Chapter 1182: Meeting

Chapter 1182: Meeting

Every realm breakthrough was related to three things: soul energy, spirit energy, and the mind.

For now, Qin Lie had no worries regarding his soul energy—he could easily acquire an endless amount of soul energy from the Soul Beast  avatar.

He had nothing to worry about regarding his physique as well because he had a powerful bloodline and two hearts. The latter especially enabled him to absorb even more world spirit energy than usual.

As a result, he could accumulate the spirit energy required for a breakthrough far faster than other regular cultivators.

Therefore, the one thing that was stopping him from ascending to the next stage was his mind.

The improvement of one’s mind wasn’t just based on one’s understanding of the laws of power. It was also related to one’s experience and changes in mindset.

After finally getting to meet the Qin Family and making the first steps to integrate himself with the Central World, Qin Lie felt both motivated and elated. It was as if a new world had opened up to him, or a clog in his body had finally been removed.

Now that all the requirements were met, it was only natural for him to ascend to the middle stage of the Nirvana Realm.

He probed his body with his consciousness, and he noticed that an unusual clump of spirit energy had transformed into a swirly mass. His dantian and spirit sea were also starting to transform.

The frost aura, thunderous energy, and earthen power inside his spirit sea were all starting to grow restless.

“It really does look like I’m about to break through…” Qin Lie said.

Song Tingyu looked surprised. “What a timing. I’m not sure if this is good or bad.”

“Of course it’s a good thing.” Qin Lie smiled.

Meanwhile, on the other side.

The group that had just emerged from the realm entrance immediately spotted a figure standing a ways away from Seven Spirits Islands the moment they rose to the sky.

Qin Lie’s blood was boiling, so his long hair had turned blood red in color. It was so eye catching that it caught the group’s attention even though he was a ways away from them.

“Is that him?”

Surprise flitted across Chen Lin’s normally indifferent face. The question voiced in an uncertain tone was directed at Miao Yizi.

It had been three hundred years. Although he had listened in on Qin Lie’s activities all these years, he hadn’t never seen the latter with his own eyes.

That was why he had no idea how Qin Lie currently looked like.

At the distance, Qin Lie’s red hair looked like a blazing trail of fire, and his aura was so terrific that Chen Lin couldn’t quite believe his own senses.

Compared to three hundred years ago, this Qin Lie was like a completely different person.

That was why he had to check with Miao Yizi.

“He’s different, isn’t he?” Miao Yizi said indifferently.

Chen Lin nodded. “He really is.”

“Red hair! Red eyes! That brat has actually awakened his God Race bloodline!” Gan Feipeng yelled in surprise, “Strange, how strange, does resurrection makes it easier to awaken one’s bloodline?”

“Early stage Nirvana Realm—wait no, that’s not right!” Hunchback Ba abruptly shouted, “He’s about to break through to the next stage of the Nirvana Realm!”

Surprised, everyone in the group tried to probe Qin Lie with their soul consciousness.

Most of them were in the Void Realm. Their intimidating gazes became focused on Qin Lie’s person at once.

It was almost as if dozens of invisible ropes had wrapped around Qin Lie suddenly. Moreover, these ropes swam inside his muscles and touched his dantian, as if the act would allow them to see through Qin Lie.

Hundreds and thousands of lightning gushed out of Qin Lie’s soul consciousness. They attacked the soul tendrils fiercely like unleashed dragons.


Tiny arcs of lightning appeared on the surface of Qin Lie’s skin. It was almost as if he was wearing a suit of lightning.

Lightning suddenly sputtered out of the watching experts’ eyes.


Gan Feipeng yelped as tears seeped out of his tiny eyes. He actually looked pretty sorry for a second.

Fan Gan, Hua Anyang, and the others were rubbing their bloodshot eyes too. A latecomer would’ve thought that they were crying a second ago.

Some members of the Ji Family were swearing as well.

Ji Yao, Chen Lin, and Miao Yizi were the only ones who were fine. Surprised, they looked at Qin Lie thoughtfully.

Chen Lin glanced at Miao Yizi again, “Junior sister…”

Miao Yizi shook her head before he could say anything, “Don’t ask me, I don’t know what’s going on either.”

Chen Lin was astonished.

He was curious to know how Qin Lie, a Nirvana Realm martial practitioner was able to repel Gan Feipeng and the others’ soul consciousness from his body. This shouldn’t happen.

He thought that Miao Yizi would know the answer since she had come into contact with him earlier.

But Miao Yizi had denied any knowledge firmly.

“This guy is only in the Nirvana Realm, so why does he have such vast soul power?” Big Fatty Gan cried out again and again.

Hunchback Ba, Fan Gan, and the others wore serious looks on their faces as well.

They didn’t realize that Qin Lie had used a bit of the Soul Beast avatar’s soul energy to teach them a small lesson.

The rank nine Soul Beast avatar’s soul was far stronger than souls of those present. Naturally, he had no trouble cutting apart their soul tendrils like hot knife through butter after he further enhanced it with lightning power.

“He has grown up a little compared to before,” Fan Gan said solemnly.

The group chatted amongst themselves as they flew towards Qin Lie. No one tried to probe Qin Lie with their soul consciousness any longer after the surprise counterattack.

At Seven Spirits Islands, Qin Lie smiled before greeting them all, “Welcome to my place, fellow seniors!”

“Are you about to ascend to the next stage?”

Ji Yao asked while chuckling. He had known Qin Lie for quite some time now, and right now he seemed more well acquainted to Qin Lie than even the members of the Qin Family.

“Yes, almost,” Qin Lie replied smilingly.

Ji Yao gave him a thumbs up and encouraged him, “You’re amazing. You’re truly a different person after you’ve awakened your bloodline!”

He knew why the group had come to Seven Spirits Islands. He knew they wanted to see if Qin Lie truly had changed with their own eyes, which would then lead them to decide whether they wanted to enter the Abyss.

Thanks to Qin Lie’s persuasions, the Ji Family… had already made up their mind since a long time ago. Ironically, Sky Mender Palace and the Qin Family, that were supposed to be his backers, were still hesitating.

“Are you really Qin Lie?” Gan Feipeng exclaimed.

“I’m the only one with the God Race bloodline, right?” Qin Lie responded while raising his eyebrows.

It was at this moment Chen Lin walked over and passed Qin Lie a letter, staring at him deeply, “Your grandfather told me to give this to you.”

“Uncle Chen?” Qin Lie asked quietly.

Chen Lin tugged at the corner of his lips, “Yes.”

Qin Lie bowed towards him respectfully. “There’re a lot of things that I no longer remember. I hope you’ll forgive me, Uncle Chen.”

From his other self’s memories, he knew that the thin old man before him had always cared for him deeply. Chen Lin had never truly abandoned him to his fate.

He was one of the few people who had treated him honestly.

That was why he bowed and thanked Chen Lin so seriously.

“You treat me too well, young master.”

Chen Lin hurriedly lifted Qin Lie back to eye level, but a near indiscernible trace of gladness could be seen flashing across his icy pupils.

“You’re definitely a lot more sensible than before, young master. The old master would be happy to see it,” he said softly.

“Why hasn’t grandpa come here today?” Qin Lie asked.

Chen Lin pointed a finger at the letter.

Falling silent, Qin Lie opened the letter and began reading.

The people around him paid attention to his expression as he read.

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