Chapter 1195: Darkness Abyss

Chapter 1195: Darkness Abyss

The burning Flame World shot out of the abyss passageway like a burning sun.


When the Flame World charged out, it landed in a dark and lightless world. Qin Lie and the others shook. When they looked around, the exhaled in relief.

"We’ve arrived!"

Lieyan Yang released Flame World and then spread his soul consciousness. After probing for a bit he picked a direction and took to air.

"Follow me!" he shouted.

Qin Lie and the others immediately activated their bloodline power and flew into the sky.

"The Darkness Abyss..."

Qin Lie examined this completely new world.

This Abyss level was not as bright and varied as the Extreme Flame Abyss. There were no bright red clouds in the sky, or any erupting volcanoes on the ground.

Compared to the Frost Desolation Abyss, this place was darker. It was as if a dark, eternal night befell this world, the sky was devoid of moon or stars.

With Qin Lie's cultivation, he could only see within a hundred meters. He could feel with his soul consciousness into more distant areas, but just couldn’t use his eyes to perceive his surroundings.

This place was like the Frost Desolation Abyss. It had a low temperature and was dark and cold.

Lieyan Yang broke the silence. "Some of you have not come to this Abyss level before. Let me explain so that you understand its environment.

"There are few sources of light in the Darkness Abyss, therefore it exists in a permanent state of darkness. Most of the beings which come here cannot adjust to this place at the start. Here, our range of sight will be greatly limited, and we have to make up for this with our soul perception."

"Due to this, in this Darkness Abyss's land and ground, there are frequently chaotic soul powers moving around."

"If you are not careful, and you encounter powerful Abyss Devils, the soul consciousness you release will be consumed and torn up. Your souls will be injured."

"You have to know that the Abyss Devils living in the Darkness Abyss are mostly skilled in soul power. Also, they are innately used to the darkness here. Their vision and souls will not be affected."

"When fighting in the Darkness Abyss, some beings have advantages. Remember them."

"Firstly, the natives. Secondly, those of the Soul Race. And finally, members of our race’s Darkness Family."

"All three of these factions are used to the Darkness Abyss. They are not affected by the poor environment and will benefit from it instead."

"Therefore, if you encounter them, you have to be very careful."

Lieyan Yang warned them.

Everyone nodded.

"Uh..." At this time, Gan Xing flew next to Qin Lie and said in a low voice, "If we are going to explore the Darkness Abyss, we have to quickly adjust to the poor environment here. We have to use our soul consciousness rather than our eyes to inspect the surroundings. If we are temporarily separated for other reasons, when we get close, we have to be able to quickly distinguish each other's soul presences."

Qin Lie nodded and said, "Yes, so?"

"Your soul presence is slightly different from ours. Our soul consciousness threads will contain the burning and blazing presence of the Blaze Family. Your soul consciousness has the power of thunder and  lightning." Gan Xing hesitated and said, "If we are separated from you, when we spread our soul consciousness, we may not be able to recognize you immediately, and I fear that I will mistake you for someone else."

"Oh, feel again." Qin Lie said with a small smile.

As he said this, sparks flew through his eyes. He once again released a wisp of soul consciousness for Gan Xing to feel again.

Gan Xing narrowed his eyes. He felt with his soul consciousness and his eyes lit up. He said, "This time, it is correct!"

At the side, Wu Sha and Liu Yang closed their eyes and felt with their soul. They found that the soul presence Qin Lie released again contained the presence unique to the Blaze Family.

"How did you do it?" Liu Yang asked in shock.

Qin Lie smiled faintly and said, "It is not very difficult. Because I once cultivated the spirit arts of the Spirit Realm, I once used thunder to refine my soul so I have soul power with threads of thunder and lightning. I only need to activate my bloodline power, and put bloodline power on the soul threads to be like you."

Liu Yang and the others listened seriously and did not seem to understand.

Only Lieyan Yang seemed thoughtful. He nodded and said, "It seems that the Soul Progenitor has been of great benefit to the human race of Spirit Realm and their souls. The existence of the Soul Progenitor has caused the human race to maybe surpass us in understanding of the soul. Qin Lie has the human race bloodline. He grew up in Spirit Realm, and naturally has unique knowledge about the soul."

"Uncle, you say... the humans of Spirit Realm understand the soul better than us?" Gan Xing said in surprise.

"What? Hard to accept?" Lieyan Yang snorted and said, "Do not look down on the human race of Spirit Realm. They are born weak, and do not have any bloodline power, but they are the race most skilled in assimilating other races. The human race is skilled in learning. Their blood which does not have any bloodline coincidentally can merge the bloodlines of other races.

"In Spirit Realm, there was a person called the Blood Progenitor that successfully found a way to use human blood to merge together the ancient bloodlines over there. The direction he studied back then has similarities with the path our race used to investigate the Perfect Blood project.

"Fortunately, the human race eventually caused his death. If he continued to study, the human race may have..."

When he said this Lieyan Yang glanced at Qin Lie and did not continue.

Qin Lie's expression was dark. He was silent, but he was full of shock inside.

Through Lieyan Yang's words, he was finally sure that the human race had caused the death of the Blood Progenitor in the past.

According to Lieyan Yang, the Blood Progenitor was an unparalleled genius of the human race. If he had not died, and continued his study of bloodlines, the human race have become much stronger than they were at that day.

Maybe the human race's collective power may have broken through Spirit Realm's limitations a long time ago and went into the vastness of space like the God Race.

"Pity..." he sighed deeply inside.

After flying for a while, Lieyan Yang led the group to a pitch black forest.

Inside the forest, there was an extremely bright light source. When one looked closely, it was a plaza made from pieces of crystal.

Many members of the Darkness Family were scattered around as though they were waiting for something.

When they came close, Lieyan Yang shouted, his body flowing with blazing fire like a human-shaped volcano.

"The Blaze Family is also here!"

The shout reverberated in the surroundings. Subsequently, dark shadows flew over like ghosts.

"Gan Xing!"

Suddenly, Cang Ye's voice came from one of the shadows.

"Sis, I'm here!" Gan Xing answered.

"You guys follow Cang Ye, she will be in charge of arrangements for you. I will go find the old elders of Darkness Family and tell them about the high rank Abyss Devils we encountered," Lieyan Yang ordered and immediately disappeared, leaving the youngsters behind.

Soon, Cang Ye, still wearing a mask, appeared like a ghost.

Behind her were nine rank seven bloodline members of the Darkness Family. Even further away in the darkness were other small teams that examined Qin Lie, Gan Xing, and the others.

"Come with me. Xuan Luo and others of the Profound Ice Family have arrived before you. I will take you to the gathering place," Cang Ye said.

Gan Xing laughed and immediately went forward to whisper with her.

As Cang Ye talked with him, she suddenly looked back. Her deep eyes suddenly fell onto Qin Lie and she said, "I had not expected you managed to come as well."

"We meet again," Qin Lie said coolly.

Cang Ye looked deeply at him and nodded. She turned to look at Gan Xing and lectured in a low voice, "You are so daring to bring him as well. Do you not fear..."

"Sister, do not worry so much, I know," Gan Xing hurriedly said.

"I hope so," Cang Ye snorted.

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