Chapter 1174: Sharing

Chapter 1174: Sharing

Boluo Realm.

A lot of activity was going on in a territory that used to belong to the Ancient Beast Race. Empty lands were being cleared to construct palaces and pavilions.

The ancient stone buildings floating above Seven Spirits Islands had been pulled from the ground too.

Further away, the floating continents were put to use. They had been given to Celestial Artifact Sect, Terminator Sect, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, and other Silver rank forces.

Almost a month had passed since the destruction of Sun Palace.

However, a month in Spirit Realm was only about a day of Boluo Realm.

Right now, the great Silver rank factions were transferring their main forces and the resources they had been hoarding for thousands of years to Boluo Realm using the realm entrance.

Nearly all martial practitioners above Netherpassage Realm had been called over to act as reinforcements for those fighting inside the Abyss.

At one of the floating islands of Seven Spirits Islands, Qin Lie could be seen appearing on the white bone altar connecting to Frost Desolation Abyss.

“How are the negotiations with the Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace going?”

Song Tingyu smiled softly from the edge of the white bone altar. Her tone was easy and carefree.

Flaming Sun Island’s resources, manpower, spirit artifacts, and cultivation materials had been delivered to Seven Spirits Islands a long time ago.

They were gone for ten full days by the time the experts of the six great forces and Han Qian had shown up in the Land of Chaos.

Right now, Flaming Sun Island and the great Silver rank forces had taken root in Boluo Realm and the Frost Desolation Abyss, starting an all new life.

She knew that the six great forces of the Central World would’ve destroyed them if Qin Lie hadn’t made arrangements at Boluo Realm.

“The Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace are willing to venture into the Abyss, of course.” Qin Lie smiled at her. “Why on earth would they turn down an opportunity to improve their martial practitioners like this? Just wait, the experts Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace will be charging into the Abyss like moth to flames very soon.”

“That’s not what I’m asking,” Song Tingyu said quietly.

Qin Lie was caught off guard. “What is it that you wish to know?”

“The Qin Family…” Song Tingyu said.

When the brief surprise had passed, Qin Lie thought for a moment before answering, “Right now, the second generation leader of Sky Mender Palace is none other than Hua Yuchi’s father, Hua Anyang. He promised me to inform the Qin Family of my situation, and inform me of their arrangements once they come up with a response…”

Song Tingyu pressed her alluring body against his and embraced him of her own accord. She said gently, “The Qin Family will definitely accept you…”

As the woman in charge of Flaming Sun Island, she had been helping Qin Lie and collecting news about the Qin Family from the Central World all this time.

Without her, Qin Lie wouldn’t have been able to learn many secrets of the Central World and the Qin Family’s past.

Naturally, she was aware that a lot of people within the Qin Family had strong opinions regarding Qin Lie.

The leaders of the twelve great vassal forces of the Qin Family especially thought that he was the one who triggered the war against the six great forces prematurely.

In fact, the Qin Family and its twelve vassal forces had been plotting their rise for a long time.

Unfortunately, Qin Lie’s terrible “death” caused both Qin Shan and Qin Hao to lose control. Unable to wait even a moment longer, they had initiated the war prematurely.

In the end, the Qin Family was defeated and exiled as a result.

All twelve leaders of the vassal forces privately believed that Qin Shan and Qin Hao would’ve stayed patient and waited until their plans come to fruition, if Qin Lie hadn’t gotten himself killed.

They dared not put the blame on the wise, far-planning Qin Shan, or the powerful and outstanding Qin Hao. So they put all the blame on Qin Lie instead.

Some members of the Qin Family even thought that Qin Lie more than deserved his death.

In fact, it was possible that they resented him even to this day.

That was why Song Tingyu grew increasingly worried as she dug deeper and deeper into the secrets of the Qin Family. She was afraid that those people’s presence would disturb Qin Lie’s mind.

“To be honest, we can do well on our own even without the Qin Family.” Qin Lie smiled calmly.

“I think that they’ll see you in a new light after they’ve seen you with their own eyes and learned that you’ve truly turn over a new leaf.” Song Tingyu said gently with a bright smile on her face, “They’ll acknowledge you for sure.”

She knew that deep inside Qin Lie’s heart, he wanted to be acknowledged by the Qin Family.

“There’s no need to think so deeply into things. Times are different now. As the controller of the gates to the Abyss, all we need to do is to wait for our future to arrive.” A hint of pride appeared in Qin Lie’s eyes. “Be it the Ji Family, Sky Mender Palace or Qin Family, they must obtain my permission before they can venture into the Abyss and hunt there. Even if there are people in the Qin Family who still hate me to this day, they have no choice but to come to me if they wish to enter the Abyss and reap the great rewards there.”

“You don’t have to act that forceful, you know? They are a part of the Qin Family, and if we look at the facts you were the one at fault back then…” Song Tingyu persuaded.

Qin Lie smiled bitterly before nodding. “You’re right.”

While the couple was conversing with each other, new people started appearing from the white bone altar in succession.

Nan Zhengtian, Xu Ran and his wife, Duan Qianjie, Li Mu, Feng Yi, Qi Yang, Jiang Zhuzhe, Xue Li, Mo Lingye, Jiang An, Yu Lingwei, and all other heroes of the Land of Chaos had shown up.

Qin Lie had summoned them here to speak with them.

He didn’t dare to meet them at the Frost Desolation Abyss because a Great Lord of the Abyss had set his eyes on him. It would be reckless of him to head there now.

“Congratulations, Uncle Duan! I see you’ve constructed the fourth level of your Soul Altar!” Qin Lie clasped his hands and congratulated Duan Qianjie.

