Chapter 1172: Recognition

Chapter 1172: Recognition

Ji Family’s ancient palace.

The martial practitioners of Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace fell silent.

The God Race...

The Void Realm experts all had conflicted expressions after hearing the name.

This terrifying race that dominated in the vast galaxy and conquered countless realms was a nightmare many of Spirit Realm's older factions could not waive off.

In the twenty thousand years since the God Race’s exile, the top Gold rank factions of Central World paid attention to any news of the God Race.

The human race went mad in their warfare to steal the bloodlines of the ancient races and increase the strength of the human race primarily to prepare for future war against the God Race.

They all knew the God Race would come back sooner or later.

Twenty thousand years ago, the hundred races worked together and paid a terrible price to force the God Race out of Spirit Realm.

But they knew the God Race had not been truly harmed by that war, they merely retreated not to suffer bigger losses.

When the God Race left back then, they had vowed and told the races of Spirit Realm they would return.

Now, more and more signs indicated the God Race was preparing to return.

Once the news spread, the Gold rank factions of the human race immediately stopped their outward expansion.

They pulled their forces back.

Originally, they had gained the upper hand in their wars against the races in outer space, and had conquered some of the other realms.

Hearing the God Race was about to return, they gave up on the realms they had conquered and showed goodwill to the other races.

They hoped to unite the other races to fight he God Race once again.

They were terrified of the God Race.They knew that the human race alone could not match the God Race.

They had prepared ahead of time.

The reason the six factions were in a hurry to defeat the Qin Family was because they thought the Qin Family was in cahoots with the God Race. They wanted to get rid of this inner weakness first.

Hearing the God Race was about to arrive, the human race, Dragon Race, Asura Race, Sea Race, and the other ancient races’ experts panicked.

The Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace were no exception.

"Your Qin Family did not give me a clear answer about the God Race. I do not know your attitudes." Hua Anyang was silent for a while before he looked at Qin Lie and shouted, "Boy, you have the God Race bloodline, do you know the relationship between you and the God Race? Also, when the God Race arrives, which side will the Qin Family stand on?"

"My grandfather and my father did not give you an answer?" Qin Lie asked with deep eyes.

Hua Anyang shook his head. "They did not give me a clear answer."

The Ji Family members also looked over solemnly as though they were extremely attentive to this question.

"First, I have not been in close contact with the Qin Family at present and do not know their attitude".

Facing everyone's gaze, Qin Lie pondered this and then said sincerely, "I can only speak for myself."

Everyone nodded for him to continue.

"I will not work with the God Race against the races of Spirit Realm!" he said solemnly.

Everyone nodded.

Ji Yao and Ji Yuan who knew Qin Lie’s strength sighed in relief as though a heavy burden had been taken off their shoulders.

"That doesn’t imply the stance of Qin Family, however." He grimaced and added, "Based on my understanding of the situation, the God Race will truly invade this time. Even if the races of Spirit Realm unite, they have no chance of victory. If there are no accidents, this time, Spirit Realm will be defeated far faster than twenty thousand years ago."

When he said this, the people in the hall started to talk with anger on their faces.

"Boy! Do not increase the moral of others and depress your own side!" Hua Anyang shouted.

Many of the Sky Mender Palace martial practitioners had displeased looks and scolded him.

They thought that after twenty thousand years of development, the human race was far better than in the past, and had the ability to fight the God Race.

The other races of Spirit Realm would participate as well.

Ji Yao and Ji Yuan who knew some more secrets had solemn expressions. They did not rush to speak and waited for Qin Lie's next words.

They knew that not just one family from the God Race was coming this time, but they did not know the true strength of the God Race so they were uncertain.

"Based on my knowledge, there should be at most fifty Genesis Realm or rank ten bloodline experts among the human race and the ancient races, right?" Qin Lie asked gravely.

Ji Yao nodded. Hua Anyang stilled and then nodded.

"Not even fifty," Ji Yuan added.

Qin Lie sighed and said, "This time the God Race will send all five families. According to my knowledge, the five great families of the God Race will have more than fifty rank ten bloodline warriors!"

"The five families coming together!"

"More than fifty rank ten bloodline warriors!"

The Void Realm experts of Sky Mender Palace paled upon hearing this.

Hua Anyang"s expression changed immediately.

Ji Yao, Ji Yuan, and the other members of the Ji Family were stunned, their faces pale white.

