Chapter 1207: Foresight

Chapter 1207: Foresight

"Despair Devil King! Despair devil seed!"

A section of memory belonging to the Soul Beast avatar appeared from Qin Lie's soul. He immediately had a clear understanding of the Chaos Abyss and its Despair Devil King.

The level the Bloodthirst Family had invaded was a cruel and bloody Abyss level. The abyss devil energy there was filled with more bloodthirst than other places.

According to the Soul Beast's understanding, the Chaos Abyss… was coincidentally the hundredth level of the Abyss.

Going deeper down were the bottom eight levels, also called the Abyss Purgatories.

Maybe due to this, the Abyss Devil energy of that level was extremely wild and caused the level to be in an even wilder state of slaughter.

The devils who could survive in the Chaos Abyss were usually extremely cruel and bloody.

A powerful devil called "Despair Devil King" was a Great Lord of the Abyss that had managed to kill his way to a rank ten bloodline.

He was ranked second among the five Great Lords of the Chaos Abyss. He was only inferior to the “Terror Devil King”.

Vicente was his descendant and also possessed the core bloodline latent ability to control people's despair.

Heading Gan Xing's reminder, Qin Lie managed to pull out the information on the Chaos Abyss and the Despair Devil King from his memories. He now had a deep understanding of Vicente's bloodline secrets.

"Each of the despair devil seeds you create will use up a great amount of bloodline power. After I have destroyed three of your despair devil seeds, you... should be wounded?"

Qin Lie slowly walked inside Flame World until he was in front of Vicente.

Through the dark red flame boundary, Qin Lie snickered. He said, "The despair devil seeds you release can absorb the despair your enemies feel before dying."

"That way, the despair devil seeds return with more power and make you stronger. Then, you are able to accumulate it and use even more of that despair power."

"Am I right?"

He looked coldly at Vicente.

"You… how do you know? Even Hao Jie, and the old men of the Bloodthirst Family do not know of this!" Vicente shouted darkly.

The devil seed of the Despair Devil King could bring beings to the edge of despair and death.

Each person, before they died, would give off a great amount of despair that would be absorbed by the devil seed.

The devil seed, after absorbing the despair power, would contain even stronger power. They would root in the bodies of those even stronger, and cause even stronger people to die.

Whenever a being died, the devil seeds would absorb more despair power, and grow even more terrifying.

The despair devil seeds that formed in battle could use this method to accumulate despair power.

This never-ending cycle of despair and strengthening was how Vincente grew stronger and stronger.

Through this method, through the devil seeds with accumulated despair, Vicente had even killed a rank eight Bloodthirst Family expert!

If he had time, and if the three devil seeds absorbed power from Qin Lie, Wu Sha, and Liu Yang, the three devil seeds would grow strong and he could use them to easily defeat Nan Qi and the others.

This way, he could easily defeat everyone from the Blaze Family.

The despair devil seeds would grow stronger with each person they successfully killed.

However, if the devil seed he created using bloodline power could not kill even the first enemy, and was destroyed without absorbing any despair power, Vicente, as the source of their power, would be injured by this.

This was the greatest weakness of the despair devil seed.

But this weakness was rarely known among the powerful devils of the Chaos Abyss.

How did Qin Lie know?

"You do not need know how I know, you have no time to think," Qin Lie chuckled.

"Fire Soul!"

"Fire Formation!"

Wu Sha and Liu Yang suddenly shouted and released their bloodline power from within Flame World.

A vermillion bird, and a formation flew out of Flame World towards Vicente.

Vicente, who was going to ask again, had no time to talk and hurriedly hid himself in the darkness.

Qin Lie looked towards the Darklight Stone.

He realized that in this strange realm inside the Darkness Abyss, one had to rely on those strange stones that could illuminate even this absolute darkness.

When one could not see with the eyes nor with their soul in this mysterious space. Once the enemy was hidden in the darkness, there was no target to attack.

Unless the enemy attacked and made a sound, they could not be found.

If the enemy wanted to flee in the darkness, they could not be traced.

At that moment, Vicente hid back in the darkness. Wu Sha and Liu Yang's attacks suddenly lost their target.

But because that piece of Darklight Stone was hanging above their heads, Vicente could easily attack them from the darkness.

The enemy was in the shadow, but they were in light. The situation was disadvantageous to them, and they would have a hard time defeating Vicente.

"We must move the Darklight Stone!"

Qin Lie focused on that strange stone giving off dim yellow light. He controlled Flame World and slowly floated up.

Surrounded by Flame World’s domain, he flew into the sky.


Strangely, that Darklight Stone hurriedly flew into the air seeing him float up.

That Darklight Stone continued to maintain a set distance from him.

The light from the Darklight Stone coincidentally shone on him constantly so he was always within Vicente's sight.

"Blitz Thunder Escape!"

He was forced to leave Flame World, and used Heavenly Thunder Eradication to teleport.


An arc of blue lightning flashed out of nowhere. He appeared next to that Darklight Stone.

He suddenly grabbed towards that Darklight Stone.

"Crack! Riiip!"

Bolts of purple lightning formed a tight net that appeared abruptly around the Darklight Stone.

The purple lighting formed a strange flower that released shocking lighting power.

Qin Lie's hand which touched the Darklight Stone was immediately tangled in the purple lightning.

The purple lightning wrapped around his arm like strong vines.

"Zzt zzt!"

It continued to spread from his arm towards his neck. Half of his body, his face, and head were soon covered.

He immediately felt numb.

"My father is the Despair Devil King, and my mother… is a rank nine Lightning Devil! Mixed-blood, the bloodlines of our race are almost all mixed! But we are different from you. When the Abyss Devils mix blood, many of us keep both of our parent's bloodline powers!"

Vicente said as he slowly appeared behind Qin Lie. His slender hand stabbed towards Qin Lie's back.

The heart was not just the weakness of the Abyss Devils, but also a fatal point for all races cultivating bloodline power.

This time, his target was Qin Lie's heart!

"Qin Lie!"

Wu Sha and Liu Yang shouted urgently from Flame World.

"After defeating this guy, I will enjoy you. Do not be in a hurry..."

Vicente laughed darkly. His hand stabbed out.

"Crack crack crack!"

Rays of terrifying lightning shot out of his fingertips.


Suddenly, an ear-deafening roar of thunder exploded out of Qin Lie's body.

All of the purple lightning wrapped around Qin Lie immediately burst into thousands of pieces.

Qin Lie, who had originally been standing with his back to Vicente, turned around, a blood dragon roaring between his hands. The dragon immediately lunged at Vicente’s chest.

The Abyss Devil was thrown back into the darkness by the blood dragon formed out of blood spirit energy.

"Your Highness! Your Highness Vicente! Are you alright?"

The high rank Abyss Devils shouted, appearing extremely scared.

"I am seriously injured, let's go! Retreat first!" Vicente shouted.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The high rank Abyss Devils that had accompanied him there disappeared into the darkness.

The two Darklight Stones suddenly lost their light.

Qin Lie and the others listened intently but did not hear the sounds of their departure or the direction they fled in.

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