and then sat down silently.

Spirit stones floated out of his hands as he used the meat to recover bloodline power and the spirit stones to recover spirit energy.

Gan Xing, and Nan Qi quickly covered the light of the two Darklight Stones. The area sank back into darkness.

The team of nine people silently ate to recover bloodline power.

Qin Lie was not an exception.

In the absolute darkness, the movement of time appeared slow and hard to pass. Qin Lie, who had not been seriously injured, quickly recovered.

"Strange secret realm always shrouded in the darkness. What is so special about this place?"

He thought idly. He sent out his soul consciousness to roam aimlessly.

Closing his eyes, his soul consciousness threads seemed to move in a dark ocean, unable to feel any presences, even though there were rank seven bloodline warriors of the Blaze Family around him.

"Such a short distance, and my soul consciousness cannot feel any signs of life, so strange..." he thought. 

Seeing his soul consciousness was of no use in there, he retracted it.

"Let's see the situation of the Spirits of Void and Chaos."

His soul consciousness flooded back, turning into a ray of light that flew into the Soul Suppressing Orb.

The first level, the second level, the third, finally the fourth.

The ray turned into a ball. Qin Lie appeared blurrily in the fourth level of the Soul Suppressing Orb.

In the endless space, there were no sun and stars just like the secret realm he was in, only gentle light.

Enormous bubbles floated in the strange space. The six Spirits of Void and Chaos, and the remains of the Curse Progenitor were inside the glowing bubbles.

This place was similar to a Chaos Blood Realm.

Last time, when Qin Lie came here, his soul shadow entered one of the bubbles. Inside had been a complex and powerful high level ancient diagram.

That mysterious and complicated high grade ancient diagram seemed to be the direct manifestation of the laws of the universe. With Qin Lie's comprehension and soul strength, he left helplessly after a while.

It seemed that his understanding and his soul were not strong enough to support comprehension of the high grade ancient diagram.

He felt that this time should be the same.

Because, compared to the last time, he had not dramatically changed nor grown stronger.

Yet this time, for some unknown reason, when he tried to enter that bubble, and saw the millions of threads filling this entire space, he suddenly felt something unusual.

This bubble space seemed to be suddenly permeated by the absolute darkness secret realm around him.

The space inside the bubble turned black, but those millions of mysterious threads of light still shone.

His soul shadow suddenly felt much more intelligent.

The high grade ancient diagram made from threads of light did not seem so cryptic and hard to understand.

In his eyes, these slender lines of light sometimes looked like blood vessels, sometimes like patterns on leaves, and sometimes looked like lightning in the skies. All these images were filled with secrets.

He observed intently for a while, and then saw that the complicated ancient diagram that filled the entire space seemed to be composed of layers of basic and middle grade diagrams.

Suddenly, he seemed to find a spark of inspiration on the path to understanding that high grade ancient diagram.

Time seemed to stop in this moment. Only his soul energy seemed to be quickly consumed.


When he suddenly felt the tiredness of his soul, his soul shadow fell back from the Soul Suppressing Orb to his mind.

In the darkness, his body shook.

"Qin Lie, have you... recovered? We have waited a long time for you," Liu Yang suddenly said.

"I’m fine," he answered.

Gan Xing, and Nan Qi finally released the light of the Darklight Stone, and caused everyone to appear.

"How come you took so long?" Gan Xing asked casually. "You used twelve whole hours, much slower than us."

"Maybe he was too tired," Liu Yang explained.

Qin Lie did not immediately answer and thought back to his previous experience. When he looked at this strange darkness secret realm again, his eyes clearly changed.

He gradually realized that this secret realm which had existed for millions of years contained unimaginable secrets.

This place was of enormous help to understanding the high grade ancient diagram in the fourth level of the Soul Suppressing Orb.

In his perception, the high grade ancient diagrams were no different than the actual laws of the universe.

In other words, the speed of comprehending the laws of the universe was far better in that place!

"I think I know why the Great Lords of the Abyss did all they could to send their descendants here."

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