Chapter 1206: Descendants of the Despair Devil King

Chapter 1206: Descendants of the Despair Devil King

"I am Vicente, I come from the Chaos Abyss. Has Hao Jie of the Bloodthirst Family ever mentioned me to you?"

The handsome Abyss Devil with silver gray eyes licked his red lips as he said, "Hao Jie and I have similar interests!"

His gaze landed on Wu Sha and Liu Yang's elegant necks, his eyes showing greed and lust.  

Under his gaze, Wu Sha, and Liu Yang felt a wave of cold and hopelessness.

"However, I will first kill this mixed-blood and then enjoy you slowly," Vicente said.


The Darklight Stone which had originally been between him and Qin Lie suddenly moved again to float above Liu Yang and Wu Sha's heads.

This time, the surface of the Darklight Stone shone with light purple light like lightning bolts that jumped and sparked.


The sound of lightning streaking came from Vicente’s location. Because of the Darklight Stone's movement, that area was once again pitch black.

Vicente had disappeared from sight.

"Careful!" Qin Lie shouted.

The moment the Darklight Stone hung above his head, the Flame World he made out of bloodline power was attacked dozens of times by the wild purple lightning.

"Snap snap snap!"

The crimson red Flame World's outer shield sparked under the barrage of the purple lightning.

The flickering purple lightning gave off soul vibrations which amplified their feeling of despair. The vibrations only grew stronger as time went on.

The Flame World Qin Lie had formed using bloodline power could block the invasion of the purple lightning but not the spread of the despair-filled soul ripple.


Wu Sha and Liu Yang suddenly exclaimed lowly. The lively fighting spirit in their eyes seemed to be slowly corroded.

Their eyes gradually showed despair and helplessness as though they’d already given up on this fight.

Even he felt endless despair rising against him like an ocean, threatening to drown him.

Flame World was not affected at all by the endless despair.

"Zzt zzt! Zzt zzt!;

Inside Qin Lie's mind, bolts of lightning roamed like dragons. The power of the Heavenly Thunder Eradication furiously cleansed his soul.

But that feeling of endless despair still spread through his entire body as it had rooted itself in his bloodline and bones, unable to be removed.

"Hm!' Mixed-blood, you are interesting. You know how to use lightning. Pity... my despair power is a secret bloodline art. This is an emotion that drowns the mind and not a soul power."

In the darkness, Vicente laughed mockingly. "Thunder and lightning can destroy the soul, but cannot destroy the emotions and desires of high level beings! Despair is only a kind of emotion. What use it your thunder and lightning power?"

As he spoke, even more extreme despair spread into Qin Lie's bones.

Qin Lie could not muster one thread of fighting spirit and even wanted to kill himself.

He wanted to use death to avoid worse consequences.

Without knowing it, Vicente’s bloodline secret art had corroded Qin Lie's mind and soul, rooting itself in Qin Lie's body like a tree of death.

As more extreme despair surged, without Vicente needing to act, Qin Lie would deal with himself.

On the other side, Wu Sha and Liu Yang who were also in Qin Lie's Flame World were enduring the wave of despair power.

The high rank Abyss Devil whose bloodline was related to despair did not put as much power on them as he did on Qin Lie.

Therefore, they had no thoughts of dying.

However, under the influence of the terrifying despair, they could only watch Qin Lie, unable to move.

"Die, death is your final destination. Only death can release you from the torment..."

Vicente's voice came in snatches, urging on as Qin Lie raised his hand.

That hand slowly landed towards his own neck.

Hiding in the darkness, Vicente appeared, seeing victory in his grasp.

He stood outside Qin Lie's Flame World.

This high rank Abyss Devil who only had a rank seven bloodline, came from the Chaos Realm. His presence of despair was a monster that could draw away the hope in all beings.

"Qin Lie! This person is the descendant of the Despair Devil King of the Chaos Abyss, the Despair Devil King is the second Great Lord of the Chaos Abyss! He has a despair-related latent ability and he can unknowingly put a despair devil seed into the bodies of his opponents. If you can find that despair devil seed and burn it away, you can free yourself from the despair consuming your mind!"

In the distance, Gan Xing who was burning a high rank Abyss Devil into ashes, suddenly shouted.

In the next moment, three high rank Abyss Devils surrounded him and Yan Feng.

"Take care of yourself first!" a high rank Abyss Devil snorted.

"A descendant of the Despair Devil King, a despair devil seed in the body!"

Lightning flashed through his mind. A section of memory belonging to the Soul Beast surfaced.

"A seed!"

Qin Lie's soul and consciousness turned into a net that went down from the top of his head.

Everywhere the net passed, his blood vessels, meridians, bones—they were all reflected in his mind.

When the net landed on his chest, he found a rice-sized purple mark on his second heart.

That purple mark was a miniaturized seed.

"Despair devil seed!"

Bursts of inextinguishable flame came from the second heart and immediately drowned the heart.

Under the flames of the Blaze Family, the purple mark was burned to ash.

The despair that drowned his mind immediately disappeared.

Qin Lie's hand which had been heading to his neck slowly fell down. Flame and blue lightning appeared in his eyes.

"Zzzt zzzt zzzzt!"

Rays of blue lightning shot out of his eyes and wrapped around Wu Sha and Liu Yang.

At this time, Wu Sha and Liu Yang who could not move felt soft hands moving around their bodies.

Soon later, the hands seemed to enter their bodies.

This gave them strange feelings.

The two showed hints of embarrassment.

"Found it..."

At this moment, Qin Lie snickered and hurriedly said.

"Zzt zzzt!"

Bursts of pain came from their stomach and the bottom of their feet.

The despair drowning them disappeared after the pain.

They immediately recovered the ability to move.

"What? He was able to destroy the devil seed and also help others!"

In front of Flame World, Vicente, who came from the Chaos Abyss and was a descendant of the Despair Devil King, finally showed signs of shock.

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