Chapter 1188: Clash

Chapter 1188: Clash

A masculine figure slowly walked out of the crackle of lightning.

Silence enveloped Soul Summoning Island as it bathed under cool moonlight.

Pondering, Han Qian’s cool gaze slowly moved towards Qin Lie.

“Who are you?” she asked coldly.

Qin Lie chuckled and was just about to answer when her expression suddenly changed.

“Do you remember now?” Qin Lie asked.

Technically, this was the first time he met Han Qian in his life, and yet his heart was filled was violence, anger and a maddening need to vent his hatred the second he saw her.

He immediately realized that it was his other self’s remnant hatred and anger.

Apparently, time had not washed away “his” hostility towards her.

“How are you still alive?” Han Qian suddenly asked.

Qin Lie did seem unfamiliar to her the first time she saw him. She had failed to recall him immediately.

However, she quickly remembered that Qin Lie’s current appearance from the earlier image.

It made her realize that the man she scoured the Land of Chaos to find was right in front of her.

For the first time ever, Han Qian looked at Qin Lie seriously.

In her eyes, this Qin Lie was much brawnier than the Qin Lie from three hundred years ago. Moreover, the lines on his face were clearly defined and filled with determination.

His appearance alone marked a great change between the old him and the new him.

The changes in his eyes were even clearer.

This Qin Lie’s eyes were filled with overbearing sharpness. It reminded her of a sharpened blade.

It was completely different from the one his old self had.

Moreover, this Qin Lie gave off an incredibly dangerous feeling.

Qin Lie was examining Han Qian just as she was examining him. He allowed his gaze to roam up and down her body wantonly.

Han Qian was born tall and beautiful. She also had a pair of attractive eyes that smiled like they were holding water.

Han Qian used to give off the impression of a pretty humble lady, but after that she had entered the early stage of the Imperishable Realm and held an important position in Ninth Heaven, she gave off an overbearing aura.

Her new pride made her look even more charming.

“How am I still alive?” Qin Lie grinned mockingly, “It’s because you showed mercy and didn’t crush my body into smithereens, of course!”

“I clearly remember that your soul has dissipated into nothingness!” Han Qian said coldly.

Qin Lie’s eyes were chilling as well. “I’m sorry to disappoint you then. I’m still alive, and thanks to you I’ve even awakened my bloodline.”

Clumps of imperishable flames jumped out of his eyes, instantly dyeing both his eyes and his hair fiery red.

His bloodline burned ferociously inside his body!

“I’ll just have to kill you again, I guess,” Han Qian replied indifferently.

The Imperishable Realm martial practitioners from the Han Family and Ninth Heaven all closed in on Qin Lie. They were trying to kill him in the shortest time possible.

However, Han Qian raised her arm and made a shooing gestures.


“Han Qian!”

Her family members and the martial practitioners of Ninth Heaven shouted at once.

“I’ve already constructed the first level of my Soul Altar. Don’t tell me you all think I’m not strong enough to kill him?” Han Qian said coldly.

“No, but…” The Han Family old servant looked like he wanted to say something.

“Enough!” Han Qian snorted coldly. “Considering that he’s bold enough to come alone, I’d like to see for myself just how thorough his transformation is after three hundred years!”

The Imperishable Realm martial practitioners frowned, but retreated obediently.

Just as Han Qian said, they believed that she could deal with Qin Lie easily.

“All you need to do is watch my flanks!” Han Qian said.

The old Han Family servant realized what she was talking about and exclaimed, “Watch out everyone, I don’t think he’s come alone!”

Everyone grew anxious the moment they heard this. They looked left and right as if expecting a group of people to enter the battlefield out of nowhere.

“Not long ago, I’d killed your younger brother Han Lei in the chaotic streams of space outside of Spirit Realm.” Qin Lie chuckled. “I could still remember his despairing face to his day.”

“So you were the culprit!” the old Han Family servant yelled angrily with eyes that looked like that could spit fire.

Han Qian also shivered slightly in response. The killing intent that abruptly burst out of her eyes was so sharp it almost felt real.

“Azure Tornado!”

A watery mist spread out from her body and transformed into a strange water concept.

Jets of water gushed dozens of meters into the air from the sea beyond Soul Summoning Island. They then swirled violently towards Qin Lie like blue dragons.

“Thousand Silver Arrows!”

At the same time, silver colored water arrows spawned suddenly all around Qin Lie like space locking walls.

“Bloodline Ability—Song of the Sea Demon!”

A shrill howl suddenly resounded from inside the silver arrows and water dragons.

It sounded like the high-pitched singing or harsh laughter of a deep sea demon.

Since Qin Lie was completely surrounded by Han Qian’s summons, the eerie howls hit him from all directions. Somehow, the sound wave actually managed to penetrate his internal organs.

A tearing pain racked through his organs, his nerves and even his blood due to the effects of Han Qian’s “Song of the Sea Demon”.

The power created from the sea demon’s singing had penetrated right into his flesh. Right now, Qin Lie felt like he was being cut apart from the inside.


Racked with pain, Qin Lie looked up towards the sky and let loose a terrible roar. His blood red hair abruptly grew rapidly.

Golden light poured out his pores and transformed into a golden armor around his body.

It was his bloodline latent ability—Golden Armor!

Bathed in golden light, he looked like a statue made of metal and gold. For a moment, he looked impervious to everything.

The golden armor successfully canceled out Han Qian’s Song of the Sea Demon and prevented him from penetrating his flesh again.

“Frost concept!”

He immediately envisioned the Frost Concept Diagram inside the Soul Suppressing Orb and created a concept field of frost around him.


Cold air swirled all over the place with him at the center.

“Crack crack!”

They froze the silver arrows around him before they could penetrate his golden armor.

The frozen arrows suddenly exploded into bits.

Right now, the only thing left that was still attacking him were the water dragons Han Qian had summoned from the sea. Unaffected by the frost concept field, they swirled towards him as fiercely as before.

“Blitz Thunder Escape!”

A flash of lightning later, Qin Lie suddenly vanished from sight.

The water dragons Han Qian had summoned hit empty space after losing their target.

“Escape art…”

Han Qian curled her lips a little disdainfully as she unleashed her Soul Altar.

A watery Soul Altar covered with patterns that looked like lotuses made of blue sea water manifested into existence. Wave patterns could also be seen rippling on the inside.

Han Qian landed lithely on her Soul Altar. All of a sudden, it felt as if she had become one with the vast sea around Soul Summoning Island.

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