Chapter 1179: The Limit of Assimilation

Chapter 1179: The Limit of Assimilation

A moment later, Qin Lie shook his head in disappointment and did not continue.

Avery, with his rank seven bloodline, had the bloodline latent ability of Floris in his body. That was a powerful and rare bloodline ability.

He wanted to assimilate it.

Yet for some reason, the bloodline latent ability from Avery that came from Floris could not be assimilated.

"Is it because the rank is too low?" he thought.

Not long ago, he tried to use other Abyss Devils, and even Acarus's blood essence. None of them could be assimilated.

He thought back.

Nivitt and the Silver Streak Heavenly Snakes had corrosion, the Spirits of Void and Chaos could directly consume their respective element, the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit had Star Door, Atkins had Golden Armor and Golden Light. These were the bloodline latent abilities he had assimilated.

Nivitt had rank nine bloodline the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit's power was unknown but he felt it should have been rank nine. Atkins was a Lord of the Abyss, similarly rank nine.

Other than the Spirits of Void and Chaos which were the most mysterious beings of the universe, all of the bloodlines he had absorbed came from blood essence of rank nine bloodline beings.

The Spirits of Void and Chaos were strange creatures, transcending the concept of reality, existing between dimensions themselves.

Also, the fire Spirit of Void and Chaos had been born from Fire Qilin’s blood essence and, most importantly, Qin Lie’s own blood and soul. He could assimilate fire spirit’s bloodline latent ability because of it.

The Spirits of Void and Chaos were special and could not be grouped with others.

So all of the bloodline latent abilities he had absorbed came from powerful rank nine beings.

Rank nine beings could imprint the laws and the core bloodline latent abilities of their race onto their bloodline.

Ordinary Abyss Devils would only become intelligent after becoming Lords of the Abyss. It was at this level that their entire being transformed. That’s when they became beings capable of ruling a territory of their own.

Rank nine, this seemed to be a dividing line and a turning point in bloodlines of all powerful races.

At the very least, Perfect Blood was only capable of assimilating bloodlines of such beings.

"It seems that Avery is too weak."

Looking at the frozen Abyss Devil beside him, Qin Lie was disappointed and looked into the distance.

That was the territory of the rank nine Flame Demon Floris.

A bitter smile appeared on his face. He murmured, "Do I have to attack another Lord of the Abyss? In such a short time, everyone has not yet recovered. Also.. Lieyan Wang has targeted him from long ago. No good, no good..."

When he realized that Avery's blood could not give him a latent ability, he looked at Avery like an ordinary Flame Demon.

"A rank seven Flame Demon is average if made into a Corpse Demon. Since the bloodline of a Flame Demon is beneficial for the advancement of the Blaze Family bloodline, how about I use the Flesh Filling Tombstone to refine him and absorb the fleshly energy..."

Just as he was thinking. The Asura Race soul slave beside him suddenly said, "Master, a small God Race team of the Blaze Family came to our base."

Qin Lie awoke from his thoughts and nodded. He said, "Remain here."

He made a connection with his soul. He found the soul slave left at Atkins's original territory. After opening the star door, he grabbed Avery and went in.

Beside a lava pool.

The ten person God Race team led by Gan Xing waited silently with a smile.

Behind the Asura Race soul slave, the star door flashed. Qin Lie and Avery appeared together.


Qin Lie casually threw the frozen Avery beside the lava pool.


Liu Yang, Wu Sha, and Yan Feng all shook, their eyes filled with hatred.

"You know him?" Qin Lie was shocked.

"He is Floris's oldest son, how can we not?" Liu Yang looked at the frozen Avery, her eye sprouting fire. Her teeth ground together. "This bastard tore apart several of my friends last time!"

"He killed many of our companions!" Wu Sha also radiated boundless hatred.

"I want to cut him to pieces! He bit off the head of one of my cousins!" Yan Feng shouted.

