Chapter 1190: An Abyss Secret Realm

Chapter 1190: An Abyss Secret Realm

It was night. Silence returned to Soul Summoning Island after Qin Lie had gone away.

Han Qian glared darkly at the spot where Qin Lie had escaped from while pressing a hand to her breast.

The Han Family and Ninth Heaven’s martial practitioners gathered around her as they swore.

“Dammit! Why is there a realm entrance there!?”

“That realm entrance seems to have appeared out of nowhere!”

“That’s definitely not your usual realm entrance!”

“It looks like he had come prepared after all!”

The old Han Family servant moved closer to Han Qian and asked quietly, “Are you okay, miss?”

His head was slightly bowed, looking away from Han Qian’s chest area to avoid making her feel embarrassed.

“I’m fine.” Han Qian shook her head a bit woodenly.

Without another word, she abruptly flew away on her one-level Soul Altar.

She flew all the way to the edge of Soul Summoning Island.

Only then, she allowed herself to look down at the smooth, white skin of her chest.

Right now, her white skin was marred by five clear finger marks.

Han Qian could still sense a bit of pain from this scarlet imprint.

The longer she looked at it, the cruder it seemed. It was as if someone had just slapped her loudly in the face.

She was well aware that the hand that tore away part of her corset had squeezed her breast hard before it let go at the end.

She had never been this humiliated her entire life!

“I swear I’ll turn you into mincemeat!” She gritted her teeth and swore inside her mind.

A while later, she changed her clothes and returned to the obsidian palace with a frigid face.

“We’re going back to the Central World!” she said impatiently.


Everyone turned to look at her curiously. They were confused by her order.

“Miss, we still have some time,” the old Han Family servant reminded her.

“The realm entrance he used to leave Soul Summoning Island is beyond our recognition and clearly mobile,” Han Qian said coldly. “In that case, there’s no point wasting time here in search for it.”

It was too difficult to lock down a realm entrance that could be shifted anytime the user wanted. There was no way they would find anything even if they remained here any longer.

That was why Han Qian gave up on searching decisively.

—She didn’t know that the Star Door was just one of Qin Lie’s bloodline latent abilities.


The crowd came to themselves and nodded in agreement after hearing her explanation.

In the end, they decided to give up on their operation despite spending many days wandering around the Ruined Lands.


At a dark pavilion inside Seven Spirits Island.

Qin Lie abruptly emerged from the star door while clutching a blue corset with a bloody left hand.


Zhuang Jing and Lin Jie stopped their cultivation and stood up to meet Qin Lie, showering him with strange looks at the same time.

Lin Jie turned red after shooting a glance at the item in his hands. She looked down and kept quiet.

She thought to herself, “Who did he humiliate this time? And to think that he’d be hurt this badly.”


The strange looks the girls gave Qin Lie made him cough drily before explaining himself, “I just came back from Soul Summoning Island. I was fighting that bitch Han Qian.”

“Han Qian?” Interested, Zhuang Jing asked with a smile on her face, “What did you do to her?”

Everyone who came from the Central World knew about his grudge with Han Qian. They all knew that his death in Han Qian’s hands was the trigger behind the Qin Family’s defeat and departure from the Central World.

Even Lin Jie was looking interested now.

“That bitch had constructed the first level of her Soul Altar, so I couldn’t kill her right away.” Qin Lie snorted while frowning. “Still, I got some interest at least!”

“This is your interest?” Zhuang Jing snickered with obvious mischief in her eyes. “You nearly lost a hand for this? Was it really worth it?”

Qin Lie looked embarrassed.

Zhuang Jing’s eyes twirled before she covered her mouth smilingly, “If you’re truly interested in such things, all you need is to ask from me, master. I guarantee you won’t lose even a hair.”

At the end of her sentence, she winked seductively at Qin Lie as if she was inviting him to a session.

Qin Lie let out a laugh before replying, “There’s something I need to attend to.” Then, he attempted to leave the place.

“If you’re not interested in my corset, then what about junior sister’s? I can make her take it off and give it to you right away.” Zhuang Jing giggled.

Lin Jie turned bright red as she chidded Zhuang Jing. “Can you shut up please, senior sister?”

She wasn’t as open as Zhuang Jing, so she simply couldn’t find the courage to present herself to Qin Lie despite knowing her own circumstances.

