Chapter 1192: God Race Geniuses

Chapter 1192: God Race Geniuses

At the Icestone Abyss.

Somewhere in the middle of a tall, frozen mountain, a rank eight Frost Hell Stone Devil could be heard screaming wildly as it escaped towards an ice cave down the valley.

All icicles that happened in its way were crushed into bits. They resounded clearly like crystals.

A handsome God Race young man with silver hair that was tied into a ponytail was standing at the top of the mountain. Suddenly, he charged towards the Abyss Devil like a piece of thorny ice.

“Crack crack crack!”

Giant pieces of frozen ice exploded as he launched himself from the mountain peak.

“Ice Explosion Art!”

The shattered ice suddenly transformed into tens of thousands of icicles and rained towards the rank eight Frost Hell Stone Devil.

“Pu pu pu!”

Frost Hell Stone Devils were famed for its thick exterior, but the icicles pierced it easily until it looked like a hornet’s nest.

A group of good-looking, silver-haired men and women suddenly appeared from their hiding spots and surrounded the Frost Hell Stone Devil in no time.

“I’m leaving this fellow to you all,” the handsome young man with a ponytail said expressionlessly. “Deal with it quickly, we’ll be heading to the Darkness Abyss very soon.”

“Xuan Luo, I heard that Cang Ye will be leading a squad this time. I’m sure you’re looking forward to meeting her, don’t you?” someone asked.

“She’ll be surprised by my new latent ability,” the handsome man called Xuan Luo answered coolly.


At the Shining Abyss.

A handsome, brawny, and bald-headed man clad in clean white robes sat beneath a strange tree that was shining with all kinds of colors.

Six dazzling light balls circled on top of his head like orbiting celestial bodies.

It looked like the light of the strange tree was being absorbed by the six light balls.

It didn’t take long for the tree’s light to grow dim and weak.

The bald headed youngster himself was radiating with such holy radiance that he looked like a god who had descended to the earth.

Suddenly, a wrinkled old man dressed in the same style of robes glowed brightly with light.

“Ming Xu, you’ll be leading a squad into the Darkness Abyss in three days,” he said while looking at the bald youngster. “If possible, try evolving your bloodline to rank eight while you’re exploring that secret realm.”

“Don’t worry, I will raise my bloodline by a level before I return,” the bald youngster replied confidently.

“I trust you.”


At the Chaos Abyss.

A brawny God Race youngster was standing in the middle of a poisonous, foul-smelling swamp. He was surrounded by a floor of Abyss Devil corpses. 

An endless aura of tyranny and bloodthirst seemed to cling to his body. Around him, blood red light screens crisscrossed one another to form a complicated and mysterious blood mark. It looked like a symbol of death itself.

Traces of fiendish energy floated from the recently deceased Abyss Devils. These energies were invisible to the naked eye.

They entered the youngster’s body like birds returning home to their nests.

His eyes abruptly shone like two bloody pillars of light.

A very, very long time later, after the youngster had finally calmed down, a group of God Race clansmen gathered around him one by one.

“It’s almost time, Hao Jie.”

One of the clansmen of the Bloodthirst Family reminded him after confirming that Hao Jie had returned to normal.


The youngster surrounded by thick fiendish aura nodded indifferently. Then, he sucked in a deep breath and absorbed all of the blood stench in his surroundings in one go.

“Get ready to depart.”


On the way to Lieyan Wang’s camp.

Liu Yang chirped happily with a charming smile on her face. “You have no idea how terrible Avery looks right now. If it wasn’t for this mission, I’m pretty sure we’d suck him dry very soon.”

Qin Lie smiled faintly before asking, “Do all of you feel stronger after consuming Avery’s blood?”

“Of course we do!” Liu Yang confirmed this before a look of regret suddenly crossed her face. “Unfortunately, I don’t think Avery will hold up much longer.”

“Is it even possible for an Abyss Devil to run out of blood?” Qin Lie asked in surprise.

“Abyss Devils’ blood is the source of their strength. It is something that is tempered and accumulated bit by bit over time.” Liu Yang thought for a moment before continuing, “If an Abyss Devil has its blood extracted too frequently, the power contained inside its blood will be diluted over time. For example, I felt almost no change the last time I consumed Avery’s blood. His blood will only gain new strength if he’s allowed to consume its own kind and replenish himself.”

Liu Yang shook her head, “Unfortunately for him, we’re not going to waste any Abyss Devil flesh on him, not to mention that we can’t afford the time to wait right now.”

“I assume he’ll soon be dead, then?” Qin Lie asked without a care for the mentioned.

“Mn. The power of vital energy and blood is a kind of refined life energy, so of course he isn’t going to live for much longer after we’ve taken everything,” Liu Yang said.

“The power of vital energy and blood, refined life energy…” Qin Lie thought to himself.

Suddenly, he looked at Liu Yang and asked, “What does your blood essence look like? May I take a look?”

“Blood essence?” Liu Yang answered confusedly, “My bloodline hasn’t reached rank eight yet, how am I supposed to have it?”

“What? You can only refine blood essence after you reach rank eight?” A tremor ran down Qin Lie’s back.

“Most of us can only refine a blood essence after we’ve reached rank eight. The Abyss Devil have to wait until rank nine to refine blood and store it inside their own heart. Even the Spirit Race has to wait until rank eight before they can initiate the process.” Liu Yang explained seriously, “As for the Soul Race, they have no physical body to begin with, so blood essence is of course a foreign concept to them. What they do have however, is soul essence. A Soul clansman’s refined soul is completely different from ours. Unless I’m mistaken, they can refine their souls much earlier than we can refine our blood.”

Qin Lie was astonished by this.

Maybe it was because he cultivated Blood Fiend Sect’s Blood Refinement Art”, or maybe it was because he had the Perfect Blood, but he was capable of making blood essences since a long time ago.

The Blaze Family’s blood essences weren’t the only blood essences he had refined. Right now, he had over a hundred drops of Eight-eyed Demon Spirit and Abyss Devil blood essences each.

That was why he was completely caught off guard by Liu Yang’s claim that even transcendent bloodline races could only refine their blood after they had reached rank eight.

“Is the first voodoo creature telling the truth? Is there really a flaw in my bloodline, and the Ancient Life Tree really is necessary to fix it?”

Suddenly, he began doubting his own judgment and his own bloodline.

Still wrapped in doubts, Qin Lie and Liu Yang finally arrived at Lieyan Wang’s camp.

Gan Xing, Wu Sha, Yan Feng, and another five rank seven Blaze Family youngsters were gathered beside Lieyan Wang. They were clearly waiting for them.

Lieyan Wang said immediately after he saw Qin Lie, “You’re the last one! We’re heading out immediately!”

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