Chapter 1197: Seven Ring Rotation!

Chapter 1197: Seven Ring Rotation!

Qin Lie and Liu Yang had just flown up from the rear of the group. They did not know what was going n owhen they saw a person charge forward like a spear of ice.   

"Xuan Luo!" Liu Yang screamed.

"He’s coming for you!" Nan Qi shouted.

Qin Lie's expression darkened.

"Mixed-blood!" Xuan Luo's eyes were filled with coldness as he shouted, " I will step on your head and fight Cang Ye!"

"Snap snap snap!"

The sound of ice cracking came out of Xuan Luo’s body. His silvery white hair became sharp needles.

His index and middle finger pointed together, cold light flashing like a blade at his fingertips before shooting out.

"Pew pew!"

Two cold rays of cold light stabbed towards both of Qin Lie's shoulders.

"Bloodline latent ability—Cold Flame!"

A white flame of astounding cold energy formed on Xuan Luo's chest and was launched in the direction of Qin Lie's head.

"Move aside!"

Nan Qi shouted and immediately left Qin Lie's side with his brothers.

"Liu Yang, come here!" Cang Ye said.

Liu Yang, who had been walking with Qin Lie, looked at the two icy lights. She found that the icy lights were directed at Qin Lie's shoulders and not his head and heart. She dociely flew towards where Cang Ye, Gan Xing and the others were.

Xuan Luo's attack didn’t target the head or the heart. This meant that he hadn’t lost his reason and still abided by the rules of the God Race—no killing.

Since this was not a fight to the death, Liu Yang was slightly reassured. Adding on Cang Ye's authority, she could only leave Qin Lie's side.

Suddenly, Qin Lie was left all alone.

There was only the scream of air as the icy lights travelled.

"My rotten luck!"

Qin Lie cursed inside. Looking at Xuan Luo who was far from him and the two rays of ice coming at him, he was forced to fight.

The bloodline secret art of the Blaze Family was activated.

"Ring of the Burning Sun!"

Three burning wheels that were like millstones released inextinguishable fire. Like wheels, they rolled towards the two rays of ice.

"Cold Flame Invasion!" Xuan Luo snorted.

The white wisps of flame above Qin Lie's head came down and disappeared. But all of Qin Lie's pores could feel cold energy.

As the white flames flew, the surging flames of the Rings of the Burning Sun suddenly greatly weakened.


The two rays of ice easily passed through the center of the Ring of the Burning Sun and stilled continued to head for Qin Lie's shoulders.

At the same time, that ball of icy flame came down like a glacier.

Xuan Luo, who had almost reached Qin Lie, saw the two rays of ice easily pass through the Rings of the Burning Sun, suddenly stopped.

Dismissiveness flashed through Xuan Luo’s eyes.

He did not look at Qin Lie. He turned around and looked at Cang Ye, saying coldly, "You are playing me for a fool telling me to fight with trash like this?!"

Clearly, in his mind at this moment, Qin Lie was not his match.

Cang Ye’s eyes were full of puzzlement. She seemed similarly surprised.

"He should not be so weak..." She was puzzled.

Not long ago, in the chaotic streams of space outside Spirit Realm, Qin Lie who had a rank six bloodline had left a deep impression on her.

She even said that Yan Feng would not be Qin Lie's match if he had rank six bloodline.

She thought that when Qin Lie's bloodline reached rank seven, he would be able to fight Xuan Luo.

But now...

"Pfff! Pfff!"

The two rays of of ice were as sharp as swords as they stabbed into Qin Lie's shoulders.

Two bloody holes appeared.

Qin Lie had a wooden expression. He looked at the wounds on his shoulders and felt the pain in his flesh.

He did not use the Golden Armor latent ability he had gotten from the Abyss Devils to protect himself as the ice lights hit him. He did not use Frost Arts, lightning, thunder, or earth power to form a barrier.

He did not dodge using Blitz Thunder Escape either.

These powers were not something that the Blaze Family bloodline in him could wield.

He did not dare to use latent abilities of other bloodlines since he was afraid of exposing his Perfect Blood.

