Chapter 1186: Abide By My Rules!

Chapter 1186: Abide By My Rules!

Boluo Realm, inside the lands of the Ancient Beast Race.

Qin Lie released the Flesh Filling Tombstone. Glittering red light shot out towards the eight god generals.

Under the bloody light, the eight god generals hurriedly shoved the large pieces of Abyss Devil meat into their mouths, their bloody auras growing stronger.

Ten hours later.

Seeing the refined flesh and blood energy in the Flesh Filling Tombstone gradually lessen, Qin Lie finally stopped and left some for himself.

"How is it?" he asked the leader of the god generals.

This Titan who was slowly shoving a rank eight Abyss Devil's arm into his mouth said, blood and bits of flesh falling down, "This time, we may truly be able to recover our rank nine bloodlines!"

"Thank you, master, for your benevolence!"

The other seven titan race god generals knelt on one knee and shouted at a thundering volume.

"Rank nine, undying bloodline..." Qin Lie's mind jolted slightly.

His Perfect Blood could only assimilate rank nine bloodlines. Lower rank bloodlines were of no use.

The Titan Race’s rank nine latent ability was “undying” . It was extremely rare and valuable. He had great interest in it.

Other than this, the rank nine Titans would be extremely strong. They would become his strongest forces, just like the Asura clansmen.

Therefore, he spared no effort or resources in trying to raise the strength of the eight god generals.

"Master, we can help you fight now!" the leader god general shouted.

"Not until your bloodline returns to rank nine," Qin Lie said.

"If we go to Boluo Realm, we will only need about seven days or so to recover a rank nine bloodline," the god general said.

"How much fleshly energy do you need to reach rank ten bloodline?" he asked.

The god general was silent for a while before answering, "I alone will need the refined flesh and blood energy of ten abyss lords. Also... I may not have a successful breakthrough. Before my last death I only had rank nine bloodline."

Qin Lie gaped inside.

He, who wanted to increase the strength of the eight god generals, decided to temporarily halt the process after receiving this answer.

At this time, the evil dragon Calvert flew over from Seven Spirits Islands.

Behind him was the rank eight evil dragon Gilbert

"Qin Lie, I heard... you have contact with the Blaze Family members in another level of the Abyss?" When Calvert arrived, he asked directly, "Do you know the situation of the Evil Dragon Race right now?"

Twenty thousand years ago, the evil dragons had left with the God Race from Spirit Realm.

Including the leader of the Evil Dragon Race—Brocklehurst.

Calvert was the seventh son of Brocklehurst. Because he had been seriously wounded back then, he couldn’t leave Spirit Realm back then.

After many years, Calvert only had a dozen or so evil dragons with him. He greatly desired to know the status of the Evil Dragon Race.

Hearing that Qin Lie had encountered members of the Blaze Family not long ago in another Abyss level, he hurriedly flew over.

"Uh, I did have contact with the God Race. However... I forgot to ask about the Evil Dragon Race for you," Qin Lie said awkwardly.

"Please ask for me. My father, and my brothers, I need to know if they are alive," Calvert requested sincerely.

Qin Lie nodded and said, "Don't worry, I will remember this time and ask the Blaze Family next time."

"Thank you," Calvert said.

"No worries."

"Also... Barett hopes you can ask the Qin Family how to reach Dark Shadow World?" Calvert said.

"I will," Qin Lie agreed.

Barett’s father had been trapped in Dark Shadow World for many years. He and his older brothers wanted to find his father but did not know where to start.

In the enormous Spirit Realm, the only expert who had escaped Dark Shadow World unharmed seemed to be Qin Hao.

Barett was willing to help him because he hoped that he could obtain news of Dark Shadow World.

Since Qin Lie had promised him that, he would naturally fulfill it.

"If the Evil Dragon Race is still with the God Race, we will... move with the God Race. My father once swore as the patriarch of the Evil Dragon Race. We have to abide by it." Calvert had an apologetic expression and said, "If you join the God Race in the future, we are willing to follow you. Otherwise... we may become enemies."

