Chapter 118: I Will Kill Your Entire Family! (Teaser)

Chapter 118: I Will Kill Your Entire Family!

“Qin Lie! How dare you barge into the Du Family to commit murder. You will not come out of this alive!”

Du Fei exclaimed harshly, but he did not dare to actually go close to Qin Lie. Instead, he escaped outside to call other Du Family members over to kill Qin Lie together.

“That’s Haitian’s Blue Leaf Sword!”

Inside the house, Du Jiaolan barely escaped the deadly blow in a most embarrassing manner while bleeding profusely from her stomach. Upon suddenly finding out the sword Qin Lie was wielding was actually the Blue Leaf Sword, she immediately screeched.

Covered in Beastskin Armor and bloodied all over, Qin Lie wore a crazed look on his face. He reflexively frowned a little when he saw Du Jiaolan dodging to the side and Du Fei rushing out of the yard.


The Blue Leaf Sword in his hands abruptly flew out, and like a bolt of cold light piercing through the night, it shot towards like lightning at the back of Du Fei’s heart.

“You dare!” Du Jiaolan rushed over with a disheveled look.

Unfortunately, the Blue Leaf Sword’s momentum wasn’t something she could stop anymore. With a “pfft” sound, the Blue Leaf Sword pierced Du Fei’s back, into his heart, and nailed him to a tree.


Du Jiaolan hysterically screamed out, and ignoring her profusely bleeding...

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