Chapter 1189: A Piece of Corset

Chapter 1189: A Piece of Corset

“Come out and face me!”

Han Qian didn’t look at her surroundings. Instead, she used water vapor to perceive her surroundings.

The entirety of space around her was covered in vast amounts of water vapor. If someone were to probe it with their soul, they would notice that bright silver curtains made of water were filling both the sky and the earth.

Every watery thread was imprinted with a sliver of her refined soul. This was how she perceived everything around her.

Qin Lie’s vanished figure abruptly reappeared amidst the water vapor.


He could hear the sound of running water.

Bright silver arrows created from water enhanced by Song of the Sea Demon charged towards him again.

“The same trick again?”

Qin Lie snorted as his eyes turned white cold. Cold air started pouring out of his pores.

His plan was to freeze the arrows with the power of frost and shatter them completely.

“It won’t be as simple as before.”

Suddenly, Han Qian and her Soul Altar moved toward Qin Lie.

In that moment, a vast deep sea poured out of Han Qian and surged towards him.

He sensed that an unimaginable weight was crashing down on him like waves with the infinite fury of the sea.


Brawny as he was, Qin Lie’s hovering figure was sent flying into the obsidian palace as if he was just struck by an invisible mountain.

“Crack crack crack!”

The obsidian palace was as tough as steel, but it cracked like a giant mirror when Qin Lie crashed into it.

Sitting on her watery Soul Altar and bathing under calm moonlight, Han Qian watched Qin Lie coolly with eyebrows that looked as pretty as a drawing as the obsidian palace collapsed all around him.

The arrogance in her eyes had grown since three hundred years ago.

“You may have grown a lot since three hundred years ago, but you should’ve awakened your bloodline or cultivated to Imperishable Realm much earlier. Most importantly… you’re just as stupid as you used to be!”

She abruptly sneered.

“If I were you, I would hide myself like a rat and wait until my bloodline was rank eight, and my cultivation was in the Imperishable Realm. I wouldn’t try seeking revenge before I’ve constructed my Soul Altar.”

She looked around her and shook her head. Her lips curled into a beautiful but cruel smile.

“Plus, you came alone like a fool, just like three hundred years ago... It’s obvious that your brain hasn’t improved much even though your appearance and strength are different from before!”

She ridiculed him to her heart’s content while watching him with cold eyes.

After extending her soul consciousness to every direction, she was sure that Qin Lie had no nearby reinforcements. Suddenly, she felt that Qin Lie was as foolish as he used to be three hundred years ago.

In her eyes, only a brat would venture into a tiger’s lair alone.

A death and three hundred years later, and Qin Lie was apparently still as naive and reckless as he was before. That was why she thought less of Qin Lie again.

Moreover, she had just struck Qin Lie with her Soul Altar and her bloodline. It was enough power to wound many early stage Imperishable Realm martial practitioners severely.

She thought she had incapacitated Qin Lie.

Since she thought she had won the battle, she vented the frustration and irritation she had accumulated as of late the way a victor would.

Far, far away, the Imperishable Realm martial practitioners of the Han Family and Ninth Heaven failed to find any outsiders after searching for a while.

Han Qian obviously didn’t need their help, so they all relaxed and looked at Qin Lie tauntingly as Han Qian played him like a cat would with a mouse.

“Imperishable Realm? Rank eight Sea Race bloodline? What’s so impressive about that?”

Qin Lie suddenly emerged from the obsidian ruins and stared at the overbearing, beautiful Han Qian.

“Bitch, I admit that you’re a little stronger than that wimp Han Lei, but that doesn’t mean you can change anything.” He leisurely flew up into the sky while speaking, “Your lowly background and lowly bloodline mean that you’ll never be able to reach the heights I can. Also, why would I kill you in a hurry? I’m going to start with the Han Family first and murder your loved ones one by one.”

“In the near future, I’ll have you kneel before me and beg me to f*ck you in your birthday suit!”

Clad in lightning and chuckling strangely, he rose up to eye level and stared at Han Qian like she was naked already.

Han Qian couldn’t help but feel cold under his undisguised gaze. It felt like a devil from hell had had his eyes on her.

For some reason, she discovered that she didn’t dare to meet Qin Lie in the eye.

“Miss! Kill him now!”

At the distance, the Han Family members felt cold when they heard his malicious threats and curses and yelled.

The Ninth Heaven martial practitioners were frowning to themselves too. They wore serious expressions when they noticed that Qin Lie was completely unharmed despite the earlier attack.

