Chapter 118: I Will Kill Your Entire Family!

Chapter 118: I Will Kill Your Entire Family!

“Qin Lie! How dare you barge into the Du Family to commit murder. You will not come out of this alive!”

Du Fei exclaimed harshly, but he did not dare to actually go close to Qin Lie. Instead, he escaped outside to call other Du Family members over to kill Qin Lie together.

“That’s Haitian’s Blue Leaf Sword!”

Inside the house, Du Jiaolan barely escaped the deadly blow in a most embarrassing manner while bleeding profusely from her stomach. Upon suddenly finding out the sword Qin Lie was wielding was actually the Blue Leaf Sword, she immediately screeched.

Covered in Beastskin Armor and bloodied all over, Qin Lie wore a crazed look on his face. He reflexively frowned a little when he saw Du Jiaolan dodging to the side and Du Fei rushing out of the yard.


The Blue Leaf Sword in his hands abruptly flew out, and like a bolt of cold light piercing through the night, it shot towards like lightning at the back of Du Fei’s heart.

“You dare!” Du Jiaolan rushed over with a disheveled look.

Unfortunately, the Blue Leaf Sword’s momentum wasn’t something she could stop anymore. With a “pfft” sound, the Blue Leaf Sword pierced Du Fei’s back, into his heart, and nailed him to a tree.


Du Jiaolan hysterically screamed out, and ignoring her profusely bleeding stomach, she rushed towards Qin Lie with everything she had.

The reason Qin Lie had killed Du Fei first was to incite Du Jiaolan to turn insane and lose control!

The moment she charged him, Qin Lie took out the wooden sculpture and matched Du Jiaolan’s movements with a swing.

“Zzt Zzzt Zzt!”

The tightly woven electricity came out; raging thunder energy mixed within the thin body of electricity. It surrounded Du Jiaolan’s body instantly.

While she was screaming in pain Qin Lie closed in with a chilly face as his thunder-like fists fell down like a raging storm.

“Boom boom boom!”

Du Jiaolan’s body was struck repeatedly as the thunder energy around her exploded. Her bones were shattered, and blood flowed from every hole on her head.

“Qin Lie! Haitian will kill you! He definitely will!” Even when her mouth was filled with blood and the light in her eyes was gradually fading out, Du Jiaolan did not forget to threaten him.

“He is already dead,” coldly answered Qin Lie.

Du Jiaolan’s suddenly shuddered. “Impossible!”

“I first killed him and took his Blue Leaf Sword. Then, I came to kill the both of you.” Clenching his fist while Du Jiaolan was wrapped up by the electricity, Qin Lie directly struck her heart while continuing. “Your entire family deserves to die. The next one will be Du Heng. I will kill your entire family.”


An ugly sound emerged from Du Jiaolan’s chest, and her life was ended by Qin Lie’s final strike.

“Don’t kill us! Don’t kill me!”

Inside the house, the naked young girls were wrapped in thin clothing as they shrunk at the corner of the bed while shivering in fear.

In their eyes, Qin Lie who had barged in while covered in blood was like a cruel and bloodthirsty demon arriving at their doorsteps. They were afraid that Qin Lie, who had already killed both mother and son, Du Jiaolan and Du Fei, would also kill them offhandedly.

Qin Lie turned around and glanced around. He frowned slightly amidst the cries of the Du Family clansmen. Then, his figure vanished into the shadows around the corner.

“Little Lan! Little Lan! What are you shouting about?”

A dozen-odd seconds later, the Du Family’s house master and a few elders loudly cried out while rushing over.

The moment they arrived, they discovered Du Jiaolan and Du Fei’s bodies right then and there. These Du Family members cried out in shock and screamed to look for the murderer that very instant.

“Someone has killed Jiaolan and Du Fei! The murderer should not be too far away, chase him down already!” The Du family house master snapped loudly, “Send someone to Nebula Pavilion without delay. Inform Haitian about this news as soon as possible and have him lead Nebula Pavilion’s elites throughout the entire city to hunt down the murderer!”

