Chapter 1185: Protection From All Sides

Chapter 1185: Protection From All Sides

"Metal power..."

Qin Lie rubbed his chin and thought for a while, a strange smile at the corner of his mouth.

At this moment, he had just reached the middle stage of the Nirvana Realm, his mind the picture of clarity, his thoughts lively and unobstructed.

"Elder Ji, come here." He smiled and beckoned with a hand.

Ji Yao walked over with puzzlement.

"See if this thing..."

He took out a clear porcelain bottle from his spatial ring, three drops of Atkins's lifeblood essence inside.

The light purple rank nine Abyss Devil blood flashed with sharp light, and seemed to be filled with a special law of the universe.

Ji Yao did not even touch the bottle. Its sight alone caused him to gape in shock.

A blinding light came out of his eyes. "Blood with metal power!"

He was so excited he tried to grab the bottle.

Qin Lie snickered and pulled the bottle back. He said, "Don't be in such a hurry."

Ji Yao reacted, his face blushing. He smiled guiltily and said, "I lost my calm, I lost my calm."

“I can’t just give it to you for free.” Qin Lie didn’t beat around the bush. “You have to pay a suitable price.”

Among the Abyss Devils, only rank nine Lords of the Abyss had a thread of unique laws in their blood.

Anyone who cultivated a similar power could analyze the mysteries contained within the blood and comprehend their true meaning.

Atkins's three drops of blood were some of the most valuable treasures to Ji Yao.

—Therefore, it was only natural for him to greatly desire them.

"You can ask any price!" Ji Yao said.

Qin Lie thought for a moment and said, "Let's talk later."

Ji Yao looked at the people around him and nodded. "Alright."

However, his gaze remained on Qin Lie's hand. He couldn’t hide his desire for the three droplets of blood.

At this time, the Ji Family members, Miao Yizi, and Chen Lin also noticed the talk between Qin Lie and Ji Yao.

They were all looking over.

Qin Lie smiled slightly, and said, "In the Abyss, there are rank nine Abyss Devils called Lords of the Abyss. Their bodies are treasures. If you can hunt Lords of the Abyss that cultivated similar element to yours… your cultivation will increase greatly!"

"Then those three drops of blood essence?" Ji Yao probed.

Qin Lie nodded.

"How many drops of blood essence would a Lord of the Abyss yield?" Ji Yao's breathing sped up.

"More than a hundred," Qin Lie said coolly.

Ji Yao inhaled, his eyes bright as he shouted, "How long until we can enter the Abyss in large numbers?!" He could not wait.

He could feel if he had a hundred drops of blood like this, he could build another level of his Soul Altar, and it would be quite soon.

"Are there any Abyss Devils skilled in spatial arts?" Miao Yizi said.

"There are." Qin Lie smiled and nodded.

Miao Yizi and Chen Lin exchanged a look, seeing the joy and surprise in each other's eyes. It was all they needed to understand each other’s thoughts.

"Please arrange for us to enter as soon as possible," Ji Yao begged.

Even Ji Yuan who usually did not like Qin Lie showed desire in her eyes.


Frost Desolation Abyss.

Gan Feipeng, Hunchback Ba and the others were led to the corpse refining base of Miao Fengtian.

Sealed within the tall ice pillars were dozens of ten meters tall Abyss Devils. Thick corpse energy shrouded them and caused the surrounding land to be shrouded in dark and bone-chilling aura.

Curtis and the other Asura Race soul slaves were all Soul Altar level experts.

There were seven or so among them that were in the Void Realm.

The Asura Race soul slaves that frequently fought in the Abyss had murderous auras even more terrifying than Hunchback Ba’s.

"These people..."

Hua Anyang's eyes were curious. He felt shocked and couldn't help but ask.

"They are all loyal to master," Miao Fengtian said coolly.

"Master?" Hua Anyang was shocked.

"Young Master Qin is our master," Miao Fengtian explained.

