Chapter 1200: Ming Xu and Hao Jie

Chapter 1200: Ming Xu and Hao Jie

An Yun had interrupted the fight between Qin Lie and Xuan Luo before it could escalate any further.

Right now, Xuan Luo was being surrounded by his companions. They fed him a bunch of fulfilling Abyss Devil flesh.

Xuan Luo and Qin Lie were dozens of meters away from each other, and there was nothing standing between them.

Looking pale, Xuan Luo glared coldly at Qin Lie before declaring, “If Lord An Yun didn’t show up, I would hurt you so bad you can’t even crawl into the secret realm!”

He said while tearing and chewing at the Abyss Devil flesh strongly.

He seemed to be imagining the meat in his hands as Qin Lie.

On the opposite side, Qin Lie sat on the ground and grinned widely, “You would’ve lost if our fight were to continue further.”

A cold glint abruptly entered Xuan Luo’s eyes.

Suddenly, Cang Ye coolly entered their line of sight and declared, “Enough!”

“Come on, the fight is already over.”

Nan Qi walked up to Qin Lie and thought for a second before passing over a piece of dried meat that was cured using a secret art, “Right now restoring your bloodline powers should be your first priority, not trading barbs with Xuan Luo. Lord An Yun is right, if you and Xuan Luo keep this up… neither of you will be fit enough to enter the secret realm.”

“What are you waiting for? Start eating already. Nan Qi is a better cook than all of us here. We’ve never got the chance to enjoy it ourselves, you know,” Liu Yang urged.

Qin Lie accepted the meat that had to weigh at least dozens of kilograms and tore into it right away.

Right now he couldn’t restore his refined flesh and blood energy through the Flesh Filling Tombstone, so he had to do it in the the simplest and most primitive way—eating flesh.

As Liu Yang had mentioned earlier, the meat Nan Qi smoked was extremely tasty. They even contained a sizable amount of refined flesh and blood energy.

The meat he consumed was immediately absorbed and refined into tendrils of refined flesh and blood energy that settled inside his blood.

The effects were obvious. His depleted reserves of refined flesh and blood energy was restored, and he felt like he had regained his spirit again.

It was only then he turned to look at Nan Qi.

Right now, Nan Qi and his five companions were looking at him in a completely new light.

“I don’t know if you’re trustworthy, but with that kind of strength… you definitely deserve your place in our team.” Nan Qi pondered for a moment before continuing, “I hope you won’t lead our squad astray when we’re inside the secret realm. If you do anything that harms the Blaze Family or my squad, I swear I’ll do everything in my might to kill you!”

The eyes of the five rank seven youngsters behind him turned harsh as well. Obviously, they would always support Nan Qi’s decisions.

Qin Lie had proven his strength by battling Xuan Luo. They all recognized that Qin Lie was qualified to be their teammate.

However, Qin Lie was ultimately a mixed-blood, a mixed-blood between a human and their clansman. Also, they were soon to invade Spirit Realm.

The older generation of the God Race had endless criticism to spare when the human race was in question. They, the newer generation, had heard all about them throughout their lives.

In the impression, the human race would eternally be the definition of ugly words such as deceit, contempt, treachery and so on.

Therefore, they couldn’t help but be wary of Qin Lie despite acknowledging his strength.

“If there comes a time I’ll harm the Blaze Family, it’ll be when you invade Spirit Realm. And I won’t be sneaky about it,” Qin Lie said indifferently.

“Then you’re at least a real man.” Nan Qi nodded before ending solemnly, “I hope you’re a man of your word.”

After that, he and his five companions left Qin Lie’s side.

Finally, Gan Xing, Yan Feng, and Wu Sha walked up to Qin Lie.

“You doing okay?” Gan Xing smiled at Qin Lie before explaining, “I purposely stayed behind so that Nan Qi could have that talk with you. Nan Qi… is someone who puts the family before everything, and he’s an important member of our team. We need everyone’s strength when we enter the secret realm later, so I thought this is the faster way to make him recognize and acknowledge you.”

“Now that he has acknowledged your abilities, our team will be able to unleash its full strength. Only by trusting each other will we be able to survive until the end of this expedition.”

“I hope my explanation is satisfactory to you.”

Gan Xing’s tone was sincere.

Qin Lie nodded. “Don’t worry, I understand.”

“Mn. I think he’s acknowledged your strength now.” Gan Xing smiled as he looked at Xuan Luo. “This fight… may have come out of nowhere, but at least it gave you the opportunity to show that you’re not a burden to our team. As long as you don’t break his trust and fight by our side loyally, I’m sure he won’t object to your participation any longer.”

“This fight hadn’t come out of nowhere.” Suddenly, Cang Ye of the Darkness Family stared towards their direction. “There’s nothing more I hate in life than backbiting! This is a small lesson to you all!”

“Backbiting?” Qin Lie looked completely confused.

