Chapter 1180: God Race Treasury

Chapter 1180: God Race Treasury

The square blood-jade book was suddenly enveloped by a dark red light after the drop of blood fell.

A thread of Qin Lie's spirit consciousness immediately was drawn into it.


His soul seemed to fall into a forest of books. Many characters that recorded all kinds of spirit materials, artifacts, spirit pills, realms, and treasures filled the space inside the book like stars.

That space seemed to be cut into pieces and each piece was labelled with the words of the God Race above it.

The sections went like this: Spirit materials, spirit artifacts, pills, realms, spirit armor, bodies of high level beings, arts, secret arts.

The divided spaces were like the levels of a scripture tower. Each level flashed with divine characters that flashed like stars.

The thread of Qin Lie's spiritual consciousness which came in turned into a wisp of fire. It moved casually around and then entered the level where the artifacts were.

He suddenly felt as though he entered the God Race's Chaos Blood Realm.

His soul entered one of the “stars”, many divine characters immediately flashing before him.

"Divine Grade spirit artifacts, Soul Race artifacts, Spirit Race artifacts, Abyss Devil Race artifacts, Gray Wing Race artifacts..."

Qin Lie recited mentally.

In just the spirit artifact area, there were many different ranks, and in the Divine Grade area, the items were separated by race.

He searched for a long time before he saw a small subsection labeled as “Races of Spirit Realm”..

His soul immediately went in.

Blood Demon Eye.

Refined by the Blood Progenitor of the human race.

Grade: Divine Grade One, with artifact soul.

Price: Seven million merit points.

Suitable for: The inheritor of the Blood Progenitor’s legacy.

Voodoo God Cauldron.

Treasure of the Voodoo Progenitor of the human race

Grade: Divine Grade One, the artifact soul had disappeared.

Price: Five million merit points.

Suitable for: The inheritor of the Voodoo Progenitor’s legacy.

Heaven Curse Diagram.

A former possession of the Curse Progenitor of the human race.

Grade: Divine Grade One, contains a thread of the laws of the universe.

Price: Eight million merit points.

Suitable for: Anyone skilled in formations or the inheritor of the Curse Progenitor’s legacy.

Skeleton Demon Staff.

The remnant of the Asura Race’s forefather and progenitor, Ashura.

Grade: Divine Grade One.

Price: Six and a half million merit points.

Suitable for: All Asura clansmen.

Dark Nether Orb.

Grade: Divine Grade Two.

Price: Fifteen million merit points.

Suitable for: All Dark Nether clansmen.

Ancient Life Tree.

An unusual entity with intelligence.

Grade: Divine Grade Three.

Price: Fifty million merits points.

Suitable for: Unknown.

He was flooded with introductions of artifacts of all the races of Spirit Realm. The book contained artifacts of the human race, Asura Race, Giant Race, Ancient Beast Race, and many others. The artifacts there were valuable inheritances that were being passed down for countless generations. They were all here.

All of them were Divine Grade artifacts.

Each artifact had a simple introduction, grade, its worth in merit points and its suitability.

They had been taken when the strongest of the Spirit Realm’s races died by the hands of the God Race, their ultimate legacy treasures thrown into God Race’s treasury.

The God Race, because of differences in blood and race, were not interested in these items.

Due to this, after twenty thousand years, no God Race clansman was willing to use millions of merit points to trade for them.

They were gathering dust in the God Race’s treasury.

If the ancient races of Spirit Realm knew of the Blood Demon Eye, Voodoo God Cauldron, Heaven Curse Diagram, Skeleton Demon Staff, Dark Nether Orb, and many more being in the hands of the God Race, they would go mad.

Especially the Ancient Life Tree. According to the first voodoo creature, this was an item that could supplement Qin Lie’s bloodline!

When he knew that even the Ancient Life Tree of the Wood Race was in the treasury and could be traded for using merit points, he could not keep calm.

"So the lost treasures of Spirit Realm are mostly in the hands of the God Race..."

His soul consciousness roamed around the book and found that the most secret arts and weapons of the Spirit Realm’s races were also there.

If he had enough merit points, he could trade for anything that existed in the treasury through Lieyan Wang.

His soul consciousness came out of the treasury. Qin Lie had a strange expression as he asked Gan Xing and the others, "No one ever examined what came from Spirit Realm?"

Gan Xing and the others were around Avery's body and discussing what to do with him.

After learning Avery was not dead, they did not want to immediately kill Avery. They wanted to torment him, leave Avery alive and keep taking out buckets of blood from him every day.

"Things from Spirit Realm?" Gan Xing stilled and then realized. He smiled and said, "For us, the artifacts, arts and pills from Spirit Realm are not very valuable to us. Qin Lie, really, you should use the merit points on the items suited to your bloodline and your race. Those Spirit Realm items will not have much benefit to the advancement of your bloodline."

"So in twenty thousand years, no one used merit points to trade for the items of Spirit Realm?" Qin Lie asked for confirmation.

Gan Xing nodded and said, "No one is willing to use valuable merit points on useless things."

Qin Lie thought for a while and asked, "What is the usual method to obtain a large number of merit points?"

"Oh there’s plenty. Helping the family kill the Abyss Devils, especially powerful ones like Atkins will get you a lot of merit points."

Gan Xing smiled and said, "Helping the family conquer other realms and have their races submit to the God Race. Also, you can explore other secret realms found by the family in search of items that can strengthen our bloodline."

"Or you can help the family hunt experts of the Soul Race and Spirit Race. That also gives a lot of merit points."

"Sometimes, the family will give special missions. If you can complete them, you will get a considerable amount of merit points."

"In conclusion, there are many ways of getting merit points, you are not limited to one."

Gan Xing explained in detail.

Qin Lie held the book title “Treasury" and thought for a while. He said, "I want more merit points."

"Who doesn't?" Gan Xing smiled and pointed at Wu Sha and Liu Yang. "We are fighting in the Abyss in hope we can get more merit points. We hope to trade for items that we can either fight with or strengthen our bloodline."

"It seems we need to work harder," Qin Lie said.

When he knew that the God Race treasury had the treasures of Spirit Realm and they could be traded for using merit points, he reconsidered his future path.

—He had to accumulate enough merit points.

The Ancient Life Tree of the Wood Race was worth fifty million merit points. He needed it for his bloodline.

He had to get the Ancient Life Tree as soon as possible!

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