Chapter 1191: Visited By Good News

Chapter 1191: Visited By Good News

“What? You want us to head to the Darkness Abyss?”

Gan Xing looked at Lieyan Wang in astonishment after the latter had visited them all of a sudden. He didn’t know what was going on.

Yan Feng, Wu Sha, and Liu Yang were just as confused.

Beside them, the high rank Abyss Devil Avery looked like he was at the brink of death. The reason he looked like a dying dog was because they had just extracted two thirds of his blood.

For the past few days, this rank seven group had been drinking Avery’s blood to their heart’s content. In fact, they were so content that they didn’t even bother to hunt down more Abyss Devil.

That was why Lieyan Wang’s arrival and subsequent request for them to head to the Darkness Abyss had surprised them a little.

They all looked disinterested in his request.

“Idiots! This is a good opportunity!” Lieyan Wang glared. He snorted once before yelling, “The Darkness Family has discovered a secret realm that has existed for nearly a million years in the Darkness Abyss! Not even the Great Lords of the Darkness Abyss were aware of this! The Darkness Family had allowed us to dispatch a squad because they owed us a favor. Everyone else—the Light Family, the Bloodthirst Family, and the Profound Ice Family—have to pay a terrible price if they wish to attend!”

“A secret realm?”

“Existed for over a million years?”

“The other three families are willing to pay the price necessary to dispatch their people?”

Gan Xing, Liu Yang, and the others finally realized what Lieyan Wang was saying and showed interested.

“There should be… a lot of secrets in that place. It may even be connected to the origin of the Darkness Abyss. That is why it had attracted the families’ attention.”

Lieyan Wang pondered for a moment before looking at the quartet, “I’m sure the four of you are heading out together because you’ve often fought alongside one another. However, the other six members in your squad only have rank six bloodline. That makes you a little weak, don’t you think? My suggestion is for all of you to find another six fellows whom you’re familiar with and form a new ten-man squad.”

“We have to find another six people?” Gan Xing frowned slightly.

“Is there a problem?” Lieyan Wang asked.

“I’m worried that we won’t be able to cooperate with one another.” Gan Xing voiced his worries.

“That’s why I leave it to you to find someone you’re familiar with instead of choosing your cooperators myself.” Lieyan Wang said indifferently.

“How long until we depart?” Yan Feng asked.

“The time’s a little tight, so I’ll be escorting you all to the abyss passageway myself in five days,” Lieyan Wang said.

“Five days to find powerful, rank seven warriors we’re familiar with…” Gan Xing pondered for a moment while rubbing his chin. Suddenly, he asked, “Uncle, is it possible for Qin Lie, the mixed-blood to join our squad?”

Both Wu Sha and Liu Yang’s eyes lit up when Qin Lie was mentioned.

“He’s extremely strong! Our squad’s overall strength will increase by a lot of he’s with us!” Wu Sha was the first to support the idea.

Liu Yang also added, “He’s fought alongside us before, so he’s someone we are familiar with. He’s also trustworthy!!”

Even Yan Feng nodded despite his past prejudice, “He has a powerful rank seven bloodline latent abilities. Flame World alone will amplify our strength massively!”

“The five great families aren’t the only ones who are entering the secret realm. High rank Abyss Devils from other abyss level may try to get themselves involved as well.” Lieyan Wang said thoughtfully.

“High rank Abyss Devils from other abyss levels?” Yan Feng looked surprised, “How can this be?”

“The Great Lords of Darkness Abyss were unwilling to stand by and do nothing after they lost to the Darkness Family, so they leaked the news to other abyss levels to attract their high rank Abyss Devils.” Lieyan Wang thought for a moment before adding, “There are also the Soul Race, the Spirit Race and other powerful races fighting in different Abyss levels. Hopefully, they haven’t caught wind of this news yet, or else… it’ll be ‘fun’ to say the least.”

“In that case, we definitely need to bring our best to the game, or failing to acquire anything from the secret realm may be the least of our worries. We may even lose our lives there.” Gan Xing turned serious. “Uncle, please allow us to invite Qin Lie.”