“Patriarch Du!” At this moment, Fang Tong’s voice came from outside Du Family’s doorsteps as he led several Nebula Pavilion martial practitioners in while yelling loudly, “What happened, Patriarch Du!”

“Hall Master Fang, you have come at just the right time!” Du family’s house master exclaimed urgently, “Someone has barged into the Du Family and murdered Haitian’s cousin and nephew. We were just about to send someone to notify Haitian!”

“Qin Lie! He actually committed murder again in the Du Family!” Fang Tong’s face subsequently fell. “How long has it been since it happened?”

“Du Fei was just screaming just now,” replied the Du Family Patriarch.

“He must still be close then!” Fang Tong’s expression lit up as he loudly yelled, “Brothers, we will search the area with this spot as the center! He is severely injured, and there should be blood dripping from his body! Make sure you pay attention to blood spots!”

“Yes sir!”

“What happened, Hall Master Fang?” exclaimed Du Family’s Patriarch.

“Vice Pavilion Master Du was challenged and beheaded on the streets in front of Drunken Fragrance Garden by Qin Lie.” Fang Tong’s expression was rife with urgency as he hastily explained before yelling, “All of you, get moving! The Pavilion Master has given the absolute order to see Qin Lie’s head before daybreak!”

Once he finished, Fang Tong led the brothers under his command and spread out in all directions, searching for traces of blood at every path to lead them to Qin Lie’s location.

On the other hand, the Du Family Patriarch was so shocked he had fallen on his butt with a terrified expression. “Haitian is dead? Haitian was actually killed? He was just seated as Vice Pavilion Master today, how could he have possibly been killed?”

Each and every member of the Du Family also looked frightened, finding it hard to believe what they just heard.

Two hours ago, they were still celebrating the fact that Du Haitian had gloriously ascended to become Nebula Pavilion’s Vice Pavilion Master. They all thought that the Du Family had finally raised a capable person, and the entire family was brimming with happiness and excitement.

But two hours later, they suddenly received news that Du Haitian had died, in addition to finding out Du Jiaolan and Du Fei were killed...

“How can this be? How can this be?” Du Family’s house master whispered, unable to accept this terrible news. It wasn’t until he heard Fang Tong’s cries that he suddenly woke up and yelled, “Join Nebula Pavilion in the hunt. We must kill this person. Wake up every clansmen above the seventh level of Refinement!”

For a moment, the entire Du Family was also riled up as they joined Fang Tong’s people to chase after Qin Lie.

“Hall Master Fang! There are traces of blood here!” Under the night sky, a Nebula Pavilion martial practitioner cried out, “Heavens, he isn’t heading for the city gates… this blood trail is headed into the city!”

“Chase after him quickly!” Fang Tong yelled out in anger.

Dozens of figures speedily swept over and chased after the trail of blood. They were in a hurry to kill Qin Lie before daybreak so they could carry his head to Liu Yuntao.

It was already midnight.

Following a small path along the river, Qin Lie’s face was pale as he reigned in the pain, grit his teeth, and swiftly proceeded onward.

Blood leaked from the numerous tiny wounds on his body. They dripped through his Beastskin Armor and scattered in every direction as he ran.

After his battle against Du Haitian, many sections of the skin all over his body was stripped away by the Blue Leaf Sword. There were even a few wounds that were nearly bone deep.

It was only after putting on the Beastskin Armor Liang Zhong had gifted him and absorbing all of the spirit energy inside the Spirit Storage Board that he recovered somewhat.

After sneaking all the way to the Du Family complex and killing both mother and son, Du Jiaolan and Du Fei, he had nearly expended all of his energy. His combat capabilities were getting weaker and weaker...

“Du Heng, there is still Du Heng left!” he muttered in his heart. He was ready to return to Drunken Fragrance Garden and seek an opportunity to kill his final target.

“Give chase! He should be right in front of us!” Out of nowhere, there was a shout behind him.

Qin Lie’s expression changed. He did not expect the people from Nebula Pavilion to search the inner city instead of blocking the front of the city gates.

