Chapter 1184: A Deep Bow

Chapter 1184: A Deep Bow

Qin Lie cultivated many different attributes, practiced many different spirit arts, and many different bloodlines dwelled inside his veins.

Those spirit arts and bloodlines were the foundation and the pinnacle of the world of cultivation. When he broke through, unusual things would occur.

At that time, Chen Lin, Miao Yizi, and the members of the Ji Family felt the mysterious laws exuded by Qin Lie’s body.

At this time, many glittering gazes and soul thoughts gathered on Qin Lie's body.

"Junior sister..." Chen Lin turned and looked at Miao Yizi who had returned. He immediately realized. “You also felt it?"

Miao Yizi stood silently and released her six-level Soul Altar. She sat on it, closed her eyes slowly and used all her power to focus the secret of space Qin Lie was exuding.

Chen Lin stilled and then sat down beside Qin Lie, closing his eyes in silence.

"Big brother..."

The Ji Family members looked at Ji Yao with excitement.

They also felt a hint of inspiration towards their spirit arts from Qin Lie’s body, and wanted to comprehend them right away.

Ji Yao nodded and said, "No problem."

The members of the Ji Family finally sat down, surrounding Qin Lie and closed their eyes.

In but a moment, all Void Realm powerhouses looked at Qin Lie as a miraculous item capable of helping them comprehend the laws of the world.

Qin Lie, burning with the inextinguishable fire, seemed to be under their protection, and achieved a breakthrough without any worries.

Having finished, Qin Lie looked around with a bashful expression.

The Void Realm experts of Central World encircled him. If someone else came, they would think these people were protecting him.

But he knew that they weren’t protecting him, and were pursuing their own interests instead.

"Secrets of many different laws of the world..."

Qin Lie murmured. He gathered his attention and probed the changes in his body.

In his Soul Lake, lightning still flashed and thunder still roared, tongues of flame shooting wildly.

Within the flames, his Soul Lake seemed to evaporate as it shrank.

In the Soul Lake, his True Soul floated as it was slowly turning tangible.

Usually, the breakthrough of Nirvana Realm involved being burned with Nirvana Fire.

This process was a kind of cleansing and refinement of the True Soul and Soul Lake, causing the True Soul to become more tangible.

Of course, in the process, the martial practitioners’ Soul Lake would shrink and slowly recover in the days after the breakthrough.

After the tempering, the Soul Lake and True Soul would become even stronger.

Many special soul secret arts, and special bloodlines had higher soul energy requirement for a breakthrough.

However, because he had an avatar, when his True Soul and Soul Lake were being refined, he could easily replenish his soul energy during the process.

Being cleansed at the same time it was increasing, his soul consciousness could not calm down.

At the same time, the different spirit powers in his dantian were becoming chaotic.

This caused lightning, flames, and ice to circle around him as a multi-layered shield of different colors..

Also, the bloodline in his body was boiling.

He could see the characters of the different races float out of his blood.

Those special runes were what had attracted Ji Yao, Miao Yizi, and the others. This was the most mysterious part of his bloodline.

Time passed.

Six whole hours passed. The special vibrations from Qin Lie finally calmed.

Miao Yizi, and many of the people of the Ji Family still sat on their Soul Altars, each of them with thoughtful expressions.

They seemed to have reaped some benefits from Qin Lie.

Nearby, Song Tingyu, who had sent the people from Sky Mender Palace into the Frost Desolation Abyss stood at the door to a palace of Seven Eye Island with an unusual expression.

On the other side, Zhuang Jing and Lin Jie were also looking over in shock.

Many of Flaming Sun Island's martial practitioners were also disturbed and looked over.

Everyone was whispering.

"The leader of the Ji Family, Ji Yao, and Ji Yuan, why are they here?" Lin Jie said curiously.

"I heard that the Ji Family, the Qin Family, and the Sky Mender Palace allied together," Zhuang Jing said coolly.

"Ally? If these three forces ally together, their strength is not much less than the six forces!" Lin Jie said in shock.

"Island master is having a small breakthrough in the Nirvana Realm and has managed to attract the protection of so many experts! It seems that the forces think highly of island master!"

"Of course!"

"As long as we are on Flaming Sun Island, we will have a chance to enter Central World in the future!"


The ignorant crowds whispered among themselves and were filled with hope towards the future.

Earlier that day.

Chen Lin also opened his eyes. He looked deeply at Qin Lie, his face covered in undisguised shock.

"Big Fatty Gan and the others should have stayed." Miao Yizi sighed softly.

In such a short few hours, she comprehended the laws of space from Qin Lie. She had gained insights into a completely new law.

She suddenly realized she could use this comprehension to search for a way to advance into the Genesis Realm.

The secrets and mysteries of the space she had felt from Qin Lie were enough to support her breakthrough.

"A direct manifestation of the laws!" Chen Lin shouted.

Miao Yizi sighed and nodded.

At this time, many Ji Family members stood up under Ji Yao's leadership.

Ji Yao's eyes were filled with excitement. He looked at Miao Yizi, then at Chen Lin, took a deep breath and then bowed deeply at Qin Lie.

Behind him, the Ji Family members also bowed.

This included Ji Yuan who had disliked Qin Lie all this time.

"What’s going on?"

In the surroundings, the Flaming Sun Island martial practitioners on the enormous floating islands were astounded.

The Ji Family experts were all bowing deeply to Qin Lie whose eyes weren't even open. This was fantastical.

"Everyone is..."

Qin Lie, who was reinforcing his cultivation, was forced to wake up prematurely and looked with shock at the crowd.

"You boy!" Ji Yao straightened, his face blooming with a smile. He laughed and said loudly, "My cultivation, which has been stagnant for many years, has once again advanced because of you!"

"Was it this effective?" Qin Lie was shocked. "The spirit art you cultivate is related to metal?"

Ji Yao nodded and said, "Yes. Just now, I felt a powerful metal power coming from your body!"

"We also..."

Behind him, several other Ji Family martial practitioners who cultivated spirit arts associated with frost, flame and lightning all had excited expressions. They clearly had benefited greatly.

"Thank you!" they shouted in unison.

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