They heard from elders in their family it took five or six of human Genesis Realm or rank ten bloodline experts to match one rank ten God Race warrior.

Each rank ten bloodline God Race clansman could tolerate the combined attacks of five or six people together.

After twenty thousand years, the five families of the God Race were about to come, and their peak forces were five to six times that of Spirit Realm's races. How could they fight back?

"The five families of the God Race are always united against outside enemies." Qin Lie jerked the corners of his lips and said scornfully, "Human race has never been as united. If we suffer heavy losses early in the war, the foreign races will start to surrender one by one, and our delicate alliance will swiftly crumble."

Everyone in the hall was silent.

In this moment, there seemed to be mountains pressing on their chests.

They could barely breathe. They were anxious and terrified.

"Really... no hope at all?" Ji Yuan murmured.

Hua Anyang's expression was grave.

The news Qin Lie brought was like the most terrifying dream. For the first time, he realized what the races of Spirit Realm would face this time.

The God Race's strength was so great he almost suffocated. For the first time, he felt hopeless.

Everyone was silent.

A long long time later. Qin Lie said, "The human race has a great advantage compared to other races—we are many."

Everyone looked at him.

"We have great reproductive abilities, we have an enormous number of basic martial practitioners. But due to bloodline, and the weakness of our physical body as well as other causes, our combat power is not enough."

"If we can increase the strength of the entire race in a short amount of time, so that each human advances greatly in combat power, if we fight the God Race in the future, we may be a match!"

"There is a place called the Abyss with one hundred and eight levels. Each Abyss level has numerous Lords and Great Lords of the Abyss."

"That is the hunting ground of the strongest races in the universe!"

"That is the battlefield the God Race uses to accumulate refined flesh and blood energy!"

"Right now, I can open a passageway for you, a door to the Abyss!"

"If you can capture powerful Lords of the Abyss, and forge many high grade spirit artifacts, if you use their blood and flesh to refine your bloodlines and bodies, your combat power will increase greatly!"

"At least, you will know the strength of your future enemies. Abyss Devils are just as strong."

"You can have your subordinates increase their experience at fighting the supreme bloodline races!"

"I came this time to open this realm entrance for the Qin Family, Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace."

"Before the God Race arrives, if you are able to grow strong enough, you may be able to fight them."

"Even if we lose terribly, you can flee into the Abyss through that realm entrance, it is a place that not even the God Race has completely conquered!"

"This may be the only possible solution."

In the palace, Qin Lie stated his aim and explained it.

"Right now, I have gathered the races of Boluo Realm, the races of Nether Realm, and the Silver rank factions of the Land of Chaos to fight in two levels of the Abyss."

"We’ve suffered great losses. Many experts have been killed and torn to pieces by the Abyss Devils."

"However, many of us also increased in cultivation greatly."

"Each survivor has had a clear improvement in their combat power after being tempered by  the bloody battlefield."

"Everyone who lived has increased physical strength from eating the blood and flesh of Abyss Devils!"

"Many of them acquired bodies on the level of Demon Dragon Race! Those with special bloodlines can quickly achieve higher ranks!"

"After I open a realm entrance for you, I think the Qin Family, Sky Mender Palace, and the Ji Family may lose many lower level martial practitioners, but many people will expand in power!"

"Those people will become the main fighting force against the God Race, and the future of the human race!"

Qin Lie's mouth dried up as he spoke passionately.

He paused, looking gravely at Hua Anyang and Ji Yao, and waited for their decision.

"You're willing to open the Abyss to us?"

A beat later, Ji Yuan's eyes were bright as she asked in disbelief.

She had went to the Extreme Flame Abyss and the Frost Desolation Abyss. She knew how strong and terrifying the Abyss Devils there were.

She also knew what benefits these Abyss Devils could bring them.

"The God Race's invasion pushed the human race from the weakest race in Spirit Realm to their present dominance. This is a race of life. When we face extinction, we show great potential." Qin Lie took a deep breath and said, "The Abyss Devils may be the stimulus for the second evolution of the human race! If we can accumulate enough power in the Abyss before the God Race arrives, we will have the power to fight them! I think the families of the God Race may not want to fight to the death with Spirit Realm!"

"The God Race has other enemies in the vast universe, more things to accomplish."

"They would not be willing to make huge sacrifice to conquer Spirit Realm."

In the hall, Ji Yuan looked at Qin Lie deeply with bright eyes and said, "I have to admit you have really ... grown up in these three hundred years."

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