Chapter 1198: Clash of Bloodline!

Chapter 1198: Clash of Bloodlines!

In the depths of the forest, many experts of the Darkness Family were guarding the entrance to the secret realm.

Those were all rank nine experts.

As experts of the Darkness Family, they were completely accustomed to the Darkness Abyss. The lack of light here did not affect them.

Yet the rise of the seven Rings of the Burning Sun gave off unconcealable light!

"It must be that rank seven boy!"

In the darkness, a surprised voice sounded. Soon after, several shadows floated towards where Qin Lie and Xuan Luo were fighting.

"Seven Ring Rotation!"

Cang Ye's eyes gave off shocking light as she focused.

Gan Xing, Wu Sha, Liu Yang. and the others all had excited expressions.

"He is able to form seven Rings of the Burning Sun! Xuan Luo is in trouble this time!"

"Yes, I want to see what Xuan Luo will use against the inextinguishable fire of the Rings of the Burning Sun!"

"So strong!"

At this time, the martial practitioners of the Darkness and Blaze Families started to shout.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The Flame World Qin Lie formed floated towards Xuan Luo. The seven rings released terrifying light like suns.

A wave of destructive flame power sprouted from Qin Lie's Flame World.

"It's coming out!"

Someone shouted from the Darkness Family at a high pitch.

At this time, the seven Rings of the Burning Sun that had been in Flame World suddenly floated out.

The seven spinning Rings of the Burning Sun howled and rushed at Xuan Luo like burning suns of Boluo Realm.

That white flame that Xuan Luo had made using bloodline power was floating on top of his head.

At this moment, when the seven Rings of the Burning Sun came, that white cold flame suddenly went out.

Threads of white smoke evaporated.

Light seemed to go out in Xuan Luo’s cold eyes.

"Ice World!"

A glittering cold ice shield quickly formed when Xuan Luo activate his bloodline of the Profound Ice Family.

This Ice World was like the Flame World of the Blaze Family. It was a blood latent ability.

Within Ice World, Xuan Luo's ice power received clear amplification.

Xuan Luo's combat power would increase as well.

Once the crystal Ice World formed, Xuan Luo shouted, "Cold Wave!"

Wisps of white frost came out of Xuan Luo's body and surged outwards.

The Ice World immediately became icy and foggy.

Suddenly, Xuan Luo and his Ice World was drowned out by the strong cold fog.

His soul vibrations disappeared from Qin Lie's perception.

"Is it effective?"

Inside Flame World, Qin Lie laughed. He used his mental power to control the seven Rings of the Burning Sun to force them forward.

In this moment, he clearly felt that as the seven rolling rings fell, they seemed to resonate with one another.

The seven rings were one.

The seven rings were all formed from his Blaze Family bloodline, and their auras and powers were the same.

Yet when they formed in an attack, the seven rings seemed to create a mysterious connection.

Like piece of magnets attracting each other, the seven rings suddenly drew closer. At this moment, Qin Lie felt as though he threw several Blazing Profound Bombs as the power contained in the rings seemed to have increased exponentially upon fusion.


The seven flame rings rolled toward the fog like suns falling to the mortal realm after exploding.


Xuan Luo gave a muffled grunt.

The bright flames and the rays of fiery light exploded in the mist.

In this part of the Darkness Abyss, suns seemed to suddenly appear.

But these suns were wildly exploding!

"Boom boom boom! Snap-crack snap-crack!"

The ice shattered, the flames exploded. Rays of blazing light formed and then disappeared.

The earshaking vibrations continued for a dozen seconds before calming.

The frost completely disappeared in the sea of flames.

Among the flames, Xuan Luo was burnt black. His handsome face was black and he looked extremely disheveled.

He was kneeling on his left knee as he panted, blood dripping out of the corner of his mouth.

He had been seriously injured by the terrifying power of Seven Ring Rotation. However, his eyes still shone with fighting spirit.

"The ignition latent ability doubles power through burning the bloodline! This kind of bloodline causes the user to quickly tire and weaken if they can't kill the opponent in one blow!"

Xuan Luo laughed, his eyes wild as he stared at Qin Lie. He shouted, "What will you do now? Haha, are you having a hard time standing now?"

When he said this, everyone reacted.

"Yes, by burning the blood, one's bloodline power can double. After forming seven rings, shouldn’t he have run out of steam?"

"Mn, that Ring of the Burning Sun was terrifying enough to injure Xuan Luo. But Xuan Luo has not fallen. He is still..."

"Right now, what can that mixed-blood do?"

"He should not have any power left."

"After using ignition so openly, he has to rest for a while after this battle. He might not be able to enter the secret realm."

"I think that you... should not be able to hold on for much longer."

At the side, those people who had been shocked by the fusion of seven rings and favored Qin Lie felt that he had no power to fight after the seven Rings of the Burning Sun disappeared and Xuan Luo was still standing.

Everyone focused on Qin Lie.

"Surrender or..."

Nan Qi, who was also of the Blaze Family, suddenly said at a moderate volume.

"Right! Surrender, you’ve already proven your strength with the seven Rings of the Burning Sun!" Liu Yang realized in the distance and said urgently, "This is not a battle to death against foreign races. Qin Lie, admit defeat, Xuan Luo will not do anything to you!"

"Boy! You have injured me greatly! Unless you immediately kneel and admit defeat, I will not spare you!" Xuan Luo shouted.

Wisps of cold formed from Xuan Luo’s chest.

Within the cold flames, shadows were moving and caused the flames to look alive.

"Ice Soul! This is the Ice Soul bloodline latent ability!"

"Xuan Luo awakened a new bloodline latent ability!"


Many of the spectators from the Darkness and Blaze Families shouted and seemed extremely shocked.

Cang Ye also had a strange expression and murmured, "No wonder he did not fall under the power of Seven Ring Rotation. He awoke a new bloodline latent ability, Ice Soul... this guy will be more of a headache in the future."

Xuan Luo's newly awakened latent ability was clearly famed. Even Cang Ye felt he was now very troublesome.

Everyone felt that Qin Lie's situation was even more worrisome.

"You really feel that I have no combat power left after conjuring the seven rings, and will be at your mercy?"

In Flame World, Qin Lie had a strange expression. He felt the movements of his bloodline as he snickered, and said, "Have you forgotten my status? I am a mixed-blood that you hate. Other than the Blaze Family bloodline, I also have other powers to use. Is that not easy to see?"

Burning his bloodline and forming the seven rings had used about eighty percent of his bloodline.

Somewhere else, he could quickly replenish this through the Flesh Filling Tombstone.

But this was under the eyes of the God Race.

At this place, he did not dare to take out the Flesh Filling Tombstone and replenish his fleshly energy.

Due to this, he had to resort to other powers to avoid fighting with the nearly-depleted Blaze Family bloodline.

He suddenly realized at this moment the geniuses of the five families such as Cang Ye, Gan Xing, and Xuan Luo, had great combat power.

If he was so conceited to purely fight with the Blaze Family bloodline, he would not be able to gain the upper hand—even though he had the ignition and Flame World latent abilities.

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