Chapter 1204: Darklight Stone

Chapter 1204: Darklight Stone

A dim yellow light appeared in front of them, and caused Qin Lie and the others to wake up.   

This was the first light source they’d seen since entering that place.

The direction of the cracking sound was coincidentally where the light source was. When they arrived, they already saw dark shadows coiled there.

The dark shadow seemed to be Cary.


Levy shouted, and immediately activated his bloodline power. He sped past Qin Lie, Nan Qi and the others.

"Careful!" Nan Qi warned urgently.

Qin Lie suddenly stopped in his flight, his eyes rapidly landing on that area of light.

"Crack! Crack!"

When they came close, weak sound of bones cracking came from that huddling group of shadows.

That sound seemed to be something chewing bones.


Suddenly, the shadow which seemed to be Cary exploded.

In the dim yellow light, Qin Lie could see bloody spraying, and then fist-sized pitch black insects fly out.

"Demon Armor Insects!" Qin Lie couldn't control himself from screaming.

The things flying out of the exploding shadow were almost the same as the Demon Armor Insects he had once seen.

The Demon Armor Insects were strange insects native to Nether Realm. They could consume the spirit energy of the world, and turn it into nether demonic energy.

And nether demonic energy, according to Qin Lie's present understanding, was nothing other than diluted abyss devil energy.

At this time, the Demon Armor Insects which flew out of the exploding shadows were pitch black, their small eyes and claws flashing with vicious light. They looked like bloodthirsty savage beings.

There were slightly different compared to the Demon Armor Insects he knew.

The Demon Armor Insects of Nether Realm were not this savage and bloodthirsty, and not so hungry for flesh.

Most of the time, they consumed world spirit energy. They cleansed nature spirit energy to turn into nether demonic energy they could absorb and cultivate with.

And in this dark unknown land, these Demon Armor Insects clearly had burrowed into Cary, and were consuming Cary's flesh and bones.

Cary did not die immediately. He watched as his body was being slowly consumed by these Demon Armor Insects. That was why he had given such hair-raising screams.


When Levy came close, he realized that the Demon Armor Insects had eaten Cary and went berserk.

In the dim light, Qin Lie saw Levy release the Fire Soul latent ability, his body releasing flames that formed a lion.

That wild fire soul burned with fierce flames that drowned that area.

"Snap! Snap!"

The Demon Armor Insects were immediately drowned by the sea of fire. The fire soul roared and released all its power.

When Qin Lie, Gan Xing and the others arrived, they found that the Demon Armor Insects which had killed Cary were burned to death by Levy's fire soul.

Cary had died when his body exploded.

"That source of light!"

Wu Sha ignored Nan Qi and the others who were in their grief. With a soft exclamation, she slowly went close to the source of light.

It was a prism-shaped stone the size of a face basin. From the irregular cracks along the border, this piece should be one that had exploded.

It should belong to a larger piece.

Cary may have been attracted by the light source here. He came from another direction and was ambushed by the Demon Armor Insects.

"Nan Qi. Come here and look at this stone first," Wu Sha said.

At this time, Qin Lie, and Liu Yang had arrived.

Qin Lie looked around using the light of the stone. He found there was nothing else around in the surroundings.

The place they were at should be a desolate wilderness. Due to the special environment, they couldn’t see a thing.

Nan Qi came over with a dark expression. Bending down, he observed that rock. He shook his head and said, "I do not know these shining rocks. In the records of our God Race, there does not seem to be any information on this kind of stone."

"Strange," Gan Xing said.

"I do not know the stone, but the Demon Armor Insects should not be from this place." Nan Qi snorted with a dark expression. "Many Abyss levels have vicious Demon Armor Insects like this. Some high rank devils have a preference towards these vicious insects, and like rearing them."

"You mean?" Gan Xing said.

"Those Demon Armor Insects who killed Cary should have belong to a high rank Abyss Devil that is either nearby or used the insects remotely as additional pairs of eyes to investigate," Nan Qi evaluated.

Gan Xing had a serious expression." The Demon Armor Insects are dead. Those Abyss Devils... will they come soon?"

"It should be the case." Nan Qi snorted.

"Everyone, spread apart and prepare to fight," Gan Xing ordered.

"Should we put away this strange stone?" Wu Sha inquired.

"No need. We will stay further away from this stone, and wait for the enemies to arrive," Gan Xing said.


The group spread out, far away from the glowing stone to make advantage of the darkness.

In that place, they didn’t need to hold their breath or hide their soul presence.

As long as they were in the darkness and did not make a sound, they were concealed very well.

Everyone waited silently.

About an hour later, three dim yellow light sources slowly floated from the distance and slowly came close.

In the darkness, Qin Lie saw the three moving sources of light. He immediately realized people used those stones as lanterns to travel through the absolute darkness.

"Over there!" The Demon Armor Insects I released died beside that Darklight Stone!"

From the direction of the three light sources came a deep voice. He spoke in the language of the Abyss.

"Did you not say the Demon Armor Insects ate the prey they had found already? Why did the Demon Armor Insects all die?" another person asked.

"How do I know? Everyone, be careful. We may encounter others from different levels, or the damned God Race!"


Those high rank Abyss Devils held the so-called “Darklight Stone” as they talked and walked closer.

Hidden in the darkness, flash of realization struck Qin Lie.

These high rank Abyss Devils clearly knew that the Darklight Stone were important items in this realm of absolute darkness.

They released large numbers of Demon Armor Insects to search for this so-called Darklight Stone. Some of the Demon Armor Insects came here and found the Darklight Stone, just like Cary.

Cary may have not even gotten to the Darklight Stone before he was attacked by the Demon Armor Insects at the stone waiting for their master.

That’s where he died.

Then, upon the death of the insects, their master hurriedly came.

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