Hunchback Ba's expression changed slightly. He suddenly asked, "Are you the heir to the Corpse Progenitor?!"

The Corpse Demons in the surroundings were too obvious, and Miao Fengtian's aura was too unique. He could recognize it at a glance.

"Yes." Miao Fengtian nodded.

When the words were said, many people had shocked gazes, their expressions turning serious.

There were many Corpse Demons in this area, as well as many Void Realm and Imperishable Realm experts. The Asura Race experts especially all had extraordinary auras.

This force was enough to fight Lunar Temple or Sun Palace alone.

And all of them considered Qin Lie their master...

The people who thought that Qin Lie had used other forces to kill Jun Tianyao and the others realized the rumors outside may have been true.

"You are all stronger than Qin Lie, why are you willing to submit to him?" Gan Feipeng snorted.

Miao Fengtian stilled and then said, "Because he gave us everything we have."


Not long later.

Hua Anyang, Hunchback Ba, and the others came to the base of the Nether Realm races. Gan Feipeng started laughing from afar.

"Long time no see, long time no see!" He shouted to Gray and Gordon.

Ghost Eye Race's Gray, and Horned Demon Race's Gordon had contact with him over the three hundred years.

He frequently went to Nether Realm before.

"How come you came here, fatty?" Gordon shouted rudely.

"I came to discuss Qin Lie with you," Gan Feipeng chuckled.

"Discuss what about Young Master Qin?" Gordon looked strangely at him.

"You should know what the boy was like three centuries ago?" Gan Feipeng said seriously.

"I do not care about three centuries ago!" Gordon snorted and said firmly, "Starting now, all the races of Nether Realm will be the most reliable force behind Qin Lie!"

Ghost Eye Race's Gray grinned and said, "In the future, Qin Lie's status and identity in Nether Realm will be equal to the old patriarch of the Qin Family!"

Hua Anyang and the others of Sky Mender Palace paled upon hearing this abrupt declaration of loyalty.

Qin Shan won the respect of the races of Nether Realm because he had asked for help from Sky Mender Palace and allowed the races of Nether Realm to avoid being exterminated.

Qin Lie... what ability did he have to be favored by the Nether Realm so?

They did not know that Qin Lie opened the door to the Abyss to the races of Nether Realm. The value of it was similar to Qin Shan’s acts.

Gordon, Gray, Luz, and the others obtained the blood essence and flesh of Atkins through Qin Lie and discovered the source of their bloodlines.

Adding on the relationship through the Ling Family, their relationship with Qin Family was even closer than with Qin Shan.

"You..." Fan Gan was shocked.

"In the future, the Nether Realm races will only answer to Qin Lie. Sooner or later, Qin Lie will become the third generation leader of the Qin Family!" Luz said coolly.

He learned the aims of the incomers through Miao Fengtian.

Three centuries ago, these people who did not accept Qin Lie wanted to understand Qin Lie again.

They, who had received Qin Lie's help, of course had to support Qin Lie completely at this time.

"In conclusion, if the future leader of the Qin Family is not Qin Lie, all of the races of the Nether Realm will cut our ties with the Qin Family! We will only recognize Qin Lie!" Gordon shouted.

The other experts of Nether Realm nodded.

"You and the old patriarch have to understand our attitude!" Gordon said.

"In other words, between the old patriarch and Qin Lie, you would choose Qin Lie?" Hunchback Ba changed expression.

"That is what it means!" Gordon said.

The incomers who heard Gordon’s firm and resolute answer turned silent.

They started to become curious how Qin Lie caused these races of the Nether Realm become so wild about him?

"Shit, now I’m even more confused. Is this present Qin Lie the one we were familiar with three centuries ago?" Gan Feipeng muttered.

Hunchback Ba, Fan Gan, and the others became silent and confused.

"Maybe you need to change how you look at Qin Lie," Hua Anyang said thoughtfully.

The group nodded slowly.

This trip to Frost Desolation Abyss brought them great shock. 

They decided to start looking at Qin Lie differently.

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