“I know you may run into a little trouble because he’s from Spirit Realm and he’s half human, but if possible, please try your best to get Qin Lie approved, uncle. I will instruct Qin Lie to keep his eyes and hair red at all times so his appearance won’t provoke our people.”

Lieyan Wang stared at him in surprise before asking, “Do you want Qin Lie that much?”

This time, Gan Xing wasn’t the only one who nodded. Wu Sha, Yan Feng, and Liu Yang all nodded powerfully.

Lieyan Wang didn’t stay speechless for long. A while later, he said, “Alright, I’ll deal with his identity problem.”

“Thank you, uncle!” Gan Xing turned to Liu Yang hurriedly, “Please invite Qin Lie to join us on this expedition. I’m staying to recruit the last five members of our squad.”

“Alright,” Liu Yang agreed with a smile.


At Atkins’s territory.

Loud roars could be heard from a gushing volcano. The roars were so loud that even the clouds were scattered away.

Qin Lie was currently sitting on the mouth of the volcano and tempering his body with fiery energy that was nearly ten times more violent than normal.

He knew that Acarus, the Abyss Devil he had turned into a soul servant was currently evolving into a rank nine Lord of the Abyss at the heart of the volcano. He had come here to utilize the blazing heat of the volcano for his evolution after consuming one third of Atkins’s flesh.

It didn’t matter if an Abyss Devil was born low or high rank. All Abyss Devils who successfully ascended their bloodline to rank nine would undergo a massive transformation.

After reaching rank nine, their bloodline would create many drops of blood essence that contained special powers and secrets and store it in their heart. As a result, a powerful and whole new bloodline latent ability would be born.

—They might even experience a massive boost in intelligence.

While Acarus was ascending to rank nine, his powers caused massive turbulence within the volcano. It was the perfect opportunity for Qin Lie to temper his rank seven bloodline using the Molten Blood Art.

Seated on the mouth of the volcano, Qin Lie endured the impact of the boiling lava and guided its fiery energy into his blood using his bloodline powers.

As his bloodline power grew more and more immense, so did his body’s capacity for energy and blood. His two hearts beat faster and faster.

“Thump thump! Thump thump thump!”

The two hearts beat harder and faster with each passing minute.

Qin Lie noticed that his blood flow had become as turbulent as the volcano he was sitting on.

He paid close attention to the changes in his body.

The blood flowing inside his veins occasionally flashed with runes of all colors.

The deep blue runes belonged to the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline, and the dark purple runes belonged to Atkins’s bloodline.

Suddenly, he began refining his blood with the Blood Refinement Art as if someone had enlightened him.

Traces of blue flashes and dark purple threads appeared inside his blood like mini lightning bolts.

The deep blue flashes kept condensing until they transformed into many sapphire-like blood droplets.

The dark purple threads also condensed into many purple blood droplets that looked like tiny purple crystals.

These were the unique colors of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit and Abyss Devil’s bloodline.


Surprised, Qin Lie controlled the refined blood with his mind and discovered that a third kind of refined blood had suddenly surfaced inside his body.

At the same time, the dark blue blood droplets and faint purple blood droplets he just refined also passed through his body.

Three kinds of refined blood, each with their own color, aura, and type floated beside him for a time.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

A thought later, they returned back into his body like rain drops.

“I can’t refine the Spirits’ of Void and Chaos blood and the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake’s blood…”

After probing around his own body carefully for a moment, he discovered that he could only refine the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit and the Abyss Devil’s blood. He gained almost a hundred drops of refined blood as a result.

The other two bloodlines showed no reaction whatsoever.

“Does this mean I can only make refined blood from transcendent rank bloodlines?” he asked himself doubtfully.

“Master, a member of the Blaze Family is looking for you.”

It was at this moment he received a message from an Asura soul servant.

A moment of hesitation later, he stopped his exploration of the oddities in his bloodline and flew away from the extinct volcano.

A dozen or so seconds later, he saw Liu Yang clad in a sexy armor smiling at him from a distant valley.

“I have good news for you!” Liu Yang said loudly in her charming voice.

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