Last time, they had all followed Lieyan Wang into Floris's territory. They fought with many Flame Demons.

With their rank seven bloodline, their main enemies were the Flame Demon groups led by Avery.

They and three other God Race teams tried their best but were unable to kill Avery and his subordinates.

Many of their companions from the other teams were smashed into meat paste by Avery's fire hammer.

They watched as their compatriots were ruthlessly killed as Avery bellowed arrogantly.

They hated this son of Floris.

This time, they came to see Qin Lie to discuss how to attack the Flame Demons.

Avery was their primary target.

They never expected Qin Lie to appear with a frozen Avery.

Inside the ice, Avery was bloodied and wounded, cut into ribbons and unbearable to see.

This vicious Flame Demon seemed to be dead.

Looking such a miserable Avery, the ten people present felt it was very pleasing.

"You killed him?" Gan Xing said in wonder.

They knew how difficult Avery was. They all appeared shocked that Qin Lie came alone with the frozen Avery.

Even Gan Xing had no confidence he could kill Avery fighting alone.

Much less when Avery always had a group of vicious Flame Demon subordinates around him.

"He is not dead yet." Qin Lie smiled and said, "Debts have to be paid. If you are unhappy, should I give him to you?"

"Really?" Liu Yang"s eyes lit up and she shouted, "The Flame Demons are unlike the Golden Horned Brute Devils. Their flesh is very beneficial to the bloodline of the Blaze Family! For the Blaze Family, a rank seven Flame Demon is worth more than a rank eight Golden Horned Brute Devil! Before our bloodline advances, if we eat a large amount of Flame Demon meat, when we achieve a breakthrough, we have a high possibility of obtaining a powerful bloodline latent ability!"

Wu Sha, Yan Feng and the others were clearly excited.

Clearly, they were very attracted to the rank seven Avery.

Qin Lie smiled and winked. He said, "As you wish."

Everyone was overjoyed.

Gan Xing also became puzzled. He said, "Qin Lie, the Flame Demons are beneficial to the Blaze Family's bloodline, you..."

"I temporarily do not need it." Qin Lie shook his head and said, "Also, this Avery is highly intelligent and cannot compare to those ordinary Abyss Devils. If it is not a matter of life and death, I do not want to directly eat his flesh. I am… still not used to it."

"Used to what?" Liu Yang looked curiously at him and said, "In the universe, so many intelligent beings have flesh and bones that are very beneficial to others. The strong races greatly desire flesh that is abundant in fleshly energy.. The evolution of life and the transformation of bloodlines has always been so bloody and cruel, what is strange about that?"

Qin Lie smiled but did not explain.

He was not a good person. When it was at the moment of death, he could do anything.

However, when not threatened by death, he still found it hard to "eat" the still-living Avery.

"Right. You delivered the Corpse Summoning Bell and the Corpse Storing Coffin last time, but you did not give me the book containing the God Race’s spirit materials and spirit artifacts." Qin Lie grinned and said, "Did you bring it this time?"

At the start of the month, Gan Xing had come but Qin Lie had not been there to meet him.

Gan Xing had delivered the Corpse Summoning Bell and the Corpse Storing Coffin before leaving.

However, he had not given Qin Lie's subordinates the book with records of God Race’s treasures that Lieyan Wang had promised him.

"Yes, I had it with me the last time, but I did not give it to that person because you were not here." Gan Xing thought for a moment and said, "This thing is not like the Corpse Summoning Bell and the Corpse Storing Coffin. It is a God Race item, and can only be given to our clansmen."

As he spoke, Gan Xing took out a strange book from the spatial ring.

That book seemed to be refined from blood jade.

When Qin Lie received it, he realized it was completely melded together. It was like a solid block of jade, thus its pages could not be flipped.

"You have to use a drop of blood to be able to inspect the contents inside. This is not an ordinary book," Gan Xing explained with a smile.


Qin Lie was curious. He released a drop of blood and probed with his mind.

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