Chapter 1203: Absolute Darkness

Chapter 1203: Absolute Darkness

Darkness Abyss.

Qin Lie, Gan Xing, Nan Qi, and the others held hands with each other as they stepped into the turbulent whirlpool made of abyss devil energy.

The reason they did this was to avoid getting lost once they got inside.

They also did this to avoid being separated by some unknown power along the way.

They weren’t the only ones who did this. Some high rank Abyss Devils held hands before they went in too.

Qin Lie felt dizzy as he spun like a top inside the unknown abyss passageway.

It was literally pitch black as he and his teammates traveled into the secret realm. He couldn’t even see Liu Yang who was right beside him.

After an unknown amount of time that somehow felt like an instant and several years.

The terrible dizziness suddenly vanished completely.


He hit the ground hard like he had just fallen from a high altitude. His entire body was aching.


“It hurts!”

“What kind of shitty place is this!”

Liu Yang, Gan Xing, Nan Qi and a couple other’s voices rang not far away from him.

However, he still couldn’t see them even though they were very close to him.

This was a darker place than even the Darkness Abyss itself.

He could literally smell Liu Yang with his nose, and yet he wasn’t able to see her even though they were this close to each other. It was as if this world… embodied true, absolute darkness.

—Not a bit of light existed anywhere in this place.

He subconsciously tried to scan his surroundings with his soul.

When his soul thoughts floated out of his mind and stretched towards outside, his face suddenly stiffened.

He discovered that he couldn’t detect anything even though his soul was outside already.

Liu Yang, Gan Xing, and the others were clearly nearby, and yet his soul consciousness just couldn’t pick up their presence.

This secret realm was darkness not just to his eyes, but his soul consciousness as well.

—The only thing he could perceive with his soul was this strange world of darkness.

His eyes and his soul consciousness seemed to have lost their functions inside this secret realm.

Here, everyone including those around him were as if blind people.

“Come closer to me, everyone. And make some noises so I know you’re there.”

Gan Xing shouted loudly from somewhere inside the darkness. He was telling everyone to gather around him.




The sound of unleashing flames and striking flints rang from nearby.

Suddenly, a tiny spark of light appeared in Qin Lie’s vision. However, it lasted for only an instant before it was devoured by infinite darkness once more.

Somehow, this world felt like the chaos of all beginnings. Even light… didn’t seem to exist in such a place.

“Dammit! Even the fire of our bloodline is converted to just high temperature and no light at all! Just what the hell is this place? We’ve all turned blind here!”

One of Nan Qi’s rank seven bloodline warrior couldn’t help but swear after multiple attempts to strike a light to no avail.

Qin Lie stopped trying to ignite his own flames after he heard the swearing. He walked towards the yelling Gan Xing with a heavy heart in his chest.

“I’m Yan Feng. I’m here.”

“I’m Wu Sha.”

“I’m Liu Yang. I’m next to you now.”

“I’m Qin Lie. I’m here.”

“I’m Nan Qi.”

“I’m Li Wei.”


Everyone declared themselves immediately after they gathered around Gan Xing.

“Where’s Cary? Cary, are you here? If you’re here then respond to us now!” Nan Qi suddenly exclaimed.

Suddenly, everyone fell silent. Nan Qi was the only one left still yelling.

Cary had held hands with them when they came over, so he should be nearby unless there was an accident.

However, he was definitely missing right now.

“Everyone, remember my position and spread out a little. Call out and see if we can find Cary!”

After hearing no response from Cary whatsoever, Gan Xing let out a solemn order.

Qin Lie nodded at his order and started travelling back to where he came from using his other senses.

A few minutes later.

“Cary! Cary…”

Everyone shouted on top of their lungs while making sure that Gan Xing was still behind them.

Unfortunately, they never received any return call from Cary.

A shadow seemed to shroud over everyone’s hearts.

“To think that one of us would go missing so soon after we came in. This is going to be a difficult trip…” Wu Sha sounded a little sorrowful.

“Captain Nan Qi!” someone exclaimed.

“There’s no need to worry too much, Levy. Cary may still be nearby. Maybe he hasn’t heard us because his position is slightly far away from ours.” Nan Qi said, “We all came down here together. Maybe he’s been thrown further away than us because he accidentally let slip his hand during the last moment… As long as we keep moving around this area, we should be able to find him pretty soon.”

“Oh, I hope so,” Levy answered.

Everyone fell silent once more.

“I think we should prioritize finding something that gives light, or we won’t even be able to walk properly. What do you all think?” Gan Xing asked.

Everyone agreed with his sentiment. They started looking for a light source.

Qin Lie didn’t answer him.

After moving slightly further away from Gan Xing and the others, he had quietly checked his soul connection with his soul servants and the Soul Beast avatar.

Curtis, Miao Fengtian, Xue Li, and other soul servants who should be able to link up to him with their souls despite being at Extreme Flame Abyss, Boluo Realm, Spirit Realm, and other regions were completely gone from his senses.

This place had cut off his soul connection with his soul servants.

However, there was still a weak connection between him and his Soul Beast avatar.

Unfortunately, the connection was so unstable that it was unlikely that he could conjure even a star door.

This meant that he wouldn’t be able to rely on the soul servants and Soul Beast avatar inside this unknown world of absolute darkness.

“Spirits of Void and Chaos…”

An idea entered his mind. A wisp of his soul consciousness entered the Soul Suppressing Orb and arrived at the spatial level where the six miraculous Spirits of Void and Chaos resided.

The spirits had instantly responded to his visit. They let him know that they and the Soul Suppressing Orb were still usable.

He then pressed a hand to the silver moon imprint on his shoulder.

“I’m here, master. You seem to be in a very mysterious place.” The artifact soul, You Ye spoke in his head. “I can’t sense anything even though I’m right here. It’s like... a space of pure nothing. There isn’t even light here.”

“Have you ever heard of such a place?” Qin Lie asked.

“No. Not even the Dark Shadow World where the shadow beings reside is made up of pure darkness. Dark Shadow World is an incredibly dark place, but it’s still possible to see and perceive the things around you with your soul there just like how it is in Darkness Abyss.” You Ye fell silent for a moment. He seemed to be examining his surroundings through his own methods.

A while later, he spoke up again, “This place is different though. In my perception, the space we’re in is in absolute darkness. I cannot sense anything except you, master. I’ve never heard of such a place, let alone been to one.”


Suddenly, a terrible cry rang from far, far away. It sounded as bloodcurdling as it actually was.

“It’s Cary’s voice!” Levy screamed.

“It can be a trap!” Yan Feng spoke up suddenly.

Nan Qi’s breathing immediately turned short. He yelled, “Gan Xing! You’re our captain! Please give us an order!”

“Everyone gather up and head towards the direction of that voice! Cary is one of us, and we must try and save him!” Gan Xing immediately made up his mind.

“Let’s go!” Nan Qi urged everyone.

Not far away, Qin Lie temporarily paused his conversation with You Ye and moved next to Gan Xing as well.


The bloodcurdling scream hadn’t stopped immediately. It was still going on loud and clear.

Everyone kept reporting their names as they moved swiftly towards the source of the scream.

However, Cary’s scream suddenly cut off after a short while.

“Is, is he dead?” Levy asked shakily amidst the darkness.

“He’s just nearby! Let’s get there first before we make up our minds! I must know who or what killed him even if he’s dead!” Nan Qi roared.

“Let’s go!” Gan Xing also urged them in an angry tone.

Qin Lie didn’t say anything in response. He followed closely behind them while listening to their voices.

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