Duan Qianjie tugged at the corner of his lips once before nodding at Qin Lie. A hint of gladness passed through his eyes at the same time.

He had successfully broken through to another realm after putting himself in mortal danger and killing a rank eight Abyss Devil. After that, he had constructed the fourth level of his Soul Altar using the huge amount of spirit materials supplied to him by Flaming Sun Island.

He knew that he wouldn’t have learned the intricate mysteries of space if Qin Lie hadn’t gifted him that broken Heavengold Mirror.

Moreover, he wouldn’t have accumulated enough strength and flesh and blood energy to ascend to the next realm if he wasn’t granted the opportunity to enter the Abyss and hunt down a rank eight Abyss Devil.

Qin Lie had even ordered Flaming Sun Island to gather all the spirit materials he needed to construct the fourth level of his Soul Altar, ensuring that his ascension came through as smooth as water.

At this point, he understood that his fate, Qin Lie’s and Flaming Sun Island’s were forever intertwined.

He couldn’t help but feel glad when he saw where Qin Lie was today, and his own newfound strength.

“Uncle Xu, I’m giving you a few drops of Atkins’s blood essence.” Qin Lie produced a bottle that held five blood droplets and passed it into Xu Ran’s hands smilingly. “His blood essence is imprinted with the truths and secrets of metal and sharpness. I know you cultivate the gold spirit art too, so I believe that these droplets will be of great help to you.”

Both Xu Ran and Tong Zhenzhen shuddered at the gift.

The power Xu Ran cultivated was identical to Atkins’s bloodline latent ability. Moreover, Atkins’s refined blood contained the truths and laws of the power of metal.

It was something that only a race of supreme bloodlines would possess.

Xu Ran was a three-level Soul Altar expert. These five drops of blood might very well be the push he needed to ascend to the Void Realm just like Duan Qianjie!

All of that considered, how could they not grow mad with joy at this gift?

“Oh you! I see you’re planning to bribe us with gifts this time!” Nan Zhentian let out an odd laugh before looking at Xu Ran. “You are a member of my Terminator Sect. If Qin Lie is this generous, then I can’t fall behind him, can I? When you’ve ascended to the next realm, I promise that the Terminator Sect will gather all the spirit materials you need to construct the fourth level of your Soul Altar!”

“Are you serious, Old Monster?” Xu Ran’s eyes lit up.

“Of course!” Nan Zhengtian exclaimed.

Xu Ran nodded heavily in obvious excitement. He couldn’t stop saying, “My trials are finally over.”

Feng Yi, Qi Yang, and a couple others couldn’t help but stare at Qin Lie’s generous gifts admiringly.

However, they kept to themselves and said nothing.

They knew very well that Duan Qianjie, Li Mu, and Xu Ran were people who had helped Qin Lie tremendously when he was still weak.

On the other hand, they were his opposers back then.

The fact that Qin Lie was willing to lay down old grudges and give them access to the Frost Desolation Abyss was better than they hoped already.

They couldn’t ask for more than this.

It was at this moment Qin Lie turned his attention to Feng Yi, Qi Yang, Yan Baiyi, and the others.

They all subconsciously grew nervous.

“I don’t think you’ll be able to return to the Land of Chaos in the short term.” Qin Lie kept quiet for a moment before continuing, “In fact, there’s really no need for either of you to return there anymore. You’re all at the Imperishable Realm, so it’s highly likely that you’ll be in grave danger if you attempt your breakthrough at the Land of Chaos.”

“What do you mean?” Luo Nan exclaimed.

Qin Lie had only told Duan Qianjie, Li Mu, and several others whom he was close with about the curse on the Land of Chaos. Feng Yi and the rest of the leaders were unaware of this.

He chose this moment to tell them about the curse the Curse Progenitor had applied on the Land of Chaos.

Mo Lingye, Xue Li, and Yu Lingwei were just as shocked as Qi Yang and Feng Yi were when they heard this.

They finally understood why it was so hard for Void Realm experts to appear in the Land of Chaos.

At the same time, they understood better why there was a need to leave the Land of Chaos and venture into Boluo Realm or the Abyss.

“I see. At our level, we should leave the Land of Chaos as soon as possible.” Qi Yang sighed.

“That is correct.” Qin Lie smiled.

“Is that the main reason you’ve summoned us over?” Feng Yi asked.

Qin Lie shook his head before saying, “No, I’ve summoned all of you here today to make a declaration.”

Everyone’s faces turned serious in response.

Qin Lie looked at Feng Yi before saying, “Starting today, I will reveal the recipe of the Blazing Profound Bomb to everyone.”

His declaration immediately triggered a commotion.

The Blazing Profound Bomb was the main reason Flaming Sun Island was as rich as they were and why they were able to establish dominance on the Land of Chaos so quickly. Not only was the Blazing Profound Bomb made using the ancient spirit diagram, it was human race’s best killing tool against the Abyss Devils.

That was why they couldn’t understand why Qin Lie would reveal the recipe instead of keeping it to himself and earn great income just like usual.

“Flaming Sun Island only has so many artificers, and we can’t possibly pour all our efforts and time into refining the Blazing Profound Bombs alone.” Qin Lie stared at the shell-shocked crowd while explaining, “I believe you all have a troop of artificers under your command. Right now, we’re at the hunting phase where hunting down more Abyss Devils is our top priority. Therefore, the more Blazing Profound Bombs there are out there, the better it is for everyone. The reason I’ve decided to reveal the Blazing Profound Bomb’s recipe to you for free is because I want all of you to hunt even faster and more efficiently than before.”

“For free?” Feng Yi was beyond words.

“Are you serious?” Qi Yang was surprised as well.

“Yes, for free!” Qin Lie confirmed.

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