Nor did he want to use the three spirit arts from Spirit Realm. He wanted to know if he could use the Blaze Family bloodline and still be able to match these young God Race geniuses!

Therefore, he purely fought using the Blaze Family bloodline.

"Qin Lie is wounded!"

"He has been wounded in one exchange, he is not a match for Xuan Luo at all."

"The difference in bloodline power is too great."

The young people of the Profound Ice and Blaze Families discussed as they watched.

Cang Ye also frowned. She hesitated and wondered if she should call a stop.

Yet at this moment, that white ball of flame that should have come down floated motionlessly above Qin Lie's head.

Xuan Luo saw that Qin Lie was wounded and felt it was dull. He did not plan to fight.

Xuan Luo turned and did not look at Qin Lie. He still focused on Cang Ye, and said coldly, "I have already taught this mixed-blood of the Blaze Family a lesson like you said. WIll you fight me now?"

That ball of white flame above Qin Lie's head slowly returned to him like a cold cloud.

This kind of dismissal meant that he did not treat Qin Lie as a worthy opponent.

However, at this time, Xuan Luo noticed something unusual—Cang Ye’s dark eyes flashed with light.

Cang Ye had been looking at Qin Lie all this time...


At this moment, Nan Qi, Wu Sha and the others also changed expression as they discovered something unusual.

Then Xuan Luo noticed that even his team members moved to look away from him.

Xuan Luo turned back.

Qin Lie once again entered his sight.

Yet in this moment, Qin Lie had reached out a finger to touch his shoulder wound and then he sucked on his finger.

In the next moment, Qin Lie's eyes seemed to be dyed with blood!

His long red hair started to burn!

At the same time, a bloody fiendish energy spread outwards as the flame snapped.

"It has been too long since I was wounded. I almost forgot the taste of my own blood," Qin Lie snarled like a bloodthirsty monster of the Abyss.

Balls of flame rolled and quickly formed Flame World around him.


"The most terrifying latent ability of the Blaze Family!"

"Also Flame World!"

The youths of Profound Ice and Darkness Families couldn't help but shout.

At this time, the wounds on Qin Lie's shoulders visibly healed.

This was another bloodline latent ability—recovery.

Recovery, Flame World, ignition. The appearance of the three bloodline latent abilities and the savagery that Qin Lie showed at this moment immediately attracted everyone's attention!

"F*ck! How can he awaken the ignition latent ability, that is the one of the most terrifying abilities of the Blaze Family? Even those with the purest bloodline are not able to awaken it!"

"He only has a rank seven bloodline!"

"Is he really a hybrid?"

At this moment, the members of the Profound Ice and Darkness Families were dumbstruck.

"As I was saying, how could Qin Lie be defeated so easily?" Liu Yang laughed as she said.

Gan Xing narrowed his eyes and said, "If he was so easy to defeat, I would not have tried so hard to bring him over."

"Hmph, he is not that weak. Xuan Luo, the idiot, has underestimated his enemy," Cang Ye said coldly.

“Ring of the Burning Sun! Seven Ring Rotation!"

Qin Lie floated out of the Flame World, seven rings of flame forming around him.

By activating the ignition latent ability , his bloodline power doubled, making him able to form seven Ring of the Burning Sun.

"The seven rings are so powerful!"

"Such vast bloodline power! As expected of the terrifying ignition!"

"So strong!"

Many members of the Darkness Family saw the seven rings in the sky and shouted in shock.

They knew the majority of Blaze Family martial practitioners that had the Ring of the Burning Sun secret art could only conjure at most five rings at rank seven bloodline.

Only those that had the ignition could rely on the terrifying latent ability to form more Rings of the Burning Sun.

The rumors said that with each of the additional ring formed, the power of the Ring of the Burning Sun would double in power.

When seven rings appeared together, Xuan Luo's expression changed. Even Cang Ye, and some rank nine Darkness Family experts in the distance were attracted.

"Blaze Family bloodline! Seven Ring Rotation! Who is this?"

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