Chapter 1205: Rescue

Chapter 1205: Rescue

Hidden in the darkness, Qin Lie observed the newcomers.

The high rank Abyss Devils silently discussed under the dim light of the three pieces of Darklight Stone.

Little did the Qin Lie’s group know, there were other shadows lurking behind them.

There were more than those three Abyss Devils that had come.

The Abyss Devils with the pieces of Darklight Stone didn’t talk to the other group for whatever reason.

As they talked in low voices, they slowly came close, strangely calm.

Seeing the Abyss Devils grow closer to the Darklight Stone, Qin Lie secretly activated his bloodline power and waited for Gan Xing's order before charging down.


Suddenly, a soft sound came from behind him.

He suddenly turned his head back.

In the absolute darkness, he smelled a noxious odor. This was a presence only certain poisonous insects would have.


The high rank Abyss Devils who had come later suddenly stopped and gave scornful laughs.

"So naive."

A dark voice came from behind a piece of Darklight Stone, and showed a handsome and eerie masculine face.

That was a rank seven bloodline high rank Abyss Devil.

He had long pointed ears, and his silvery-gray eyes flashed with dark purple lightning.

There were wisps of purple patterns on his forehead and his neck. Those mysterious criss-crossing patterns had clear power vibrations.

"You think you can hide here and attack us? Heehee, you are too careless!"

This high rank Abyss Devil waved his hand and a piece of Darklight Stone floated up.


The Darklight Stone floated up and quickly flew in the direction that Gan Xing was. It immediately shone on Gan Xing, Yan Feng, and the others.

Almost at the same time, the other two high rank Abyss Devils with Darklight Stones threw them out.

The two pieces of Darklight Stones also exposed where Nan Qi and his group, Wu Sha and Liu Yang were hiding.

Qin Lie could see Gan Xing, Nan Qi, Wu Sha and the others, and also the large numbers of Demon Armor Insects around them.

The Demon Armor Insects and other unknown insects looked as if they were eager to consume them.

The high rank Abyss Devils who had been illuminated by the Darklight Stone immediately fell into the darkness.

Qin Lie could imagine that the high rank Abyss Devils were using the darkness as a cover for their charge towards Gan Xing, Nan Qi, and the others.

Suddenly, the hunters in the dark and the prey in the light switched places.

The three Darklight Stone that had illuminated the high rank Abyss Devils hung over everyone's heads like bright lamps, and showed the targets for the high rank Abyss Devils and the Demon Armor Insects.

At this time, Qin Lie realized that the odor he smelled should be the Demon Armor Insects.

When the high rank Abyss Devils came, they’d already released the Demon Armor Insects which silently surrounded him.

However, there were only three Darklight Stones. While the Demon Armor Insects were locked onto him, he was not immediately attacked like Gan Xing and the others.

Darkness clearly affected the Demon Armor Insects. When not illuminated by the Darklight Stone, the Demon Armor Insects could not confirm the location of their targets.

Wheels in Qin Lie’s mind began to turn.

He realized that Gan Xing, Nan Qi and the others who had been hiding became targets and were in grave danger.

The Demon Armor Insects, and the high rank Abyss Devils  ould not let this opportunity slip by, they would kill them.

Gan Xing and the others could not confirm the location of the attackers immediately and counterattack.

The situation was disadvantageous to them!

"Flame World! Ring of the Burning Sun!"

Qin Lie instantly activated his bloodline latent ability and secret art. He formed Flame World with himself as the center.

Three spinning wheels made out of bloodline power spun around him.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh! Zzzt, zzt, zzt! Hiss hiss!"

The flame rings immediately collided with the Demon Armor Insects in the darkness. As the flames roared, he could hear the pained cries of the insects.

With the three Rings of the Burning Sun opening the way, he manipulated Flame World to go towards Liu Yang.

"Heavenly Blood Web!"

He released a secret art from the Blood Codex and formed a web of blood.

A tang of blood permeated the air, attracting the attention of the high rank Abyss Devils in the darkness.

"The Darklight Stone is moving!"

"Something is pulling the Darklight Stone!"

"Qin Lie's presence!"

The three Darklight Stones hanging about Gan Xing, Nan Qi and Liu Yang were pulled by the threads of blood and thrown in other directions.

The area illuminated by the Darklight Stones changed as well.

An Abyss Devil that was snarling and holding a large white bone blade slashing towards Gan Xing was suddenly exposed by the moving Darklight Stone.

Swiftly and without delay, Gan Xing and Yan Feng immediately responded with powerful attacks.

"Flowing Shadow Fire!"

Rays of flowing light like the shadow of flames suddenly floated out of Gan Xing and Yan Feng's skulls.

The rays of flames suddenly looked like another Gan Xing and Yan Feng with terrifying bloodline power.

Those fire shadows collided with the chest of the Abyss Devil coming down from the sky holding a white bone blade.

The Abyss Devil, suddenly exposed by the Darklight Stone, was immediately penetrated by the rays of shadow fire.


The Abyss Devil suddenly started to burn. Even his flesh and bones started to crack and snap.

On the other side, near Nan Qi, two Abyss Devils were exposed by a flying Darklight Stone.

"Fire Soul! Flame Lion!"

"Bloodline secret art —Ring of the Burning Sun!"

"Bloodline secret art —Eight Extreme Flaming Sun!"

Nan Qi, Levy, and his fellows immediately shouted and responded with attacks of their own.

Roaring lions, spinning wheels of fire, and eight burning suns immediately hit the two exposed Abyss Devils.


The two devils could not react in time before they were drowned by the flames.

At this time, Qin Lie came out of the darkness beside Wu Sha and Liu Yang.

The Flame World formed from his bloodline power suddenly covered Wu Sha and Liu Yang. The two women immediately felt a sense of safety.

That Darklight Stone which had originally been floating above the two women moved and exposed another Abyss Devil.

"You are moving the Darklight Stone!" The Abyss Devil with the silver eyes glanced to Qin Lie.

"That's the leader!" Liu Yang said in shock.


The blood lines wrapped around the Darklight Stone were suddenly cut by an invisible blade. The moving Darklight Stone immediately stilled.

The Darklight Stone was between Qin Lie and the Abyss Devils’ leader. Qin Lie could clearly see the Abyss Devil, and vice versa.

"I miscalculated. I have not expected a mixed-blood among you. The power I put on the Darklight Stone can only obstruct the Blaze Family's bloodline power but not any other powers."

The high rank Abyss Devil with silver eyes and long ears looked coldly at Qin Lie in the dim light of the Darklight Stone.

"I really had not imagined the Blaze Family would allow a mixed-blood to enter. You should be special."

As he spoke, he licked the corner of his lips, his eyes suddenly turning red. "But you’re delaying my feast! I will let you die a painful death!"


Wu Sha and Liu Yang saw the bloody light in his eyes. They suddenly realized the feast the Abyss Devil spoke of ... was them.

Just like how Hao Jie liked snacking on the fingers of high rank female Abyss Devils, many high rank Abyss Devils also liked to eat young beautiful God Race females.

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