—He didn’t know that Fang Tong had just brought his men over to inform the Du Family of Du Haitian’s death and just happened to discovered his tracks. Neither did he know that they had immediately followed his trail of blood and were hot on his trail.

Channeling his spirit energy, he quietly probed and discovered that his dantian’s spirit sea had less than thirty percent of his spirit energy remaining, and the thunder energy inside his Natal Palace would only be sufficient for three or four more attacks.

Glancing about in every direction, he suddenly walked up to the little river beside him and slowly dipped himself into the river.

Two minutes later, Fang Tong led five Nebula Pavilion martial practitioners chasing after the trail of blood all the way to where he was currently standing.

“The trail of blood has disappeared!” cried out Nebula Pavilion martial practitioner from the front.

“He must be around here then!” Fang Tong coldly said with a dark face, “Today is the day our Pavilion Master rose to his position, and yet it was ruined by an insignificant worm using extremely despicable methods. If we do not promptly kill him, then the Pavilion Master will definitely lose his honor! Brothers, if we carry his head to the Pavilion Master, we will definitely be handsomely rewarded by the Pavilion Master!”

While encouraging his brothers, Fang Tong glanced at his surroundings before immediately saying, “Above and behind the trees, along the two sides of the stone path, and both the riverside and river bed. Search them all!”

The few Nebula Pavilion martial practitioners moved right away.

Two of the men gradually closed in on Qin Lie’s position beside the river. One of the men glanced at the river under the night sky before crying out, “There is blood inside the river!”


In a flash, Qin Lie leaped out of the river. As soon as the man cried out in shock, Qin Lie swam to his side like a river monster before dragging him right into the water.

While they were inside the river, Qin Lie repeatedly smashed the back side of the person’s head with his fist and murdered him with brute force.

“Inside the river! Kill that bastard!” angrily yelled Fang Tong from the shore.

Several people instantaneously began channeling their power and activated the powers inside the spirit artifacts they were wielding. For a moment, a multi-colored assortment of lights, blades of ice and strings of fire all shot towards Qin Lie’s position.

“Bang bang bang!”

Sparks flew off Qin Lie’s Beastskin Armor to block all of the long-ranged attacks, protecting his body from actual harm.

“That’s Beastskin Armor. It’s the standard uniform worn by Dark Asura Hall generals, and they can block many Refinement level attacks!” Fang Tong’s expression changed as he yelled, “Aim at his head!”

Due to water resistance, Qin Lie’s movements were significantly restricted inside the river.

The moment he heard Fang Tong’s new order, his heart chilled, and he had no choice but to jump out of the water. While blocking the enemy’s attacks with the Beastskin armor, he continued to climb to the street on the other side of the river.


The longblade in Fang Tong’s hand glowed with rainbow-colored light, and it slammed into Qin Lie’s back, causing him to unceremoniously fall forward.

He used the force to aid him on his way to climb up to the street on the other side. However, the moment he lifted his head, he abruptly froze as his expression became clouded with incredibly mixed feelings, “Gao Yu…”

Gao Yu stood cold and tall on the side of the street he was climbing onto while looking down on him. He said, “I knew you would go to the Du Family and kill them.”

“Gao Yu! Stop him! We’ll be coming right over!” Fang Tong was overjoyed as he quickly led a few brothers down the river and rushed towards Qin Lie.

“Alright!” Gao Yu nodded coolly. Vengeful spirits floated from the Ogre-faced Rings on his fingers, and the numerous ghosts quickly formed into a green-faced, large-fanged vile ghost.

The moment the vile ghost was formed, it immediately rushed towards Qin Lie with fangs bared and claws ready to tear Qin Lie’s neck apart.

“Good job!” Fang Tong shouted.

But Qin Lie did not move.

He just stood there staring at Gao Yu’s eyes, doing nothing at all to defend against the incoming ghost.

With a cold and gloomy expression, Gao Yu curled his lips before unexpectedly muttering in a chilly tone, “You shouldn’t trust me so much…”

Once finished, the vile ghost rushing towards Qin Lie all of a sudden floated by and passed the top of his head. Then, with a vicious howl, it ruthlessly charged into Fang Tong’s men and began its rampage.

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