Chapter 1181: Gradual Return

Chapter 1181: Gradual Return

Qin Lie looked at Gan Xing at the others before smiling at them, asking, “How do you plan to use Avery?”

“Are you really going to give him to us?” Gan Xing answered with a question.

“Of course,” Qin Lie replied.

“We plan to keep him alive and drain his blood slowly. He’s more useful to us alive than dead.” Gan Xing smiled.

“Speaking of which, why have you all come here?”

“We were going to invite you along and hunt some Abyss Devils…”

“And now?”

“We’ll deal with Avery first.”

“Do what you want.”

Qin Lie smiled and bade them goodbye. He didn’t stay there for longer than necessary.

Holding the book named “The Treasury” in his hand, Qin Lie moved straight to Boluo Realm after locking onto its position with a soul servant.


Zhuang Jing smiled and bowed respectfully at him inside a dark palace.

Qin Lie nodded slightly before shooting an odd glance at Lin Jie standing next to her.

Lin Jie was a member of Lunar Temple. A bit of redness had dyed her white face, almost as if she was extremely embarrassed and regretful about something.

“Master, do you remember what you said last time? Does… it still count?” Zhuang Jing asked.

It took a moment before Qin Lie realized what she was talking about. He suddenly fell silent.

Earlier, he had tried to change Lin Jie into a soul servant so he could teleport to the Land of Chaos whenever he wished. 

He had told Zhuang Jing to check if Lin Jie was willing.

However, things were different now. Flaming Sun Island had fully left Spirit Realm, and even the Silver rank forces had departed the Land of Chaos. He didn’t think he would be returning to the Land of Chaos anytime soon, so the additional soul coordinate seemed unnecessary.

“Not now. We’ll speak of that in the future.”

He left the hall after saying these words. He didn’t offer anything else.

“Senior sister, he doesn’t think I’m worthy, does he?” Lin Jie’s expression looked a little unnatural after Qin Lie left the area. She smiled mockingly at herself before saying, “Well, he isn’t wrong. Both Miss Song, Miss Tang and you, senior sister, are beautiful women. It’s only natural for him to spurn me.”

Both Lin Jie and Zhuang Jing were now aware that Lunar Temple, and even Liu Xianzhe had been destroyed by Qin Lie.

They had cut ties with Lunar Temple since a while ago, and they only had Flaming Sun Island now. Qin Lie was the island master of Flaming Sun Island, and he was their biggest backer from hereon.

The only way they could only earn a spot in Flaming Sun Island was through Qin Lie.

That was why they had considered Qin Lie’s previous suggestion seriously. Lin Jie was even prepared to present her body to him after some serious thinking.

However, Qin Lie’s rejection seemed to mean that he had no intentions of bringing up this matter any longer. It both disappointed and terrified Lin Jie.

“You think too much. He’s probably troubled because of the Qin Family. He should return to his normal self after a while,” Zhuang Jing said soothingly.

“The Qin Family?” Lin Jie looked astonished.

“The Qin Family is coming over very soon,” Zhuang Jing said indifferently.


At the center of Seven Spirits Islands.

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu stood next to one another as they stared at a nearby palace, waiting.

“Who’ll be coming?” Qin Lie asked.

The reason he wanted to part ways with Gan Xing and his people as soon as possible was because he received news from Flaming Sun Island that the Ji Family, Sky Mender Palace, and Qin Family would be visiting them very soon.

The three factions were obviously hoping to deepen their understanding of the Abyss.

Since he didn’t know who among the Qin Family would be showing, he was feeling a little nervous. That was why he had come over ahead of time.

“I heard that the twelve great vassal forces of the Qin Family are the ones who are coming over today… not the Qin Family,” Song Tingyu said softly.

“The twelve great vassal forces…” Qin Lie frowned slightly.

He had learned recently that the Qin Family’s vassal forces were very biased against him.

The incident from three hundred years had impacted the twelve great forces severely and forced them to live in outer space for many years. It took them a long while before they finally regained their former strength.

There was no way the twelve great vassal forces would be willing to go through the same thing a second time. They would lead their subordinates into the Abyss only after confirming that Qin Lie and Flaming Sun Island were reliable.

—Even if it was a matter of great appeal.

At the Ji Family, a group of experts were gathered at the ninth spatial teleportation formation.

A dazzling realm entrance was opened at the center of the formation.

Ji Yao, Ji Yuan, Hua Anyang, Hua Yuchi, Hunchback Ba, Gan Feipeng, and Fan Gan were all standing at the entrance. 

Besides that, Chen Lin and Miao Yizi were in the group as well.

“Will you all head into the Abyss if the young master really has changed?” Chen Lin asked indifferently.

“Relax, Boss Chen, we’re all interested in the Abyss. Who wouldn’t want to reap a large number of high level Abyss Devils for themselves in a place that’s full of attractive preys? There’s no reason for us to turn down this opportunity, unless Young Master Qin screws us over again of course.”

Big Fatty Gan chuckled, “It’s been three hundred years. Who knows? Maybe Young Master Qinreally has grown up a little.”

Hunchback Ba and Fan Gan both looked a little odd after hearing this.

Miao Yizi was frowning slightly, however. She seemed to have a different idea in her mind.

“Why have you decided to join us, little sis?” Gan Feipeng asked softly.

“Doesn’t matter,” Miao Yizi answered indifferently.

She shot a complicated look at the spatial entrance.

She was already a little out of it even before she came to the Ji Family. She herself couldn’t tell why she had joined them.

“Maybe it’s because I want to know what kind of person he truly is now?” she thought to herself.

She hadn’t forgotten what had happened at Sun Palace. At the time, Qin Lie had given off an entirely different impression. She wanted to know if it was real, or just a lapse in her judgement.

“If there are no objections, then shall we head over now?” Ji Yao checked.

Everyone nodded in response.

Ji Yuan led them slowly into the realm entrance.

Seven Spirits Islands.

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu continued to watch as a group of experts emerged from the Ancient Beast Race’s realm entrance and headed their way.

This realm entrance worked both ways, so the Ji Family was able to enter Boluo Realm with ease after Qin Lie had given them Boluo Realm’s spatial coordinates.

A white bone altar was set up at Seven Spirits Islands. It allowed easy entry to the Abyss.

“They’ve come,” Song Tingyu said softly.

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes at the distant experts and felt nervous all of a sudden.

This was the first time the three factions he was familiar with—the Ji Family, the Qin Family and Sky Mender Palace—had come together and entered his domain.

One might say that this was his first step into the Central World.

“It’s been three hundred years. I guess it’s time for me to make my return, “ he muttered to himself.

Suddenly, his God Race bloodline began to boil uncontrollably. At the same time, his stagnant realm suddenly showed signs of ascending to the next realm.

“You’re not planning to make a breakthrough now, are you?” Even Song Tingyu was surprised by this.

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