Chapter 1175: Temper

Chapter 1175: Temper

Ten days later.

Qin Lie arranged everything in Boluo Realm and then left alone.

He returned to the Extreme Flame Abyss.

The recent successive battles caused him to realize that his own power was too small.

After assimilating Atkins's essence blood to receive Golden Armor and Golden Light, two new bloodline latent abilities, he felt as though he was going to fall into the Chaos Blood Realm, but that didn’t happen.

He felt that if he had entered the Chaos Blood Realm at that time, his bloodline might have reached rank eight.

His bloodline was not exactly the same as Gan Xing and the others’.

He, who had assimilated bloodlines of other races, had a higher starting point and would accomplish more in the future.

If there were no accidents, his bloodline advancement speed would far surpass Gan Xing and the others.

Last time, he was unable to advance with his bloodline and enter the Chaos Blood Realm. He felt it was because his body was not strong enough.

It seemed that his early Nirvana Realm cultivation was dragging down the progress of his bloodline.

After comprehending the mysteries of Perfect Blood, he knew that his true body which was not very strong compared to his assets would become his trump card in the future.

Due to this, while the Ji Family, Sky Mender Palace, and Qin Family were preparing, and before news came, he wanted to use the time to temper himself.

—He had to increase his body's strength.

He came to the Extreme Flame Abyss again.

In the territory of the Lord of the Abyss Floris, inside a vast sea of flame, enormous flaming boulders floated as though they were islands on the ocean.

The endless sea of flame was actually formed from boiling magma. Due to this, the closest hundred volcanoes were incessantly erupting.

There were Abyss Devils floating atop the huge boulders swimming through the flame ocean.

Those Abyss Devils were mostly crimson red and liquid flame seemed to flow along their skin.

"Flame Demons..."

In a corner of the flame ocean. Qin Lie looked into the distance at the Abyss Devils immersed in the lava, his expression changing slightly.

Those Abyss Devils were also called Flame Demons like Tang Beidou.

They were a representative race of the Extreme Flame Abyss.

Flame Demons were born from the lava, and used the flame power within volcanoes as their source of strength. They had resilient flesh and skin and were skilled in using fire.

Their bloodline abilities mostly pertained to flame, and therefore they were favourites of the Blaze Family.

Each Blaze Family member thought the Flame Demons were the best prey, and greatly desired the flesh of high rank Flame Demons.

Similarly, high rank Flame Demons also were interested in the bodies of the Blaze Family.

Due to this, because the flesh of the Flame Demons was beneficial for the bloodline advancement of the Blaze Family, and because the bloodlines of the two races were all related to fire, their bloodlines could complement each other!

The members of the Blaze Family had a great possibility of obtaining powerful latent abilities when their bloodlines advanced after eating the flesh of Flame Demons.

Supposedly, Gan Xing hunted Flame Demons in the Extreme Flame Abyss before reaching rank seven.

As a result, his rank seven bloodline awakened "Flame World," this rare and powerful latent ability.

Other God Race warriors also would hunt Flame Demons in the Extreme Flame Abyss before their bloodline breakthrough.

They desired faster advancement through the flesh and blood of Flame Demons. They wanted to awaken rare bloodline latent abilities after their breakthrough.

Of course, the premise was that one did not fall in their battle against the Flame Demons and become prey themselves.

The Flame Demons who ate the bodies of the God Race warrior could use the blood of the Blaze Family to strengthen their bloodline power and abilities, helping them advance faster.

For many years, the Flame Demons of the Extreme Flame Abyss and the members of the Blaze Family had this strange relationship.

The Lord of the Abyss here was Floris, a rank nine bloodline Flame Demon. He was Lieyan Wang's target.

Lieyan Wang, who also had a rank nine bloodline, targeted Floris from thousands of years ago.

In the last three thousand years, Lieyan Wang had come and attacked Floris multiple times.

But he was unable to kill this rank nine Lord of the Abyss and reap all of the benefits.

For Lieyan Wang, Floris was one of the biggest walls on the path to rank ten bloodline.

"Is the flesh of a Flame Demon really so beneficial to the bloodline of the Blaze Family?"

Qin Lie rubbed his chin as he observed the Flame Demons below. He started searching for a target.

In the flame sea not far from him, a Flame Demon seven meters tall suddenly rose out of the boiling water.

The enormous eyes of the Flame Demon burned with flame.

"Shameless God Race boy!" When this Flame Demon appeared, he shouted angrily and said in the language of the Abyss, "You came here to die?!"

Qin Lie did not know that due to the battle between Lieyan Wang and Floris a short while ago, the nearby Flame Demons were all on guard.

Almost every corner around the flame sea had Flame Demons hiding in them.

They were guarding against the Blaze Family's army sneaking in again.

Qin Lie had come in ignorance. Before he could find a target, he himself had become one.

"Rank seven Flame Demon..."

Taking a look, Qin Lie grinned as his worries eased.

He did not care about the other Flame Demons.

He had enough time to end the battle and leave before more high rank Flame Demons appeared because he had the Star Door ability.


The rank seven Flame Demon shouted as he charged out of the boiling sea of flame.

Inside the flame sea, dozens of enormous rock pieces flew into the sky, pulled by his power.

Those crimson red rocks were steaming red and were dripping with lava.

Qin Lie snickered. Seeing the rocks coming at him, his figure nimbly flashed through the enormous stones.

He easily avoided the Flame Demon's first round of attacks, surpassing the rocks and landing beside the Flame Demon.


An enormous flame axe suddenly chopped at him.

That flame axe gave off burning flame runes and also a kind of bloodline latent ability called "Savage Fire."

This rank seven Flame Demon's arm swelled visibly until it was three times as large!

The power coming off the flame axe also increased threefold!

A light flashed through Qin Lie's eyes.

In this next moment, his body shone with golden light. A layer of glittering battle armor quickly covered his entire body.

Bloodline latent ability—Golden Armor!


Golden light spilled from Qin Lie's chest. As the great force attacked him, he was thrown into the air. He lost his balance and fell into the sea of flames.


In the sea of flames, he gave a muffled grunt, his expression slightly ugly.

This rank seven Flame Demon immediately took out a flame axe and added his bloodline latent ability. When his arm grew three times as thick, his power also increased accordingly.

The flame axe exploded with an unusually wild force.

If he had not used his newly obtained Golden Armor latent ability which was connected to his bloodline power to cover himself, he would have suffered injuries immediately.

Even so, his figure was struck down from the air by this rank seven Flame Demon.

"You are not dead!"

The rank seven Flame Demon came out of the water when he saw Qin Lie had not been cut in half by his attack. He seemed very shocked.

His seemingly rash face had a different light, his red eyes flashing with the light of thinking.

Qin Lie shook in the sea of flames and suddenly realized. He shouted, "A high rank Abyss Devil then!"

This rank seven Flame Demon had high intelligence. He knew to first use the flame stones, and when Qin Lie flew over, he took out the flame axe and activated his bloodline latent ability for a heavy attack.

Ordinary rank seven Flame Demons could not possess such high intelligence before they reaching the level of Lords of the Abyss.

Also, the flame axe this beast held clearly was the same as Floris's weapon, and a high rank one.

With just these two traits, this was not a run-of-the-mill Flame Demon who had meager intelligence and advanced on its own.

"Floris is my father."

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