Chapter 1196: Unexpected Calamity

Chapter 1196: Unexpected Calamity

"Sister Cang Ye does not seem to like you very much."

Behind Qin Lie, Liu Yang in her fire red armor, that still shined in the dark forest, came over in curiosity.

"Do you have some history with her?" Liu Yang asked.

"In the chaotic streams of space outside Spirit Realm, I once fought her. We’ve only met this once." Qin Lie shrugged his shoulders and said helplessly, "I do not know how I offended her."

"You fought her? Who won?" Wu Sha asked interestedly.

Qin Lie touched his nose and laughed dryly. He said, "I only had a rank six bloodline back then."

"Oh." Wu Sha understood and nodded. He said, "At that time, you should have been fighting her as a human. You are still alive... that is very rare."

Liu Yang thought the same. "Sister Cang Ye is thought as the strongest among the rank seven bloodline experts of the Darkness Family. Also, I heard she is soon to reach rank eight."

"Gan Xing should not be a match for her either," Wu Sha evaluated.

Qin Lie did not make a sound and silently examined Cang Ye at the front of the group.

At this moment, other than Gan Xing and Cang Ye walking side by side, everyone else was left behind.

Cang Ye led them in the direction away from the light source of the forest into darker areas.

Compared to the their bout in the chaotic streams of space outside Spirit Realm, Cang Ye did not wear heavy armor this time, nor give off a dark and fiendish aura.

But without the heavy armor, she still wore a dark green mask that covered her entire face.

Qin Lie looked at her. He casually asked, "Why does she always wear a mask?"

Suddenly, Wu Sha and Liu Yang became silent. Their eyes showed a hint of sympathy.

Qin Lie stilled and then understood. He knew that women would feel sympathy at disfigurement of beauty.

As expected, Liu Yang slowed and fell with him to the rear of the group. When they were far enough from Cang Ye and Gan Xing, she said, "When Sister Cang Ye fought against Spirit Race experts, she was seriously injured, and her appearance had been damaged. I heard… heard face is covered in vicious scars. Ever since that time, she has been wearing a mask. Even her temper is much worse than before. Before her appearance was disfigured, Sister Cang Ye was very gentle, had a good temper, and was very beautiful."

"So that's why." Qin Lie nodded and did not say anything else.

Maybe because she thought of how horrific it was for a woman to be disfigured, Liu Yang became silent on the road and stopped talking.

They followed behind Cang Ye and Gan Xing. They passed through the dark forest and moved towards their destination.

Not long after.

Cold soul presences floated over from the distance. Qin Lie immediately detected them.

"Xuan Luo and the others are up ahead."

At the head of the group, Cang Ye turned back and urged everyone to hurry up.

Qin Lie and Liu Yang who were at the back sped up.

They quickly came behind Nan Qi and the others.

"Qin Lie, it is best you do not tell that you are a human mixed-blood and bring unnecessary trouble."

When they passed by Nan Qi, he solemnly warned. "Xuan Luo of the Profound Ice Family has no good feelings towards the human race. He has great prejudice against mixed-bloods. You should pay attention."

Qin Lie frowned and said, "If he knows I have human blood, what will he do to me?"

"Maybe he will fight you before entering the secret realm," Nan Qi said.

"Xuan Luo! This guy does have this strange problem!" Liu Yang also reacted and screamed. She warned Qin Lie. "Nan Qi is correct. Xuan Luo of the Profound Ice Family does have great prejudice against mixed-bloods. You have to pay attention!"

"Why?" Qin Lie's expression did not change as he asked coolly, "Where did his prejudice come from?"

"I heard that an expert of the Profound Ice Family in his grandfather's generation had many children in a distant realm with the native women there. Gradually, the race of that realm had many children with the Profound Ice Family bloodline and they quickly grew strong. They eventually conquered that realm." Nan Qi explained softly. "Later, the Profound Ice Family recognized that realm, acknowledged them as the mixed-blood descendants of the Profound Ice Family and took great care of them."

"Xuan Luo once cultivated in that realm."

"However, for some reason, the mixed-bloods of that realm suddenly revolted and attacked the Profound Ice Family."

"Xuan Luo's mother... died in the war of that realm."

"After that, Xuan Luo has always considered mixed-bloods as wolves who can never be satisfied. He thinks it’s only matter of time before mixed-bloods revolt one day."

"He started to dislike mixed-bloods of the God Race.."

Nan Qi had an honest expression as he explained. He continued, "Honestly, within the major families, some people have other opinions of the mixed-bloods."

"What about you? What do you think?" Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and said.

Nan Qi was silent for a while and then said, "I do not trust you. However, I trust Gan Xing and the others."

Qin Lie nodded and said, "Thank you for being honest."

Nan Qi laughed dryly.

In an open field in the dense forest,

A ten person team of the Profound Ice Family led by Xuan Luo floated above the clearcut ground like icicles.

The young men and women gave off a thick cold aura. This section of the forest was exceptionally cold and icy.

In a place thousands of meters away from this place, a dark purple abyss devil energy ball floated in midair and twisted in the darkness like a demon.

That floating ball of abyss devil energy turned into an enormous cyclone in one moment, a dark hole in the other, to finally become an enormous maw that seemed capable of devouring all creation.

Purple lightning bolts and tongues of purple flame were launched into the surroundings and formed surging ripples of energy.

The beings that got close to that area were affected by the spreading ripples. They would gradually lose control of their bloodthirst and itch to fight.

One could feel waves of terrifying soul power from where the mass of abyss devil energy had been, as though an astounding expert was hiding there.

Xuan Luo and the others sat silently in that clearing in the forest as they were fighting against the terrifying vibrations from the entrance of the secret realm.

They were using that unusual power to refine their bloodline.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

Two figures flashed through the air. Xuan Luo, who was seated, opened his eyes and immediately stood up.

“Cang Ye! Since I came, you have been avoiding me. Now you finally come out?" Xuan Luo stabbed into the ground like a sharp icicle. He suddenly looked in Cang Ye and Gan Xing's direction and said harshly, "Are you afraid I will take revenge?"

"You’re just a defeated opponent, why should I fear you?" Cang Ye said coldly. "I only dislike you. I do not want to see you. I do not want you in my sight."

"Why else would you be here now?" Xuan Luo said coldly.

"Rubbish! I have to lead the team into the secret realm. Of course I have to come here," Cang Ye said impatiently.

"After entering, you and I will fight first. I want to see if you are so strong that you are just about to advance to rank eight like others say!"

Xuan Luo said as he activated the Profound Ice Family bloodline in his body. A crystal ice armor covered his body.

"The Blaze Family has a mixed-blood coming. If you have nowhere to vent your energy, you can go find him." Cang Ye's eyes flashed with unusual light under her mask. "He is here."

"Sis, what are you doing?" Gan Xing grimaced.

"I want to see the growth in Xuan Luo and that guy who escaped from me in the chaotic streams of space outside Spirit Realm," Cang Ye said coldly.

When she finished say this, Qin Lie, Liu Yang, and the others came in.

Before Qin Lie could react, Cang Ye pointed at him and said to Xuan Luo, "First give him a lesson for me. If you defeat him, I will accept your challenge."

"Alright!" Xuan Luo answered.

In the next moment, he charged towards Qin Lie without even an opening statement.

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