Chapter 1177: The Eight Purgatories

Chapter 1177: The Eight Purgatories

Vitas was the descendant of the Lord of the Abyss, Floris and a Succubus. Although he was lucky enough to inherit Floris’s powerful bloodline, the fact that his mother was a Succubus meant that he was the weakest Abyss Devil out of all of Floris’s descendants.

Not even Floris himself had ever paid any attention to Vitas.

Floris had too many descendants. He didn’t think that Vitas would be able to accomplish anything because he had the blood of a Succubus inside him.

Moreover, he despised the lowly blood of a Succubus from the bottom of his heart.

That was why Avery, a descendant of Floris, dared to laugh and ridicule Vitas.

“The Succubus Race bloodline…”

Qin Lie pondered quietly as lightning passed through his eyes. He communicated with his Soul Beast avatar using his soul.

The main soul of his Soul Beast avatar had absorbed the Soul Progenitor’s broken soul thoughts and a Soul Race expert’s memories. That was why he recognized a lot of ancient things.

That was why he vaguely remembered some secret stories regarding the Succubus.

He slowly searched for them inside the Soul Beast avatar’s body...

As of late, his understanding of many things had deepened due to the Soul Beast avatar’s absorption of the Soul Progenitor’s soul.

In the past, the Soul Beast Cadak and the Asura clansmen such as Curtis had no idea how many levels there were inside the Abyss.

This meant that the Soul Race clansman who had seized control over the Soul Beast had shallow understanding of the Abyss.

However, the Soul Beast’s increase in soul power and the recovering memories of the Soul Progenitor finally revealed to him that there were one hundred and eight levels in the Abyss in total.

Many years ago, the Soul Progenitor had led the three Soul Beasts into Spirit Realm through the abyss channel deep within the sea of the Land of Chaos.

The Soul Progenitor was probably the one who engaged the blue-haired Spirit Race woman in battle. He was probably the most important figure out of all four Souls that had passed through the abyss channel.

In fact, he should say that the Souls that had nested in the Soul Devouring Beast, Blood Soul Beast, and Dark Soul Beast were only his subordinates.

That was why the Soul Progenitor knew deeper secrets regarding the Abyss.

Since the Soul Beast avatar had gotten stronger and successfully absorbed more Soul Progenitor’s memory fragments into its body, more secrets had revealed themselves to Qin Lie.

Memories regarding the Succubus Race abruptly appeared in Qin Lie’s mind.

“The first one hundred Abyss levels shared similar systems, general strength and Abyss Devils. They aren’t too different from one another. However, the final eight levels of the Abyss are very unusual, and they are known as the most dangerous places in the entire galaxy.”

“These eight abyss levels are known as the Eight Abyss Purgatories!”

“Only the most powerful Abyss Devils could survive in these Abyss Levels.”

“Usually, only Great Lords of the Abyss could get into these eight levels.”

“A lot of rank nine Lords of the Abyss may not even be aware that there are eight Abyss levels at the bottom of the Abyss before they reach rank ten.”

“One of the scariest rulers in the Eight Abyss Purgatories was a Succubus.”

“A Rank Ten Succubus.”

The bloodline of Succubus Race is lowly, and they are a common creature in the first one hundred Abyss levels. Most of them are at rank two, three, or four.”

“A Succubus is a lowly being, so it has always been enslaved by other Abyss Devils. It is incredibly difficult for a Succubus to improve their bloodline, and there is no obvious increase in strength even if they manage to ascend to the next rank.”

“However, if this lowliest being with a most difficult bloodline is able to evolve into a Lord of the Abyss one day, a couple of very, very scary bloodline latent abilities would awaken inside their bodies.”

“A Succubus who became a Lord of the Abyss will become the strongest existence of the abyss level they were in.”

Qin Lie spent much effort to dig out these hidden memories from the depths of his soul.


“Damnable God Race brat, you’re my prey now!”