“It’s okay.” Qin Lie shook his head and walked out of the place.

Both Zhuang Jing and Lin Jie suddenly fell silent after Qin Lie went away. A trace of sadness lingered in their eyes.


After Qin Lie had exited the room, he thought to himself for a moment before summoning Ge Rongguang. “Head back to the Land of Chaos and send Lin Liang’er to the Frost Desolation Abyss. She’s at Frost Island right now.”

Ge Rongguang nodded and went away to perform his duty without question.

Qin Lie himself stepped through the star door and entered the underground cavern at Boluo Realm.

The Soul Beast avatar was the only creature that was left inside the cavern. Right now, it was fusing Atkin’s golden horn and the giant bone scythe into one.

Right now, the dark underground palace was illuminated by countless rays of sharp golden light.

Everything returned to darkness the moment Qin Lie returned. The horn that had become twice as small as before landed safely on top of the white bone scythe.

He and the Soul Beast avatar were connected by the soul, so verbal communication was unnecessary.

Qin Lie took out the wooden sculpture that held the first voodoo ceature and tossed it next to the Soul Beast’s hoof casually.

After the Soul Beast avatar was done refining Atkins’s horn, it would refine the voodoo insect too and transform it into a soul servant that was completely under its control just like Miao Fengtian.

“Don’t do this, I beg you!”

Inside the wooden sculpture, the first voodoo creature finally realized that disaster was about to befall him. It cried out in panic.

It had detected the Soul Beast avatar, the tremendous soul energy it possessed, and the similarity between its presence and Qin Lie’s immediately. It immediately realized that Qin Lie really had a way to control it.

The first voodoo creature finally panicked when it realized. It had tried to surrender to Qin Lie.

“Too late.” Qin Lie shook his head while messaging the first voodoo creature indifferently. “The next time we meet, you’ll be ten thousand times more obedient and truly loyal. That is the result I expect from you.”

“But I won’t be me anymore!” the first voodoo creature screeched from inside the wooden sculpture.

“I don’t care,” Qin Lie said coldly.

“Please show mercy, I can promise you anything, I…” The first voodoo creature tried to change his mind.

Unfortunately for it, Qin Lie had already left the underground cavern through the star door and entered the Extreme Flame Abyss.


Back at the army camp Lieyan Wang supervised in the Extreme Flame Abyss.

Many God Race martial practitioners were cultivating inside the lava ponds scattered around the area using the Blaze Family’s secret art.

The rank nine Lieyan Wang himself was seated above a scarlet rock that looked like a branding iron. Undying flames burned within ten meters around him.

No one dared to get near the zone.

Suddenly, a fiery meteor appeared from the sky and stopped beside Lieyan Wang as quick as lightning.

The meteor abruptly transformed into a brawny man as big as Lieyan Wang.

“Why have you come, brother?” Lieyan Wang exclaimed.

The newcomer’s name was Lieyan Yang. He was Lieyan Wang’s older brother and a rank nine God Race expert. In terms of status, he was slightly more important than Lieyan Wang.

“The Darkness Family had found a special, unknown secret realm in the Darkness Abyss. However, the secret realm is deeply connected with the origin laws of the Darkness Abyss, so we cannot crack it by force without risking destabilizing the Darkness Abyss permanently.” Lieyan Yang looked serious when he said this. “The Darkness Family had thoroughly investigated the secret realm and confirmed that all clansmen below rank eight bloodline are unaffected by the origin laws of that secret realm. This means that everyone at rank seven or below should be able to enter the secret realm without problems. The Darkness Family is getting ready to head in already, and they allowed us to send a squad into the secret realm as repayment for the aid we gave them earlier.”

“A secret realm… what do the Great Lords of the Darkness Abyss have to say?” Lieyan Wang asked.

“They seemed to know nothing about that secret realm at all. If we’re not mistaken… that secret realm had existed longer than even the Great Lords themselves!” Lieyan Yang said seriously.

“It’s been there even before the Great Lords themselves? Could it be…” Lieyan Wang looked shocked.

Lieyan Yang nodded strongly before replying, “I don’t have any particularly outstanding squads among troops, so I’m relinquishing this chance to you… Our nephew Gan Xing is with you, isn’t he?”

“I understand.” Lieyan Wang smiled.

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