After saying this, Calvert, and Gilbert left together.

Gilbert had a dejected expression from beginning to end.

Qin Lie frowned and thought for a moment. He murmured, "Are there other races in Spirit Realm like Calvert, hoping for the God Race to come? If that's the case, the future situation... will be more difficult than I thought."

Not long after.

Gan Feipeng, Hua Anyang, and the others who had gone to Frost Desolation Abyss returned.

They gathered again on Seven Spirits Islands.

"Within a month, I will gather the forces of Sky Mender Palace, Qin Family, and the Ji Family to go to the Frost Desolation Abyss!"

When Qin Lie returned to Seven Spirits Islands, Hua Anyang was speaking in an unquestionable tone.

"The Ji Family, Sky Mender Palace, and the twelve vassal forces of the Qin Family have to give a fourth of what they obtain in the Frost Desolation Abyss to me." Qin Lie's voice was calm as he said, "I will send someone to supervise you."

"What?" Gan Feipeng yelled. "Aren’t we vassals of the Qin Family?  You dare to demand a charge from us?"

Fan Gan and Hunchback Ba also changed expression slightly.

"Are you mad for money?" Hua Anyang swore. "Shit! You caused my son to be imprisoned for Boluo Realm for three hundred years and we still haven’t settled that, and yet you demand money from me?"

"Isn’t a fourth not too much?" said another Sky Mender Palace expert with a frown.

Several hours ago, they had been fighting over whether they should come and believe Qin Lie.

But after entering the Frost Desolation Abyss, their attitudes completely changed. During their return, they had started to consider the details of their invasion into the Frost Desolation Abyss.

One reason was that they recognized some of Qin Lie's strength in the Frost Desolation Abyss. The second was the high praise and the trust the races of Nether Realm had in Qin Lie.

The third was Miao Fengtian taking out a rank eight Abyss Devil refined into a Corpse Demon for them to inspect.

The refined flesh and blood energy contained in the rank eight Abyss Devil was vast. The skin, meat, horns, and bones were all high quality spirit materials.

When Miao Fengtian told them that the blood essence of the rank nine Lords of the Abyss contained the laws of the universe, they became excited.

Also, Miao Fengtian told them that the Abyss had many unique items that could never be seen in Spirit Realm—all of them suited to experts with Soul Altars.

Then they saw Curtis and the others and understood how valuable Abyss Devil flesh was for increase of battle prowess.

All these advantages caused them to disregard if Qin Lie had changed or not. They decided to stage a major invasion on the Abyss.

Suddenly, Qin Lie expressed that he would take a fourth of everything as a cost of admission. They were caught off guard.

"I opened the Abyss, and I am providing the realm entrance. If you want to go in to hunt, you have to pay a price. This is fair." Qin Lie was not in a hurry and said placidly, "You have time to consider after you go back."

"The Ji Family agrees!" Ji Yao was the first to speak.

Qin Lie looked at Hua Anyang, Hunchback Ba, and the others, saying, "Also, Genesis Realm experts are not allowed to enter the Abyss."

"Why?" Hua Anyang said in puzzlement.

"Once a Genesis Realm practitioner enters, the rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss over there will misunderstand and think a full out war is about to start." Qin Lie shook his head and grimaced. "As of this moment, it would be better not to attract their attention."

"Boy, we are forces of the Qin Family, and you still ask us to pay?" Gan Feipeng shouted.

"If you want to enter, abide by my rules." Qin Lie was not swayed.

Gan Feipeng blew out his beard and argued for a while. Qin Lie still did not agree.

"Shit, you are much more difficult than before alright!" Gan Feipeng shouted. In the end, he shouted he would go to Oldenwarm Realm and ask the old patriarch for justice.

"I don't care who you find. If you want to enter the Abyss, you have to abide by my rules!" Qin Lie proclaimed arrogantly.

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