“You’ll be facing me instead of Xuan Luo if you dare ask about my appearance again,” Cang Ye said coldly.

She even shot a cold glare at Liu Yang and Nan Qi.

Liu Yang and Nan Qi lowered their heads and avoided her eyes.

Qin Lie finally realized what was going on.

Cang Ye had purposely incited a fight between him and Xuan Luo to teach him a lesson. It was all because he had talked about her scarred appearance with Liu Yang and Nan Qi.

Before this revelation, he had thought that Cang Ye was taking revenge for the battle at Spirit Realm’s chaotic streams of space.

“Is appearance really that important to a woman?” Qin Lie hid his surprise.

“Recover your strength quickly! We’ll be entering the secret realm after Ming Xu and Hao Jie’s groups show up!” Cang Ye continued coldly, “We’ll be facing high rank Abyss Devils from all kinds of Abyss levels once we enter the secret realm… we may even run into Spirit Race and Soul Race experts who’re just as strong as we are. I hope that you’ve all recognized this fact.”

Everyone suddenly fell silent.

The Abyss Devil Race, the Spirit Race and the Soul Race were all transcendent rank races. They weren’t weaker than them in the slightest.

They might suffer a huge loss if they didn’t enter the secret realm in their full strength.

“Qin Lie, focus on restoring your bloodline powers for now,” Gan Xing said seriously.

“Alright,” Qin Lie answered with equal seriousness.

In the following hours, he focused his attention completely on absorbing spirit energy from spirit stones and feeding on the piece of dried meat Nan Qi had given him. He didn’t spare even a single glance at anyone.

He was doing all he could to recover his combat strength.

Roughly four hours later.

Qin Lie had recovered almost eighty percent of his spirit energy. Unfortunately, he had only regained fifty percent of his bloodline power because he had used too much during the fight against Xuan Luo.

Just as he was about to take out his meat reserves from his spatial ring, Qin Lie suddenly saw a group of bright figures flying towards their direction.

These people glowed brightly like sources of light shining amidst the darkness. Their bodies also looked as translucent as gemstones.

He could see the light of the sun, the luminosity of the moon, the sparkle of the stars, and many more from them.

The leader of the group was a brawny, bald-headed man dressed in white robes. He was both huge and handsome, and he wore a dazzling and gentle smile on his face.

His eyes glowed brighter when he caught sight of Cang Ye. It almost looked like a pair of shining diamonds.

“Cang Ye, it’s been a while! Hehe, I insisted on coming because I heard that you’re the leader of the Darkness Family’s squad. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have bothered to venture into a secret realm at all.”

The bald-headed young man called out loudly even before he landed.

“I have a gift for you.”

The handsome, bald-headed young man descended right next to Cang Ye and produced a dazzling ball of light from his palms. Then, he sent a strange, jade box floating towards Cang Ye before she could say anything.

“Brother Gan Xing, I have a gift for you as well.” He laughed before sending a jade box down Gan Xing’s way the same way.

Qin Lie’s expression was odd.

He noticed that Cang Ye’s eyes had turned even colder ever since the bald-headed young man had shown up.

Her eyes cold, she dodged the glowing box before she replied indifferently, “I have zero interest in your gifts.”

Gan Xing’s reaction was the complete opposite, however. He casually caught the jade box and stuffed it inside his sleeves without looking.

“Thank you very much for your gift, Ming Xu. You always bring something along every time I see you, it’s so embarrassing.”

There wasn’t even a tinge of actual embarrassment on his face, however.

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome. You are my future relative, so I gotta curry favor with you as soon as possible, right?” The bald-headed young man chuckled.

It was only then the Light Family martial practitioners arrived one after another.

They were at least a dozen of seconds behind him.

“I guess I’m late.”

Suddenly, a new person ran over from the opposite direction of Ming Xu.


It was a man surrounded by thick bloodthirst. His fingers and the corners of his sleeves were still dripping with blood.

“I saw a couple of high rank Abyss Devils along the way, so I killed all of them.”

He was holding several broken fingers in his hand. Judging from their smooth skin, they obviously belonged to a female high rank Abyss Devil.

He stuffed the fingers into his mouth and chewed like he was eating a snack right before their eyes.

“Are you all done eating? I have some fresh food with me if you’re not.”

The young man grabbed a bunch of female high rank Abyss Devil arms and tossed them right next to the Darkness Family, Profound Ice Family, and Blaze Family.

The white arms were coated in blood even now.

The Light Family was the only one he didn’t have anything to offer to. It seemed like he was biased against Ming Xu.

After that, a bunch of bloodthirsty people appeared behind him in succession. They were all members of the Bloodthirst Family.

These people were all covered in blood.

It was obvious that they had just fought a bloody battle.

“What’s wrong, why isn’t anyone eating? Are you not going to give me face?” the young man suddenly said violently.

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