Avery swung his fire hammer on a giant floating fire rock and roared arrogantly at Qin Lie, charging.

Several dozens rank six and seven Flame Demons were standing loosely inside the sea of fire around him. They were obviously his loyal subordinates.

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and stared quietly at the Flame Demons led by Avery from a spot ten meters above the sea of fire.

“There are no rank eight Flame Demons, so they shouldn’t be too much of a trouble. I won’t be summoning my soul servants for this fight.”

After observing for a moment, Qin Lie made up his mind and summoned his bloodline power at full force.

The blood-shrouded Flame World spread in every direction like many dark red curtains, his blood boiling at his call.

Very soon, a fiery space about fifty meters in diameter had wrapped around Qin Lie.

Countless blaze divine characters danced inside the Flame World. They sparkled like stars in the night.

Hot, violent, dazzling tongues of flame swam above the Flame World like rainbows, making it look even more impressive.

“Glug glug!”

The fiery lava that was trapped inside the Flame World bubbled ferociously.

Thick red smoke floated from the sea and dyed the interior of the Flame World in red.

Right now, the Flame World looked like a mysterious secret realm made completely out of fire.

Qin Lie’s lifeblood essences floated around him like orbiting stars.

“Ring of the Burning Sun!”

The refined blood droplets imprinted with the blaze ability merged with one another and transformed into a dazzling ring of fire.

The blaze divine characters shining inside the Flame World dashed into the ring automatically like fire spirits the second the ring was formed.

Five fiery rings were formed inside Qin Lie’s Flame World before they rolled towards Avery’s group like wheels of a chariot.

Sparks of divine flames fell into the sea while the fiery rings rolled.


They transformed into hundreds and thousands of fiery snakes that followed the fiery rings and wrapped around the Flame Demons.


“Boom boom boom!”

The countless snakes and the five fiery rings immediately caused a deafening explosion the second they entered the group of Flame Demons.

Numerous low rank Flame Demons who were struck directly by the flame rings exploded into fleshy bits despite their tough physique.

The fire snakes were corrosive on the inside. They exploded right next to the Flame Demons.

Large amounts of burning water rained on the Flame Demons after the explosions.

Those Flame Demons who were caught in the rain immediately discovered that their wounds were rotting the second they were drenched by the fiery water.

The group of Flame Demons abruptly screamed in pain.

Even the old wound across Avery’s chest started rotting the second it was touched by the fiery water.

A corrosive scent rose from his reopened wound as it bled incessantly.

Still standing above the floating red rock, Avery stared blankly at the wound across his chest.

He couldn’t seem to understand why his wound had suddenly reopened on its own and started rotting like it was touched by some deadly poison.

He shook his large head puzzledly before swinging his fire hammer straight at Qin Lie’s Flame World.

The fire hammer was completely red in color and almost ten meters long. The patterns on its surface looked like clumps of fire.

At the same time, Avery roared as a pair of lava streams flowed out of his eyes.

Visible tendrils of fiery energy was extracted from the fiery sea, the air, and the volcanoes surrounding them in response to Avery’s roar.

The fiery energy looked like tiny lightning or meteors. They all converged inside Avery’s fire hammer in just an instant.

It was as if the hammer had transformed into a gigantic, fiery mountain, and its peak was slammed hard into Qin Lie’s Flame World.

In that moment, an unimaginably violent strength spilled into the Flame World from the point of impact.

A giant hole abruptly appeared on the Flame World, resembling a curtain fluttering . Countless blaze divine characters sparkled at once as if they were trying to cover up the hole.

However, the hammer that had assaulted the boundaries of the Flame World was constantly absorbing fiery energy around it..

It burned as fierce as before.

The fire hammer was was like a branding iron that kept the Flame World from healing itself.

Meanwhile, Avery and the giant floating rock he stood on hurled towards Qin Lie like a falling meteor.

“The pure bloodline of a Flame Demon is truly fearsome. He deserves to be called the eldest son of a Lord of the Abyss!”

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