Chapter 1176: Lowly Succubi

Chapter 1176: Lowly Succubi

Seeing Qin Lie recognizing his identity, he did not bother hiding it any longer. He snarled and raised the enormous flame axe to swing at the back of Qin Lie's head.  

At this moment, Qin Lie had just poked his head out of the sea of flame, but he was floating above the surface.

He had the advantage of height.

In the surrounding sea, taller and larger Flame Demons appeared out of the sea of flame like ghosts.

Those Flame Demons who appeared later had eyes shining with bloodthirst but no intelligence.

They were truly ordinary Flame Demons.

"I was fooled by a high rank Abyss Devil."

Seeing those ordinary Flame Demons appear, Qin Lie smiled in surprise and immediately understood.

He lifted his head to look at the flame axe heading towards his head. His expression was relaxed and his eyes flashed with lightning.


Like a bolt of lightning, his figure disappeared from the sea of flame.

The high rank Abyss Devil that had swung the flame axe at full force fell into the flame sea.

"Damned escape art!"

In the sea of fire, the rank seven Abyss Devil cursed once he reappeared.

As he cursed, the surrounding lava started to boil madly.

Bubbles rose out of the flame sea.

Those gas bubbles seemed to contain drops of purple blood, each one flashing with beautiful flames.

Qin Lie who had used "Blitz Thunder Escape" to escape the second attack appeared above the surface. He looked down at the bubbles and felt a wave of dizziness.

Threads of roaming soul power suddenly invaded his soul.

"He knows how to use soul power!" Qin Lie said in shock.

In the Abyss, Abyss Devils that were skilled in soul power were rare.

Qin Lie felt dizzy. When he looked into his soul and the threads that had invaded, he was surprised.

Those threads were clearly a strange power capable of locking onto his soul.

The rank seven Flame Demon below used this method to know his accurate location and stop him from using "Blitz Thunder Escape" to escape again.

"Beginner tricks!"

Qin Lie smirked inside. He used Heavenly Thunder Eradication. Inside his soul, thunder roared and lightning flashed.

The weak soul threads that permeated his consciousness changed as his mind changed and were struck down by the lightning.

All of the soul threads immediately turned to ash.

In the sea of fire, the rank seven high rank Abyss Devil held the flame axe, his large eyes full of surprise and puzzlement.

The flames formed from his blood essence in the gas bubbles around him completely went out.

He lost his connection to the soul threads he had released.

This meant that the soul energy he had infiltrated Qin Lie's soul with had been completely eradicated.

"This rank seven Blaze Family boy is able to wipe my soul imprint, strange..."

The Flame Demon was puzzled as his gaze grew more solemn.

He was the son of the Lord of the Abyss, Floris. He belonged in the echelons of high ranking Abyss Devils. He had interacted with the outer space merchants and used many valuable flame materials of the Extreme Flame Abyss to trade for things he was interested in.

The threads of soul that he put onto Qin Lie's soul were a rough soul method he had traded for. He spent a great deal of effort to slowly comprehend its secrets.

Unlike his father Floris, he had great interest in the outside world.

He also was very curious about soul power.

After he cultivated the soul art he had traded for, he gradually mastered the powers of the soul.

He thought the direction of his study would help the growth of his strength so he could go onto a bloodline path unlike that of his fathers.

But his enemy was Qin Lie.

"Damned Vitas! What are you dazing about for?"

At this time, an impatient bellow came from within the sea of fire.

Another rank seven high rank Abyss Devil stood on a floating rock and shouted over.

Many Flame Demons were in the water, surrounding that rock. The Flame Demons seemed to be protecting him. Their eyes were filled with bloodthirst, constantly spewing out flames.

"Big brother! This prey is mine!"

The rank seven Flame Demon, Vitas, who knew a bit about the soul started to shout in discontent when the other appeared as though he was announcing his rights.

"Vitas, your mother is only a lowly Succubus. You are fortunate to even have a bit of Father's bloodline. You dare fight for prey against me?"

This rank seven Flame Demon was even taller and larger. His enormous hand that flowed with liquid fire gripped an enormous hammer of flame, his eyes burning with the desire to fight.

They were both high rank Abyss Devils, but this one seemed purer than Vitas and more like a Flame Demon.

The wild energy coming off him was clearly purer than Vitas.

Vitas heard him say his mother was a lowly Succubus. The wildness in his eyes seemed to reach an erupting point.

However, seeing the other grow closer, he did not dare to act in the end.

He did not move again towards Qin Lie, the prey he first saw. He led his subordinate Flame Demons to move silently to the side.

"Haha! You damned lowly bastard, you do not deserve to have father's great bloodline!" the rank seven Flame Demon that came later shouted arrogantly. "Your mother's lowly Succubus bloodline can only bring you a slightly better looking face. Other than this, it has no use! Lowly existences like you are a shame to our family! And yet you dare fight me for prey?! Scram, else I will tear you up!"

"Avery! One day, I will kill you!" After being repeatedly humiliated, Vitas could not control himself. He shouted and then left with his subordinates, not looking back. "I curse you to be torn by my prey to pieces!"

"Hahaha! I will slowly eat this God Race boy and drink his blood!" Avery laughed wildly. "He will become the fuel for my rank eight bloodline breakthrough! When my bloodline reaches rank eight, I will make your younger Succubi sisters my pets and slaves! Haha!"

Avery licked his lips and laughed as he watched Vitas leave.

Possessing the Succubus bloodline, Vitas suddenly shook as he heard Avery's words.

Above the sea of flame, Qin Lie rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

Through the Soul Beast avatar, he had a relatively deep knowledge of the races of the abyss.

Compared to the God Race, bloodlines of the Abyss Devil Race were far more different.

In the case of the God Race, the bloodlines of the five families could not coexist in one body.

No matter how the five families bred together, the children born would only inherit one bloodline.

The Abyss Devils were different.

Their bloodlines were varied and complicated. Abyss Devils of different races could mate and produce new races.

The descendants of Abyss Devils of different races would inherit the bloodlines of either one or both parents. Their bloodlines could also mutate so they had a bloodline unlike their parents.

Of course, usually, when the Abyss Devils of two races were both strong, the bloodline of their descendants would be strong.

Similarly, two weak Abyss Devils would produce weak descendants.

But in the complicated bloodline connections of the Abyss, there was a very small chance of weak Abyss Devils producing strong bloodlines.

That usually was a miracle of bloodline mutation.

In the majority of situations, the descendants of powerful Abyss Devils would be strong, and the weak Abyss Devils would have weak descendants.

Avery, the son of the rank nine Floris, probably had a high rank Flame Demon mother. So at the same rank, because his bloodline was purer, he had more powerful latent abilities and greater battle prowess.

Vitas, who he forced away, had a Succubus mother. The Succubus Race was a weak race among the myriad of bloodlines of the Abyss Devil Race.

Succubi usually had rank three or four bloodlines. Even if higher ranks, they mostly only became more charismatic and beautiful.

The Succubus Race was similar to the Spirit Fox Race of Spirit Realm. Each member was extremely beautiful but weak.

In the bloody and cruel Abyss, weak races such as the Succubus Race would forever be subordinates, and the tools that powerful Abyss Devils used to vent.

Just as Avery said, the Succubi were weak, a lowly bloodline in the cruel Abyss. They would frequently be gifted away as slaves.

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