“The God Race bloodline is truly not to be underestimated…” They thought warily.

The Imperishable Realm martial practitioners exchanged a glance with each other and came to a tacit agreement. They wouldn’t allow Qin Lie to leave this place alive.

“I’ll tear apart your mouth right now!”

Han Qian’s eyes were as cold as a blade made of ice. She pointed towards her Soul Altar and produced a spirit artifact that looked like a silver trident.

Ninth Heaven had gifted the Heaven Grade Three spirit artifact to her after she ascended to Imperishable Realm. The trident was an exclusive spirit artifact that fitted her bloodline and spirit art well.

“Three Waves of the Sea!”

The three prongs of the trident suddenly fired three harsh silver beams that transformed into sea waves the moment they appeared.

Many illusions suddenly appeared like mirages amidst the sea waves.

Han Qian and her one-level Soul Altar abruptly disappeared after the illusions had appeared.

However, her terrifying aura suddenly filled every inch of space taken up by the illusions.


Qin Lie could hear water surging all around him, but he discovered that he couldn’t see Han Qian or pick up a soul ripple at all.

While he was feeling astonished, the illusions suddenly transformed into Han Qian all at once.

It was as if tens of thousands of Han Qians were charging him.

At the same time, the Heaven Grade Three trident descended rapidly on his head like a giant spear of heaven.

It almost looked like the murder weapon of a god used to punish a sinner.

“Spirit artifacts, huh…” Qin Lie’s grin looked a little odd. “Are you absolutely sure you want to show off your spirit artifact before a member of the Qin Family?”

Translucent beads that looked like tears suddenly escaped his shoulder and rose to the air. They glowed purely before taking on the shape of crescent.

A dazzling, bright, cool and holy power appeared from each of the crescents.

The nine crescents spun prettily in mid air while showering the world with moonlight. It was as if nine crescent moons had suddenly appeared above Soul Summoning Island.

“Heavens! Did he refine the nine moons circulating Boluo Realm into a spirit artifact!?”

A Ninth Heaven martial practitioner who had gone to Boluo Realm and seen its nine moons before suddenly screamed involuntarily.

The Divine Grade artifact’s unique aura had intimidated these martial practitioners the second it appeared. That was why they had misunderstood it for the nine moons of Boluo Realm.

“A Divine Grade artifact!”

Han Qian had also turned pale with shock. For a moment, she couldn’t do anything as she stared blankly at Moon Tear.

The Divine Grade artifacts that existed in the Central World could be counted with two hands. Normally, the Genesis Realm experts of the nine great Gold rank forces were the only ones who could wield them.

That was why they were surprised when Qin Lie, a mere Nirvana Realm martial practitioner had produced a Divine Grade artifact.


The trident slammed fiercely into a layer of moonlight, but its own radiance had dimmed as a result.

Qin Lie himself was perfectly unharmed.

“Golden Light!”

At the same time, Qin Lie suddenly activated the bloodline latent ability he had acquired from Atkins.

Countless rays of golden light pierced through Han Qian’s illusions and shattered them like golden blades.

The bloodline ability was created by a rank nine Lord of the Abyss after perceiving the true power of the Abyss. It quickly exposed Han Qian’s true self.

Han Qian had no choice but to repel the golden light with all her power.

“Bitch! Are you sure you want to compare spirit artifacts with me?”

Qin Lie laughed sinisterly before he suddenly closed in on Han Qian.

After a Blood Weeping Ghost Claw had appeared around his hand, he swiped fiercely at Han Qian’s firm breast.

“How dare you!”

Han Qian’s hands moved like dancing butterflies as she changed her spirit art rapidly.

Icy blue beams suddenly escaped her Soul Altar and stabbed into Qin Lie’s ghost claw like sharp thorns.

“Pfff! Pfff!”

The attack mutilated Qin Lie’s hand instantly, but it failed to stop a tearing noise from happening.


He had successfully tore off a corner of Han Qian’s silk made blue corset and exposed much off the white skin of her breast.

“Hahaha!” Qin Lie laughed madly while clutching the blue fabric, “I’ll take this as interest! From hereon, I’m taking something off your body every time we meet!”

“Don’t let him escape!” the old Han Family servant ordered fiercely.

The Ninth Heaven experts and the Han Family martial practitioners immediately surrounded Qin Lie.

Unfortunately for them, a star door had suddenly appeared right above the retreating Qin Lie.

They could do nothing as Qin Lie vanished behind the star door while laughing wantonly.

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