Chapter 1178: Head On

Chapter 1178: Head On

Inside the collapsing Flame World, Qin Lie looked at the hammer below him and the furious Avery. His expression turned serious.

Compared to Vitas, Avery had even wilder physical power. His latent ability at absorbing the surrounding fire energy and then releasing it in a destructive manner also surpassed Vitas.

No wonder Vitas avoided him.

Avery, who knew nothing about soul power and only focused on the Flame Demon Race bloodline inside him was also a greater threat to Qin Lie than Vitas.

"The Lord of the Abyss Floris's bloodline latent ability is akin to flame consumption, but it doesn’t require fire-attribute spirit materials. It can consume flame energy from environment. Fearsome."

A string of thoughts flashed through his mind.

His long red hair rippled like flames and seemed to burn.

His eyes were filled with flame.


As he shouted, flames flew out of his body, and blocked the opening in Flame World like a swarm of butterflies.

"Golden Armor!"

The glittering golden light covered his entire body. He stepped onto the tip of the fire hammer like a golden knight.

Below him, blinding golden swords stabbed into the hammer, causing it to fall into the sea of flames.

Flame World completely healed.


Inside Flame World, Qin Lie opened his mouth and swallowed the threads of fire energy like a whale inhaling.

He was using the fire spirit's flame consumption latent ability.

The Spirit of Void and Chaos’s flame consumption latent ability needed spirit materials which contained fire energy. It could not directly consume flames.

Qin Lie's version was the same.

He could not directly consume the pure fire energy and flames in the world.

However, Avery's bloodline latent ability could quickly merge the surrounding fire energy into his body and be used to launch a powerful attack.

However, Qin Lie could consume the fire energy as long as it entered the Flame World that was governed by its own set of laws under Qin Lie’s control.

The flames he had inhaled were causing the fire energy inside him to become as wild as a volcano about to erupt.

At this moment, with the activation of ignition, the Blaze Family's latent ability, his power greatly increased. He seemed to be a deity of gold that suddenly appeared in front of Avery.

Avery paled dramatically.


The golden light and flames around Qin Lie were a waterfall that drowned Avery. Countless golden light and unknown secret runes wrapped tightly around him like divine chains.

Avery's figure and Qin Lie's figure disappeared mysteriously as they fell into the sea of flame.

Inside the sea of flame. Many ordinary Flame Demons howled wildly as they prepared to fight alongside Avery

At this time, when they saw Qin Lie and Avery disappear in a light, they stilled in puzzlement.

They, who did not have outstanding intelligence did not know what had happened.

Very far away, Vitas who had seemed to leave suddenly appeared.

He watched the battle zone, watched as Qin Lie left, and the Flame World which turned to emptiness.

"This God Race boy is unlike any I have ever seen before. His bloodline is full of variation and endless mystery..."

Vitas thought for a while and then issued a few orders. His subordinate Flame Demons returned.

He himself lingered around the surroundings and probed around with his crude soul art. Ultimately, he reached the shore and left the sea of fire behind.

At this sensitive time when the Blaze Family could come back at any time, he left his father's territory, headed for the danger-filled world outside.


In a chain of dead volcanoes two thousand five hundred kilometers away from Floris's territory.

On the dry dark red earth, an Asura clansman with Imperishable Realm cultivation stood silently.


He looked at Qin Lie who suddenly appeared using him as a soul beacon. He bowed respectfully.

Qin Lie waved his hand and did not talk to him. He laughed strangely, his red eyes fixed on Avery.

The tall and large Avery took up a large amount of space, even if he was lying on the ground.

At this moment, Avery seemed to have been cut to ribbons, his body covered in bloody marks. That was the power formed by the Golden Light bloodline latent ability.

"Hehe, your bloodline latent ability is good. But you become extremely weak for a while after using it." Qin Lie laughed.

In Flame World, he attacked the fire hammer and immediately charged out. When he attacked Avery, he found the latter could not even withstand a blow.

The sharp power of thousands of Golden Light in that moment stabbed through Avery's flesh.

Avery was immediately seriously wounded.

At that time, Qin Lie suddenly realized that when Avery used his bloodline latent ability to gather the fire energy in the world and channel it into the fire hammer, he himself had become extremely weak.

When Avery charged with his enormous hammer, he pretended to be strong. He had just recovered some power when he actually charged into Flame World.

During his charge, he had been recovering and gathering his power, preparing to drain his fire energy from the hammer.

However, before he could drain his power back, Qin Lie gave him a painful attack.

The moment they made contact, Qin Lie understood something—after using that terrifying bloodline secret art, Avery would be extremely weak for several seconds at least.

By accident, he gave Avery a destructive attack before the latter could recover.

Due to this, he pulled Avery into the star door and captured him alive.

Qin Lie stood next to Avery, the lightning in his eyes twisting. Threads of soul consciousness turned into clouds that roamed in Avery's body.

Avery was covered in hundreds of wounds, all of them deep to the bone. He was seriously wounded and on the edge of death.

He could not pose any threat to Qin Lie.

Avery's father was only a Lord of the Abyss, not a rank ten ruler of the Abyss level.

Therefore, Avery couldn’t call his father Floris using his soul.

Floris did not know his son was enduring such misfortune thousands of miles away.

"You are not like the others I’ve met so far."

Avery endured his pain. He seemed to know he could not avoid this calamity so he did not beg.

He knew once he ended up in the hands of the Blaze Family, he could not survive.

Just like the God Race clansmen that died in his hands.

For tens of thousands of years, the Blaze Family and the Abyss Devils of Extreme Flame Abyss treated each other like this.

"I am interested in your bloodline."

As Qin Lie used his soul to roam through the other's body, he talked coolly.

A drop of purple red blood was pulled out of Avery's chest wound by a wave of power.

That sticky drop of blood was unlike the lifeblood essence of Atkins, the Lord of the Abyss. It was not in the shape of a crystal.

It was just a drop of liquid blood.

Threads of cold came and the droplet of blood was frozen into a crystal piece of ice.

The purple red blood crystal flew from Avery's chest into his hand.

Qin Lie grabbed it, flames suddenly rising from his palm.

The purple red blood crystal immediately turned into countless threads of blood that sank into his palm.

"Zzt Zzt Zzt."

Wisps of light smoke rose out of his palm flashing with light.

Avery was shocked. He looked with astonishment at Qin Lie. He felt a rush of coldness and his expression grew strange.

His body seemed to be freezing.

The cold energy covered him like a white blanket, and froze his wounded physical body.

Even his consciousness was being frozen.

Ignoring the other being frozen, Qin Lie was focused on his palm.

The flames that flowed through his bloodline trembled. He tried to deconstruct the flame latent ability in the blood and merge it into the Blaze Family bloodline.

Yet when he tried to merge it, he found that the remaining power in Avery that he had absorbed had dissipated.

The power hidden in Avery's blood turned into physical energy and only made him slightly more refreshed.

But that was it.

"It cannot be it..."

More purple crystals flew out of Avery's body and disappeared into his hand.

His eyes flashed with light.

The blood that came from Avery would only stay in his body for seconds before dissipating as physical energy.

No special bloodline latent ability would merge with his bloodline.

He only felt more energized.

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